Eyes: Eye Makeup for Older Women

makeup for older women
makeup for older women

Age and Eye Makeup

We have to agree that no matter how old we are, we all want to look young and beautiful. We definitely want to conceal our age and the wrinkles which come with it.

Don’t we all like being complimented by our friends or husbands when we look gorgeous? I am sure we all do. I, older at the age of 50, would definitely love it when a few faces turn around here and there on the street or at a party to see me. I surely enjoy it. But, as the saying goes, ‘all women are beautiful, but only some know how to look beautiful’.

Even if you are older, the secret for looking good  is your eye make-up. And the top secret is how to do the eye make-up. All you need to do is, get those dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes vanish!

This is the makeup technique older women can use to make their eyes look beautiful:

• Apply non-greasy moisturizer to smoothen your skin around the eyes.
• Now, you can start the actual make-up for your eyes. You get something called ‘eye shadow primer’ which acts as a base for the eye shadow.
• Apply this on the entire eye lid up to the brow bone. Also apply it on crow’s feet and under the eye. It is a fact that the primer fills the lines and wrinkles and, prepares the skin for the next make-up application.
• Your wrinkles and lines are taken care of, next is the task of concealing dark circles and blemishes.
• You need a concealer for this. Use it under and around your eyes and blend the same to the surrounding skin so as to merge the difference. Concealer should always be one shade lighter than your skin colour.
• Next, you need to pat loose powder lightly around your eyes.

eye makeup for mature women
eye makeup for mature women

• Always choose eye shadow which compliments your eye colour and your skin.
• Buy 2 shades of the eye shadow you choose to buy. One of which is a little lighter and another which is a little darker.
• Apply the lighter shade on your eye lid up to the brow bone.
• Apply the darker shade above the fold of your eye up to the brow bone. Then blend the two shades lightly using a brush.
• Apply eye liner to the upper lid. And when you apply the liner, pull the left eye to your left and the right towards your right slightly. This will help to get a perfect line.
• Apply mascara to the upper eye lashes. You can use black or brown because these two colours usually look very elegant. Apply two or three coats as required.
• The last one would be highlighting your eye brows. Use thin brow pencils creating realistic hair strokes to highlight your eye brows.
• There you are, ready to go out! Enjoy staying young and beautiful!

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36 thoughts on “Eyes: Eye Makeup for Older Women

  1. These are really great tips!
    If only I could get my mom to use them! She’s absolutely gorgeous and has never worn makeup in her life…I sometimes feel like I’m making up for her share 😛

    I’d add the use of a face primer to this tips. Foundation and concealer can sometimes sink into wrinkles and a good primer will prevent this. Smashbox and MUFE make some excellent sillicon based primers that will help. :-))

  2. Also I think its important for older women to use make-up brands that cater to older skin, mostly with things like foundation, face power etc. Like say Chanel or Estee Lauder instead of MAC or what have you …

    Also cream blushes work better on older skin than powder blushes.

  3. Janhavi who says Estee Lauder and Chanel cater to older women? Those brands cater to women of all ages. I have been using Estee Lauder moisturizer since I was a college student. Products such as Clinique and Mac are cheaper hence most popular with people with less disposable income. That being said, the most important thing you can do to look and remain looking good is taking care of your skin so it is naturally radiant. If your skin is radiant then all you need is maybe a bit of eyeliner smudged and some nude lipgloss and you will attract more admiring glances than someone who has a makeup mask on. Make up should be used to accent the features not cover up the existing features and painting on new ones. Less is more at any age when it comes to make up. The idea is to look good rather than painted.

  4. great tip for longer lashes….with big brush dust lashes with loose or compact powder; 1 app of mascara (love Lancome..never clumps); wait a minute or so then 1 more light dusting of lash tips + 1 final app of mascara. Great Long Lashes!!!!

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