Eye Makeup Tutorial For Glass Wearers

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Glass Wearers

Hi Everyone!


Today, I will be doing a tutorial for a fellow IMBB reader, Sheen, who is also a specs wearer like me. Unfortunately, most of us glass wearers think that no eye makeup can suit us as everything would remain “hidden” behind the glasses. But this is a myth. Glasses generally magnify our eyes slightly, and so it becomes all the more important to define our eyes properly. I have tried doing the basic black eyeliner look at times, but found that it goes too severe with the glasses. So, my everyday look is a smudged brown and grey look. I do this in just 5 minutes before I rush off to classes. I hope this will help all specs wearing beauties out there.

Products Used:


1. VOV make up set ( for the highlighting eyeshadow).
2. Elle 18 kajal.
3. Maybelline hypercurl mascara.
4. Brown eye crayon ( can be substituted with any brown eye shadow).
5. VOV 2 color eyebrow powder set.
6. Lakme compact powder.

Before we start, let me remind you to moisturize your face properly as blotchy skin looks real bad with make up on.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:

Step 1:

Prime your eyes with concealer and apply compact powder all around to set it. I have used only Lakme compact powder as it gives me the coverage I need. Do remember to conceal your dark circles, if you have any!

Step 2:

Apply a brown eye crayon/ shadow all over your upper eyelid.

Black eye makeup

Step 3:

Use your ring finger to blend it properly.

Step 4:

Put some dark grey on the outer corner of the upper eyelid.

Step 5:

Use a matte brown to blend the grey in.

eye makeup

Step 6:

Next, apply some highlighting shade under your brow bone. I always use a pale gold.

Step 7:

Use kajal on your waterline and add coats of mascara to your lashes. You may stop here if you want or proceed to apply a thin eye liner line on the upper lashline. I generally skip it as I am always in a hurry in the mornings 😛 Finally, dab some more compact powder under your eyes just to brighten them up a bit more.

This is how it should look.

Brown eyes

To complete the look, use your favorite blush and of course, wear a bright pink or peach lipstick. So, this is the complete look. It’s super easy and convenient to do. I hope you liked it Sheen.  As for colored eyeliner look, you can try all the tutorials I have done here, they look as good with glasses too. Don’t let specs hinder your wish for makeup girl! Be confident.


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74 thoughts on “Eye Makeup Tutorial For Glass Wearers

  1. i cant tell you how useful this is and how much i wanted something like this!!! i wear glasses too and could never figure what to do with my eyes!! thanks and keep up the good work 🙂

    1. I agree I agreee! If there are guys in ur class, do they even manage to listen to the class with such a beauty sitting right in front of them? 🙂
      gorgeous cutiee pieeeee.. 🙂

      1. shruti, yes there are guys in our class, but trust me, chinese is such a language that even guys have to pay attention to the prof 😉 hahaha

  2. U look completely adorable in that last pic Aps! Beautiful tute n beautiful eyes you have 🙂
    I wear reading glasses and I think I am going to try this out anyways, this would look good on non glass wearers too!

  3. awesome Aparajita…
    I wear glases to but only while working on computer or while reading, but this one is a must try look wather one wears glasses or not… lovely !!

  4. hey Appy..:-) berry berry nice tute.. soo help ful for speecyyyz 🙂 … u have choosen good colors :-)me love it tooo 🙂 ..u looking suppper cutiiie with specs 🙂

  5. kya mooze chashma pehenna padega fr this eye look… khikhikhi :p
    i am excited to try this nw… on lips elle 18 coral shine use kiya hai kya??
    Aur kya bolun… Drool… faint…. <3 :-*

  6. Another BIG thank you!!! I wear glasses most of times to office, but i love doing up my eyes. Till now i usd to wear simple kajal n eyeliner but you have opened my eyes ( quite literaly) and this is so wearable too.
    Thank you once again. Also, can you please tell me from where i can get these eye cryons..i love your golden one

  7. I tried all possible methods to get specs but in vain, so with my first salary I got a nakli one, I love to wear specs, now you giving more reasons to wear speccy! Lovely brown EOTD!

  8. superb tut..just loved it..and here i have a request..my eye lids are a bit pigmented..brown doesnt show up much..but i’m too shy to wear bold colors..so can u pls suggest me some eye makeup for all Tym..? pls…

  9. I was late visiting imbb today and I saw this lovely gift from u dear………thank u sooooooooooo much luv……..and yes I will try it out the soonest possible…. Lots n lots of love to u

  10. whoa..i too wear glasses and I never thought this was possible… you to maharani.. :worship: lots of love to you..i am trying this asap… 😉

  11. heyy this one is a super useful tutorial. I am a glasses person too (contact lenses at work/weddings/parties etc) but this tutorial is very helpful. And the choice of your glasses is an excellent one.

    1. thanks aru ji…. i am super confused when choosing the ryt frame for glasses even though am wearing them since ages! 🙁 thanks a lot for the confidence boost 🙂

  12. gorrgeous eye makeup aparajita. totally apt . I would do this makeup even when i dont have to wear the glasses. 😛 you look really pretty in the last piccy. 🙂

  13. Hi Aparajita..love ur tutorials..me too wear specs..def gonna try this makeup..can u tell me abt crayon availability in bangalore? i never seen it before in the market..wud love to buy..:)

    1. am not sure anshu 🙁 they r not even available in my hometwn. i have seen them only here. maybe its only available in kolkata 🙁

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