Eye Makeup – Basics and Secrets

Eye Makeup – Basics and Secrets

I have been itching to do this post since a very long time but somehow it always got delayed. So I decided no delay-delaying game anymore, do it now. These are very basics I follow while doing eye makeup but you just have to see what works best for you. Guidelines will only guide you, but practice is something that will actually show results.

eyeshadow application basics (22)

1. Never ever pull down your under eye area to line your waterline. Doing this every single day is taking a toll on the under-eye area. Wrinkle and fine lines will be your best friends very soon.
eyeshadow application basics (1)
2. Do this instead; press your under eye area with a q-tip. It will pop the waterline for you to apply as much kohl and liner you like
eyeshadow application basics (2)
3. See the arrow? Yes, that is where you should place some kajal/kohl to give an illusion of fuller lashes. And if you find difficult to keep your eyes open while doing this try looking away from the direction of the kajal. Like in the picture am looking straight while doing the outer corner. Some feel ticklish doing this step, you just need few more days of practice. Simple!

eyeshadow application basics (3)

eyeshadow application basics (4)
4. That arrow shows the lower lash line. You want that sultry smoky lower lash line, stick to a brown. Yes, black is always there but it is a bit stark for everyday/simple makeup. Moreover it is difficult to blend. Brown is rather forgiving.
5. Finger-tip, q-tip, pencil brush, just grab anything and smudge the lower lash line. This is called being proactive. Hit before you get hit. I know the pain of a grungy untidy look; avoid that by smudging yourself. If possible take a wee bit of brown shadow on the tool you are using for smudging. This will ensure longer stay of the makeup.

eyeshadow application basics (5)
6. Touch-up your brows. No matter how much you plead, the parlor lady will have a mind of her own; happens to me each freaking time. So just fill in the gaps with very light hands. You can definitely go for a brow liner but again it is slightly difficult to work with pencils. When you are just starting off better to go for matte shadow with a stiff slated brush. One more thing is that we Indians tend to call our hair/brows black! No! try doing your brows with a black pencil and you would look like someone popped out of a cartoon channel. Shades of brown is just fine.

eyeshadow application basics (6)
7. Go for the lightest shade for your lid. The one with the arrow, yes! The other two shades are shown as reference to shades you can place on the crease/outer corner. But again, word of caution, blending is the key. There should be absolutely no LOC in-between the shades.

eyeshadow application basics (7)
8. You see I have just used my fingers on the lid. Concentrate on the area nearest to your lash and work all the way up. Well, moderation is the key. Do not pack on shadow on your brush/finger like there is no tomorrow. You can slowly build up the intensity as per your liking. Take your time.
eyeshadow application basics (8)
9. No no! that is not a torture machine(my husband still thinks so!) Get an eyelash curler, it makes a huge difference. Agree that it looks scary initially but threading also seemed scary when you were doing it for the first time, right?
10. See the fun?
eyeshadow application basics (9)

11. Mascara! Well, basics will always be basics. Start at the base of lashes, wriggle and move up. Make sure you go till the end of your lashes. Do not leave in between. You are losing out on the length when you do not pull it out all the way. Afraid of poking your eyeball? Again, take your time. Fear of taking off mascara at the end of the day? Olive oil, almond oil, baby oil, followed by a wet wipe. Works like magic!

eyeshadow application basics (10)
12. As a beginner I used to touch the lid with the mascara wand. If you face the same problem, just place a business card on your lid. See? Clean lids!

eyeshadow application basics (11)
13. Time for some eye liner. You can opt for pencil/liquid liner. I have kept the inner half as it is and smudged out the outer half with a pencil brush. (right before this step my left eye started watering, so quick shift!)

eyeshadow application basics (12)
14. Topped off the pencil liner with matte black liquid liner for longer stay. Totally optional.
eyeshadow application basics (13)
15. Well that is a fluffy blending brush. Your best friend in eye makeup. You can use and abuse it with packaging shadow on lid, doing the crease, applying highlighter, dabbing and blending concealer, pretty much anything!

eyeshadow application basics (15)


eyeshadow application basics (16)


16. I have done a bit of crease work here to give the depth to the otherwise shimmery look.
eyeshadow application basics (19)

17. Time to highlight the brow-bone. You can go for matte or shimmery shade as per your liking. Again blending is the key. I tend to apply highlighter on the arch and blend it sweeping the brush left and right. Intensity totally depends on your liking.

eyeshadow application basics (17)

18. I have picked up the satin finish for the highlighting as I did not want the highlighter to be too stark.
19. This is the actual shade, lighter than my skin tone, yet not too glittery to make me look like a disco ball.
20. This is one essential tool I had to write about. You just cannot expect precise application without a hand mirror. Better still if you can lay your hands on one that comes with a normal mirror and a magnifying one.
21. Basics: black, brown, shimmery brown, grey. Of course you can add blue, green, purple to your stash but they are add-ons, not basic.

eyeshadow application basics (20)

eyeshadow application basics (21)

eyeshadow application basics (18)
22. Just some cleaning around the eyes and a bindi to add on to the “desi” look.
Oh I want to go on with this post but some other time. Feel free to ask anything, will be glad if am able to answer you. And yes, eye makeup is easy once you have the passion, patience and practicing zeal; it is no rocket science!

eyeshadow application basics (22)

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  1. Oh!! This is a magic post!! *happy dance* I do feel ticklish while lining my upper waterline 😛 I surely will take time to blend more next time..although i do get complements on my eye makeup..but a little perfection, right from the eye makeup queen at IMBB, doesnt hurt..right? *puchhi*

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  3. loved it.. i am a beginner and feeling quite confident now.. 🙂 🙂
    a query though… I have bought a white kajal (Lakme) and i have a dusky complexion (NC43~43.5).. i realised it doesnt look good on me… any suggestions how can i use it?

    1. Hi jyoti u can try using it as a highliter on the high points of ur face ..jst blend it with ur finger after dabbing it on higher points 🙂 hope this helps

      1. perfect Shrutika….Jyoti you can also the white pencil on the lid as base to the shadows. it will help the colors pop! 🙂

        1. Thanks Rashmita di *puchhi* Ohh i forgot that tip as well *secret* and u have such pretty eyes ..more than concentrating on the post i was looking at ur eyes *drool* *drool* They are soooooo Droolworthy !!! *puchhi* Awesome post !!

  4. great one…btw which are the three eyeshadows shown on your fingertips in the 7th pic and u have applied the middle one in the 8th pic na ? love that color 😀

    1. hey Sonia….these are shades from the revl*n creme eyeshadow palette…the taupe shadow has gone on the outer corner and crease as well 🙂

  5. Excellent tute Rashmita *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* so much for this beautiful post.. Each and every step is super clear and yes i would remember the “blending” mantra and remember you as well when i hear that word after this *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*

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    I ws stupid to pull my waterline manytimes but nw I will keep ur tips in mind.. *specs* *haan ji* such a detailed informative and helpful post… *jai ho* n gorgeous eyes wid gorgeous art of make up. U r a perfectionist rash.. *puchhi* *jai ho*

  7. A very, very helpful post! Just what I needed as an eye makeup beginner! 🙂 Thank you so much, Rashmita! *puchhi* I am going to print this out and keep it near my makeup area! 🙂 And what beautiful eyes you have! 🙂

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    The last photo, the eye artwork, yes art work, looks so beautiful *drool*

    1. When someone is putting in so much effort to make life easier for us, why can’t you just be appreciative about it? Sheeesh .

    2. They can never see anything special those who have no idea about makeup and fashion…. Try to appreciate one’s hard work who has put on for us. Otherwise its WISE to keep your “fingers” in control. @khush

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    1. It is from a Revl*n palette of cream shadows, any pale gold/beige/peach will give the same effect…and girl one special thanks to you…you know you are saving a dying art 🙂 if you know what I mean <3

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    The post is so detailed and I so loved the end result 🙂

    Gorgeous and elegant .
    Eye makeup is the toughest as well as the most appealing for me:)

    A detailed tutorial with pics is wow the effort for us 🙂
    Thank you.

  15. Thanks for sharing this Rash… I was desperately searching for simple eye makeup tutes as I am a beginner. I need to practice more to replicate yours 🙂 But I don’t get any ideas to buy which products that I can wear and will suit me ( I am not into loud eye makeups) Thanks again will remember your tips 😀

    1. hi…firstly thanks 🙂 *puchhi* though I like playing with colors but I keep coming back to neutrals, so if you are starting off go for peach, dull gold, shades of brown….they are really forgiving… *haan ji*

  16. awesooooooooooooooooooooooooome…Rashmita u r a genie…i do only kajal, but alwys wanted to start with eye makeup…Thankies….hugs for this tut! Landmine of infor for beginners like me…so which quad shud i buy? basic n not high end ! thx in advance

    1. you can start off with revl*n naturally glamorous palette…very handy and pigmented. if you are looking for specific shades go and have fun in Ingl*t store… *specs*

  17. I am a novice in eye makeup and really wanna learn the art..pls help me with below queries-
    1. the concealer should be put in the under eye area before or after eye makeup?
    2. I am not comfortable with different eye shadows for lid, crease and outer area…can only work with one shadow..how do I improve on that?
    3. which blending brush is best for eye makeup? I have a kit from elf and RT but not sure which brush should I use?
    and I must say….u hv very pretty eyes…..just love the post!

    1. hi Anuradha….
      1. the concealer should go after eye makeup ideally so as to clean up any fall out. but if you are playing with cream shadows and pencil/liquid liner for day to day basis it really does not matter cause you have no cleaning up to do.
      2. practice…. 🙂 if you are using only one shade on the lid try taking the darker shade of the same color family and apply on the outer corner/crease with a fluffy brush, this way you will know how intense you like the darker shadow. a matte brown always comes handy for the crease, get one.
      3. fluffy brushes are generally recommended as they give a more diffused look. the shadows look well blended and do not stand out like odd man out. i do not have RT or ELF but mac 217 is a boon for eyemakeup lovers. go for the fluffy rounded tip brush in your stash for the crease. pick up the slightly stiffer version for the outer V.
      and thank you 🙂

      1. thanks a lot dear…. *thankyou*
        will follow ur tips and hope to do a better job next time..
        i did follow tip no. 3 of tight lining in office loo and love the effect… *preen*

  18. Omggggg i a bit late i guess *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* *thankyou* *thankyou* sooo much for the tutoriallll rashhhhh *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* i always wanted something like this… i know how to do the eye make-up but i spend a lot of time *hihi* *hihi* but you made it a lot easier *happy dance* *happy dance* i am doing this today itself *happy dance* your eye make-up is indeed stunning and perfect *woot* *woot*

  19. What a detailed post…really cool…i am a person who does not apply even kajal at all.But after seeing you post,I really want to do it *powder* .My problem is that i have slightly dark circles which become more prominent if i apply kajal.may be afetr applying kajal they become more noticeable.what should i do to avoid this?

    1. do not let the dark circles bother your passion for makeup….use an orange based concealer to eliminate the darkness…I would suggest you to try a few concealers before buying as they can be tricky at times. some concealers make dark circles look ashy which is BAD! M*c has a wide variety of concealers, you can try Kry*lan as well which is more budget friendly option. enjoy makeup! *pompom*

  20. What a post!!!!! *clap* *jai ho* A much much needed post,i love eye makeup bt I didn’t kno the perfect way to do it!!! thnk u from the bottom of my heart!!! 🙂

    1. hi! if you want a budget option you can just dab on some baby oil/olive oil and gentle massage then remove with a wet wipe. if you want a handy option M*ybelline eye makeup remover works just fine! and you want an investment piece, get the m*c cleanse off oil….nothing like it! *specs*

  21. Hi Rashmita,

    Lovely post….i wanted to ask how to use a pencil liner without tugging on d skin. I have tried to use d pencil on the lids..but never manage to draw completely as it tugs and pulls…please let me know if anything can be done as i am bored of using liquid liners.

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