Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier

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We have often come across the saying, ‘Eyes are the window to one’s soul’. In my opinion, eyes totally define the way one looks. In recent times with the help of makeup, it has been possible to mould our eyes to make them look the way we want. For this, our beloved eyeliners are our heroes. Having said that, we are also familiar with the regular challenges that eyeliners make us face and they are smudged lines, crooked lines, fading out, the list goes on. Finally to make your lives simpler, today I am here with a few eyeliner hacks. So, let us get started.


1. The Basics:

Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier 2

I will start with the most basic and probably the most repeated tip in the book, which is to make yourself as steady as possible. Rest your elbow on your dresser and place your little finger around the temple of your cheek. You can adjust the positioning according to your comfort and then start drawing the line. This way you are likely to make fewer mistakes.

2. Dots and Dashes For Drawing Neat Lines:

Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier 3

This one’s a very useful tip for beginners. Instead of drawing the line in one quick stoke, draw small dots/dashes first and then join them together. This will prevent those dreaded crooked lines and give you a neat look.

3. To Correct Smudges and Crooked Lines:

Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier 4

a) If you are running late for work and you have already made a mistake by drawing a weird crooked line. Do not fret. Instead of cleaning up the mess and redoing it again, you can just take a little petroleum jelly on an ear bud and clean up the mistake. Even a clear lip gloss is pretty handy for this purpose. Make sure not to use too much of the gloss or petroleum jelly, as you might end up with really oily lids.
b) Another way of cleaning any mistakes you made is by going over them with a little bit of concealer. Once you have corrected, you could smudge the liner a tad bit to prevent the harsh lines.

4. For Applying Liquid Liners Precisely:

Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier 5

This is again a very useful tip for beginners. We all love the beautiful intensity that liquid liners offer. However, it is really difficult to get a good control over them and as a result, we end up with messy lines and smudges. Well not any more. For applying liquid liners, start with making a base line with a matching pencil liner or a nude liner. Once you have made the base line, go over it with your liquid liner for an intense look.

5. For Using Crumbly Pencil Eyeliners:

Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier 6

Many a times, we have come across pencil eyeliners that keep crumbling and breaking, as a result of which, we have to keep sharpening them. In such cases, you could keep your liner in the fridge for 7- 10 minutes and then use it.

6. White Eyeliners As A Brow Highlighter:

Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier 9

A good way of giving an awakened look to the eye is by using a white eyeliner as a brow highlighter. Apply it near the brow bone and smudge it to get a nice bright look.

7. Eyelash Curler For Precise Lining:

Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier 7

An interesting way of lining the eyes precisely is by applying a well pigmented pencil or a gel eyeliner on an eyelash curler and then using it to line the eyes. This way we would get a neat line on our upper lashline. Though, the line we would get might not be very dark or intense. To get a darker look, we would just need to go over the already drawn line once again with our liner.

8. Simple Cat Eye With Just A Dot:

Eyeliner Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier 8

For a simple not-so-dramatic cat eye, line your eyes like you normally would and make a dot in the outer corner of the eye (where you would want your flick to end). Follow the natural curve of your eye and join the line that you have already made with the small dot on the outer corner.

So, these were a few of my tips for beginners to get better at lining their eyes and for people in a rush. Do try them out.

Take care and stay beautiful.

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