7 Eye Makeup Tips for Big Eyes to Look Smaller

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Most of us love big, popping eyes. But, I am one of those people who is blessed with big eyes but there are times when I want to tone them down. My husband says that my eyes are bulging out and they look like the eyes of a frog. So, for all those girls who want to make their eyes look smaller, we are giving you some quick tips and tricks. Have a look at some of the pointers given below which will help you to make your eyes look smaller.

Beautiful woman with evening make-up and curly hair and yellow dress with jewelry pearls close-up.

1. Apply darker eyeshadows to outer lids:

Perfect model with the divine makeup in the Studio

Since through darker colors less light is reflected from the surface, thus when you wear dark color eyeshadows, it will make your eyes appear smaller and thus your big eyes will look much smaller.

2. Skip mascara:

Mascara helps in opening up your eyes and making them look bigger. Thus, we recommend you to skip the mascara altogether. This will give your eyes an impression of smaller eyes. But if you are the one who cannot live without applying mascara, then apply it only on your lower eyelashes.

3. Apply dark shimmer eyeshadows:

Closeup of beautiful eye with makeup

Shimmer eyeshadows are a way to enhance your eyes. Thus, use dark shimmer eyeshadows in order to create an illusion of smaller eyes.

4. Smokey eyes:

Do you know that even smokey eyes can make your eyes look smaller? Yes, that’s true. Because of the dark colors used in smokey eyes, your eyes will appear smaller.

5. Water lining:

bright beautiful young woman

Do you know that if you create a line just on your waterline, then this will have a shrinking effect on your eyes? Your eyes will appear much smaller. This is an indication that your eyes are ending here. Use a clearly defining eyeliner.

6. Eyebrows:

Go for thin eyebrows. This will not look good but at least this will create an illusion of smaller eyes and your eyes will look much smaller.

7. Liquid liners:

Green eyed beautiful model applying foundation with a brush

Liquid liners are extremely precise and help in drawing close lines. Thus, liquid liners are extremely handy when you want to make your eyes look smaller. That is the basic reason why people who want big eyes go for kajals.

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