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Anks asks

How should bespectacled eyes be made up for everyday wear or special occasions. The simplest answer i found was – use contacts! 🙂 But my eyes are sensitive to prolonged usage of contacts and there have been times when they just refuse to cooperate with lenses. At such times, I have to wear my specs. What should go on my eyes then so that it shows and at the same time does not appear OTT when i take the specs off for a wipe?


6 thoughts on “Ask IMBB Gang: Eye Makeup for Glasses

  1. I like to emphasize the eyes by using thick liner or pencil line (Smudged)… 🙂

    I don’t bother bout the shadows much as they are never gonna show..
    So i apply a light, neutral colour all over the lid right upto brow.

    Then I grab a black or brown opencil and draw a thick line on the upper AND lower lid. I wing it out slightly and voila… :laugh:

    Shows and doesn’t at the same time.. MAybe i’ll do a tute!! :-/ :-/

  2. whatever makeup you’re gonna do IS going to show through your glasses, no matter what you think! i don’t think there’s a need to specially emphasize anything. using a liner does help though.

  3. As Rima said whatever eye makeup you appy will show whether or not you wear glasses. But never apply a volumizing mascara while wearing glasses as sometimes the lashes end up touching the frame of the glass. I have experienced this myself.

  4. Agree with Rima and Insiya – even curling your lashes, esp if urs are long is gonna touch the glasses.
    Maybe avoid the eye shadow in the inner corner of eye – as for me, thats where the noses of my glass rest and smudges or irritates. sometimes!
    .-= Gaea´s last blog ..Jasmine- the Divine =-.

  5. I just keep my liner a little thicker than the usual. It kind of “shows” through the glasses that ways. Also, I prefer to use matte shadows when I know I have to wear glasses somewhere outside as well.

  6. Thank you for this question; I have the same problem with contacts, needing specs sometimes, and have tried for a while to wear eye makeup and glasses without looking like a raccoon.

    I leave off mascara and only wear liner on the top eyelid. I also don’t wear eye shadow at all unless it’s very pale, since my glasses are strong and magnify dark colours to look bruised and scary.

    Then the nosepieces and frames rub my foundation off, and I look awful anyway. Glasses, bleh!

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