Eyetex Dazller Lipstick Shade#134-Review

Eyetex Dazller Lipstick Shade#134-Review

Again a dazzler lipstick. Like promised last time this time it’s a 100 rupees one. If I remember I mentioned that they have 2 ranges each 65 and 100 rupees respectively. How they differ from each other is all this review is about and something else…
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They are all given numbers instead of names. That’s ok I really never mind that much.


Rs. 100/- for 4 gm (net weight) the same as Elle 18.

Packaging; here it differs completely. They come in a copper gold plastic package with dazzler written in black on them. They are quite sturdy. The inside is black and the copper and black complement each other beautifully. The colour cannot be seen at all like the Rs.65 ones… The testers are in round palettes instead of those cute lips shaped ones. And again those palettes are enough for a year I think. Sealed like the other ranges in their collection.
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Here it differs a lot again. The ones I got and the ones I have seen there are really different in both ranges. The 65 ones mostly have glitters and you know how much I hate glitters but these 100 ones have a pearl finish to give that shine. It’s really a beautiful nude. It’s creamy rose in colour with light brown undertones and pearl finish. And with bated breath….the best part…this is my perfect blush colour (yippee) though it’s not my perfect nude lip colour. Its lighter than my lips and it tends to make me look washed out. I mostly use it as my blush any ways.


It’s creamy than the previous one I reviewed…it makes my lips look luscious, beautiful. Gives complete coverage as well. But you still need a lip balm underneath to hold moisture from it.
eyetex dazller lipstick 134 swatch

Staying power:

It stays for 2 and half hours on lips with mild eating or swallowing and as a blush…wait for it…5 hours…..! It fades slowly and smells like milk chocolate. The blush after fading left such a beautiful natural flush…I have fallen in love with this.


like milk chocolate…and quite pleasant actually. I don’t have any problem with this. But I must say there is no ingredient list mentioned though I don’t mind that a bit. I never had any allergies or lip darkening so no problem. I have really sensitive skin and still I didn’t have a problem with this when used as a blush.

Pros of Dazzler lipstick shade#134:

1. Excellent colour.
2. Good pigmentation.
3. Gives full coverage as you can see.
4. Light on pocket.
5. Good staying power for the price and blush is just beautiful.
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Cons of Dazzler lipstick shade#134:

1. Washes out skin tone, since its light in colour but I really like that kind of washed out look sometimes.
2. Ingredients list not mentioned.
3. The fragrance of milk chocolate might not appeal to everyone.

pink lips 2

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Dazzler lipstick shade#134?

Of course yes yes yes….it’s my perfect blush shade…I can’t ignore this at all.

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  1. i have many dazzler lipsticks bt none in the packaging u have reviewed is available here in Mumbai… its a pretty shade though Dharani… good review 🙂

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