How To Use Eye Brightener

How To Use Eye Brightener

how to use eye brightener
Well, if you are wondering whether eye brighteners should be a part of your regular makeup and beauty regimen or not, let me tell you that eye brighteners form that category of beauty products which you may need or you may not! For instance, if your skin tone is perfectly even or if you are in love with the concept of applying an eye primer, you do not need an eye brightener really! On the other hand, if you are not in the habit of applying an eye primer or a base for eye shadow, you will do good to use this product. So, in short, an eye brightener is one of those brilliant products which are not mandatory but work wonders when added with other products like powders and primers.

How To Use Tube Eye Brightener

1. Eye brighteners, which generally come as translucent liquid, should be used once you have finished applying foundation primer and powder; however, at the same time, it is better to be done before you start your eye makeup.
2. Take a small amount (a dollop) of eye brightener by squeezing it out of the tube and an angled brush has to be dipped into it; then, apply it on your eye. Start with the inner corner and work your way by sweeping across the lid and then, beneath the lashes. Primarily, the tip of the angular brush should be put into action.
3. If you have dark circles, take care to apply a bit more of this product so that your eyes look not only brighter but also fresher.

How To Use Eye Brightener Pencil

Eye brightening products do not come in tubes alone; you get them in the form of fat eye pencils and are available mainly in light shades as well as shimmers. Here is how you use them:
1. Start using the pencil from the inside corners. Use a little bit in the first instance and keep adding as per needs.
2. Use it below the eyelid just as you use eyeliner. Whether you do it after step-1 or you do it instead of step-1, your eyes would look brilliant and awakened.
3. If you want to bring in a dramatic look, follow up by applying the eyeliner throughout the eyelids in a manner you apply eye-shadow.

How To Use Under-Eye Brightener

An under-eye brightener helps to conceal your dark circles which might be a result of skin puffiness, lack of adequate sleep, age factor and such others. First of all, make sure that the product is perfectly suited to your skin type and skin tone. Here is a guide on how to apply under-eye brightener:
1. Take an under-eye concealer brush to ensure the application process to be smooth.
2. Start working from the inner corner and below the lash line. Conceal any dark area that comes in.
3. Apply some brightener under the brows to define and life your brows.

Tips To Use Eye Brightener

1. It can be used with an eye liner as well as under the eye liner.
2. Blend the brightener well so that you get a natural look.
3. Applying too much of eye brightener might make your makeup look cakey.
4. Choose a brightener which suits your skin; for instance, do not go for an oily one if your skin is oily.
5. For a metallic or a party look, go for an eye brightener which has shimmers so that your eyes get the sparkle that they need!
6. Eye brighteners are also available in different form of gels (like Avon Mark Light Bright Lighten And Depuff Eye Gel) and eye creams (SkinCeuticals Age Eye Complex).
7. To avoid infection of any kind, do not share your brightener with anyone.

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