How to use Two or More Eye Shadows

In makeup one can easily go overboard with foundation and eye shadows. No matter how lovely that eye shadow colour looks, just don’t apply more than you actually need. Always load your brushes with little amount of color since it is easier to add more eye shadow than to remove it.

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Tips on how to use two or more eye shadows:

• When you want to apply more than one shadow then you should have a

1. Lid color: It can be any colour you like. For basic eye makeup, a medium toned eyeshadow is preferable.
2. Crease color: Should be darker than your lid colour. Crease colour should preferably be matte.
3. Highlight color: Should be something close to your skin tone. It can also be a soft shimmery eyeshadow that would be used to highlight the brow bone area or the inner corner of your eyes.
4. Outer V color (optional): This should be the darkest of the three to bring more attention toward your eyes.

• Always prime your eyes before applying eye shadows. It helps to make the eye shadows appear more vivid and prevent creasing. you may use a concealer or foundation as your eyeshadow base.  MAC Paints and MAC Paint Pots are some of the good primers to chose from.
• Start by applying a lighter shade on the eye. Begin from the inner corner of the eye, and cover your lids . Go past the crease (if required) and stop below the brow bone.
• Now apply the darker shade from the centreof the lid till the end of your eye.
• Finally blend the two colors properly with a fluffy eye shadow brush so that no harsh lines are visible.
• Stroke the darkest color on the outer half of your eyelid.When applying color in the eye’s crease, be sure to blend it out upwards rather than following the downward curve of the eye. Move your brush in windshield -wiper motion.
• If you really want to make the color of your eyes pop, choose a contrasting color in a soft tone and apply this to the lids.

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