My Eyes Accessories/Grooming Kit

My Eyes Accessories/Grooming Kit

I thought I would do a fun post, kind of showing you how you could keep teeny little essential sorted for the times when you dont have time! For me; my family, my IMBB and my makeup keep me really occupied,so much so that it gets difficult to visit the parlor! Here is a fun post showing you how I recently started keeping my eye tools and essentials in one basket so that I never have to step out without eyebrows like Deepika Padukone’s 😉

Eye grooming accesories  kit

So everything goes into this slim basket I got a couple of these from a grocery store in Chennai, I htought these are great for keeping pencils and brushes, only to realize my makeup would not fit into any basket as easily as you would think :/ So I am using this one to keep nick-nacks like these!

Eye grooming accesories kit (8)


Contact lens cases:

you know how I love my color lens, so here they are in this basket in all their glory,at the moment I own more than one and hence its easy to locate them when I come back and store them here. You can of course keep your solution bottle close 😛

contact lens pink case


Grooming brushes:

I collected a lot overtime : / I don’t know how, but most of them are still with me. You can just get hold of a flat brush to fill your brows, a eyebrow and eye lash comb,a flat liner brush would do to fill your brows, a brow comb. You can find Vega ones or simple two-in-ones too!

Eye grooming accesories brushes


Tweezers and a double-sided magnifying mirror:

Everyone needs these! I have a tweezer near every mirror of my home and car. parlor visits are tough for me hence I learnt to tweeze my brows as well. the tweezers are from lifestyle and another got from London, the mirror is from Chambor, sister gave this to me long back.

tweezers and double sided mirror

Eyebrow Stencil/wax/pencils/fillers:

I am yet to reveiw this stencilfrom ELF. The NYX kit is great with the wax and the powder in it. The Inglot wax is reviewed here.

eyebrow stencil & wax &powder


For when I dont have the time to fill in wax and then powder and shape my brows, I have these eye brow pencils too!

eyebrow grooming brushes & pencils


Eyelash curlers:

I have an Inglot one reviewed here, a QVS one and an Audrey one, will review it soon.

eyelash curlers


Concealer and flat brush:

This is rectify your eyebrow shaping mistakes and also to highlight under the brows like over and under the brow to shape them up.

flat brush


These all snugly fit into this basket. You could even use a cardboard box from your online shopping or any basket from the kitchen to store stuff you have trouble finding!


Eye grooming accesories storage basket


You could recycle an old mascara brush too like this one to tame your brows(dont do anything much for fear of any infections but it works fine for brows)

old mascara brush


Happy Family!

Eye grooming accesories basket


Need to get more such gigantic baskets for more makeup organisation 😛
Storage basket

You could even keep you concealer and mascaras in here, bu I don’t. I might show you my foundation and concealer box too if I ever organize it!!please add anything else that I might have missed for you! 🙂

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36 thoughts on “My Eyes Accessories/Grooming Kit

  1. Wow Thats a nice way of organising Neha 🙂 I too have dumped all my makeup stuffs in different boxes.. Time to organise I guess.. 😉

  2. Wow nice post Neha…. I must take some cues from this and organize my stuff too.. What do you prefer the most, eyebrow pencil or eyebrow wax?

  3. Neha.. amazing post 🙂 loved going through evrything 🙂 i will definately use my old mascara wand as a eyebrow brush … thankiiieeess 🙂 and i agree deepika always has nice groomed brows 🙂

  4. This is my kinda eye candy, eye stuff 🙂 Lovely clicks! i hav the elf stencils too.. I barely use them odr than to get a twin archs.. Some days free handing just doesn’t work esp wen m in hurry.. Lookin fwd to ur review n getting more tips frm it 😀 i hav quite a few elf eyebrow stuff, whch i use loads..they r defo worth a try..

  5. neha ji thousand salutes to you! no wonder your eotds are always picture perfect with the amount of care you put into them!!!!!!!!!! how i would love to tweeze by brows too but so far no luck! but what is the wax used for ? sorry for the completely ignorant question, just trying to learn from you guys

  6. han i have to 🙁 no choice cant go to the parlor on my own wish and will
    wax applied on the brows before you fill them up with powder
    something like how eyebrow pencil works 🙂

  7. hi Neha… you may add a small scissor in it for shaping the brows by combing hair towards forehead & cutting unwanted linearly towards the arch…(i hope I’m clear).. I’ve ordered a brow toolkit & scissor is there in that…I’ve seen parlor ladies doing that every time…it gives a more polished look & nice shape to start with & further tweeze hair accordingly…for last few months I’m using that kit & decided not to go to my parlor wali aunty… 🙂

    BTW will you plz post my long pending request article on ‘Bump-its’! 🙂 m waiting.

  8. Nice post Neha..and I know u defenitely need a huuuuuuuuuuge basket for ur lippies.. 🙂
    and my eyebrows are so dark, i cannot tweeze all the time..u lucky to shape it urself..every alt week, i run to get my eyebrows shapped..

  9. Wow nice organisation of the stuffs Neha.. I love the way you have kept all eye grooming products together.. I always organize them the same way as they help a lot, else if i keep them apart i never get to use them 🙁 thank god im gifted with a mind of keeping things organized all the time.. Else i would’ve suffered a lot 😛 If possible, you can even put in a small tooth brush\pen holder inside the basket and keep your brushes and pencils into it 🙂

  10. I loved this post Neha……tweezers are something that I have lots, but I can never find it when I need one. Storing stuff like this is a great idea, now I know the secret for your perfectly groomed eyebrows 🙂

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