Extreme Dewy Makeup + Anastasia Contour Cream Kit, Cover FX Illuminating Primer Review

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For today’s makeup look, I wanted to create that extreme dewy skin- almost like pure untouched flawless glowing skin. Well, since I don’t have that skin, I know how to create one with makeup. I used Cover FX Illuminating primer to get the glow. Then i used Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour cream kit to color correct, conceal the spots, contour and highlight. After blending it all with a beauty blender, I applied a light wash of MUFE Waterblend Foundation do that the skin looks all even and very natural. I applied just a little bit of loose setting powder to set the makeup and also so that it does not take the dewiness away. Then finished off with a mix of bronzy + champagne highlighter to get that summery glow.

dewy-makeup glossy-eye-lids


pure-makeup glow

For eyes, I have been wanting to do glossy lids for a while. I thought they went really well with the look. There is a light wash of shimmery coppery color on the lid and gloss on top. Finished off with bronze eyeliner and mascara. I kept the lips in a bright color but kind of dewy and naturally healthy looking. After applying the lipstick, I patted the gloss just on the centre of the lips. No lip liner to keep the lips looking naturally healthy. Hope you like it. 🙂

PS : Glossy eyelids are not long lasting option. Because the gloss creases and moves. Just they are fun to do for photos. And if you don’t mind the creasing and want to have a bit of fun with your makeup go for it. A little goes a long way. Pat it with your finger tip or a flat brush. 🙂

Products Used:
Cover FX Illuminating Primer
Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Palette Medium
MUFE Face and Body Waterblend Foundation
The Balm Mary Lou Manizer + Betty Lou Manizer Reco : Revlon highlighting Palette Peach Glow
Burberry Blush Blossom Reco : Maybelline Fit Me Blush Medium Pink

MUFE Eyeshadows Mixed ME728, I730 Good Dupes for these shades are MAC Romp, MAC Amberlights
MAC Clear Gloss
Estee Lauder Mascara

Lips :
Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick Hot Emily. You may check MAC impassioned lipstick as well.
Charlotte Tilbury Gloss High Society


Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit Medium Review ( Price : USD40/ INR2,700 approx) I love cream contouring. Mostly because after doing it a zillion times now, I have become comfortable with and I love how natural it looks. (My Cream Contouring tutorial HERE) Plus it makes your makeup very long lasting. Sometimes when you do only powder contouring for a long night / day, it could go patchy. But this never happens when you have a cream contour underneath your powder contour. This is a master dream palette if you are a makeup artist or even a makeup enthusiast. This comes in 4 shades – fair, light to medium, medium to tan, and deep. I have the medium-tan one. And honestly, that peachy coral shade in the kit was what sold this kit to me. It has 6 shades –
Cream : A light skintone color. I mostly mix it with cinnamon to get my exact skintone shade. And then I use that shade as a spot corrector on my face
Banana : A gorgeous pale yellow shade for highlighting.
Warm Coral : One of the most amazing peach corrector shade. if you don’t have extreme dark circles, this is an excellent shade because it is not too bright like your orange correctors. With a shade such as this, I can also use medium to light coverage foundations on top of this on a day to day basis. I find that difficult to do with a bright orange corrector. I mostly use it underneath my eyes and around my chin area to color correct any greyness.  You can also use this color as a blush.
Cinnamon : A medium brown shade. As I mentioned above, i mostly mix it with cream color to get my skintone shade.
Chocolate : This is my contour color. It is a neutral a bit towards warm brown shade. I do wish it was more cool toned. I personally prefer that for myself.
Ash Brown : I barely use this one. if I’d do extreme contour sometime, I might use this. But it is an excellent cool brown shade for dusky skintones.

The texture of this products is neither too creamy, nor to drying. It is definitley not as creamy as the Laura Mercier Contour Kit. But is is creamy enough that you can blend it easily with a brush or a beauty blender. If you find it hard to blend, just put a little serum / oil on your brush and blend away. It is not melting creamy. It needs a bit of blending but when it does, it looks all natural and totally part of your skin. And also, it is extremely long lasting. It is probably one of the most long lasting cream products I have in my kit. I have normal to dry skin and this stays put. I have not really faced any fading or blotchiness with this one. The colors are very pigmented and little goes a long way. I mostly pick the products with the spatula, put them at the back of my hand and then work from there. This also warms up the product as bit and makes it easier to work with.

That’s how I work with this palette. 🙂screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-3-21-28-pm

It’s a dream product, I suggest not to dip your brushes in it. You’d only be building germs in your palette and that’s not good for your own skin. I am not sure if you can purchase the refills because you can tilt out the pans from the palette. If you can, I think it is fantastic because you would definitley finish some colors faster than the others. And then you would not want to buy a whole palette again. Also the palette is very sturdy and of good quality.It is sleek and takes no space. Great for travelling.  I loooove this palette. The colors are so on point. I perfect that it is not overly creamy. I love how it is packed and I love how long lasting it is. Definitley goes in my list of 2016 favourite. I would not mind having a palette of 4 for a personal use but for makeup artists, this is an amazing product. They could probably buy all 4 palettes and they’s never need any other product to work with. 😀 This palette can be bought online from their website or from sellers on instagram. Wish they’d bring the brand to India.  Rating : 4.8/5
anastasia-contour-cream-kit-medium anastasia-contour-cream-kit-medium-review anastasia-contour-cream-kit-medium-1 Swatches : cream, banana, warm coral, cinnamon, chocolate, ash brownanastasia-contour-cream-kit-medium-swatches Cover FX Illuminating Primer Review (Price USD 38 / INR 2,500 approx) This is available in India at Sephora. I think I’d get biased towards Cover Fx products. They are so good, I am almost surprised how! As the name suggest, it is an illuminating primer. Which means you’d get glowing skin. Which means people would wonder what are you doing to your skin to get that glow. Which means your highlight can always be on point. And well! this would be your little secret. 😛 This primer gives the most gorgeous natural glow to the skin without any nasty shimmers or sparkles showing on your skin. Even in winters when you skin gets all dull, you can totally rock your summer glow. You can use it all over just on its own, finish off with a little blush and lipstick. Or use it underneath your medium/ sheer foundations. If you are using a full coverage foundation, you can mix this with your foundation. You can just use it on the high points of your face as an illuminator. You can use it underneath your powder highlighter. This product works! It is not too shiny / oily looking or overly dewy. It also depends on how much you use but I think even with people with oily skin can use it just where you need that glow. It goes on transparent on skin and feels like nothing on the skin. And it dries and sets and you have to make no extra effort to set it. Just pure glowing skin. Cover FX says, it’s the best primer. I agree! It is also silicone free. If you have pores, you can totally use  a pore filler just on your pores.  And then use this. this primer is also free of Parabens,Talc, Sulfates, Phthalates, Fragrance, Gluten and Mineral Oil. It is a water based primer. Cover FX suggests to use it with clean finger tips. I use it the same way because I feel you get the 100% result with finger tips. Sponge or brush can eat up a bit of prouct and you might not get the same results. A total winner. Rating : 5/5

cover-fx-illuminating-primer cover-fx-illuminating-primer-1

Ingredients :

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-3-46-52-pmcover-fx-illuminating-primer-review Swatch :cover-fx-illuminating-primer-swatch


15 thoughts on “Extreme Dewy Makeup + Anastasia Contour Cream Kit, Cover FX Illuminating Primer Review

  1. Love that glow…you look pretty. 🙂 🙂 I have been dreaming to get this contour kit & liquid lipsticks from Anastasia from so long. So, I had asked a friend of mine to get some of these for me from U.S. So, I am eagerly waiting for these. 🙂

  2. This looks so fresh, glowy and dewy. I love dewy makeup. I always wanted to get a dewy look. But I don’t know what should be the right products for me as I have an oily skin which has recently become dry and sensitive 🙁

    1. Thanks esha. in that case you could follow the exact same steps i followed! 🙂 pick up a radiance primer, use your concealer and pick one lightweight foundation to make it all even! 🙂

  3. The glow on your face.. !!! OMG.. you look stunning in this look. I am big fan of dewy makeup and this is soo gorgeous.. 🙂 🙂

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