Eylure Eyelashes Exaggerate 140, Lengthening 80 Review

eylure eyelashes

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Today I am reviewing Eylure Eyelashes. I picked them up during my recent trip. I am not a huge false eyelash wearer. Mostly because I struggle with them. Plus I am not so good at using flasies yet that I always have a scare that these would come off and I’d be in a fix. loll!! Anyhoo, that does not stop me from trying new ones every now and then. I have tried various false eyelashes from a number of brands but I have to say that these Eylure ones are some of the best ones I have come across so far. I have a bunch of these. Reviewing two of them from the bunch for you’ll. 🙂

Price : £5.25

Available at : Sephora / asos.com

These are strip lashes. They are very easy to use…atleast compared to all the lashes I have used so far. I feel they are cut and structured very well, I feel. Also these feel super lightweight once you apply these. I have worn these for hours and these haven’t come off even once. The strip is very thin so these blend it naturally with your real eyelashes. These come in their individual boxes so it’s easier to store these back. I have used both the lashes a number of times and they have retained their shape. And I would be able to use them many times more. These come with their own lash glue but I always prefer to use the Duo Lash Glue whenever I wear false lashes.

PS : Here is a lovely post on How to wear and remove False Eyelashes.

Exaggerate No 140

Claims : Attention grabbing and unapologetically full – for the girl who loves to be seen. 140 creates unforgettable volume and curl. Eylure Naturalites strip lashes enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Suitable for all eye shapes, they are ideal for regular wear or a special occasion.

My Experience : These are like full on lashes. When you are in a mood for some drama and making a statement, you gotta try these. These are really nice if you are going for an arabic or a dramatic kind of makeup look. The band is kinda thicker for these lashes but it couldn’t be thinner because that wouldn’t have been able to hold the lashes very well. It feel just alright once you put it on. You wouldn’t feel the weight of these at all. Totally hold true to their name – exaggerate. 🙂

eylure exaggerate eyelashes

eylure exaggerate eyelashes 140




Lengthening :

Claims : A full but filmy lash with a wispy, even finish. Suitable for all eye shapes, they are ideal for regular wear or a special occasion. Note: Lash Glue and application and care instructions included in all packs.

My Experience : These are more pretty natural, every day kind of lashes. These are flimsy and then and add a lovely length to the lashes. Super lightweight and you wouldn’t even know that you have anything on your eyes.:)


eylure lengthening lashes-80

eylure lengthening lashes no 80

eylure lengthening lashes no 80 review

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7 thoughts on “Eylure Eyelashes Exaggerate 140, Lengthening 80 Review

  1. I just used false eyelashes just once and that too for an hour. Wonder why were you scared of using them when they look so effortless on you. I like Exaggerate No 140 more here, you look lovely. 🙂

  2. Heyyyyy you look amazing in all the pictures.. they are just soo hawwttt especially the one with a blue spaghetti 🙂 If i would be the editor of some magazine i would totally put that picture in.. these lashes are awesome..they look so natural and who would say you have fake lashes on? super 🙂

  3. Amazing Rati! You look very beautiful 🙂 These lashes add so much volume and lenght that I want to buy this right now. If I had them now, I could have worn them for an upcoming party!!!! 😛 😀

  4. You look soooo dreamy :* These are nice . I am scared of false lashes and fals nails, I fear that one is going to come off and I am left there with the second =))

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