Fa Coconut Water Caring and Fresh Shower Gel Review

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Hello IMBBians,
Few weeks ago, I had bought 2 new variants of shower gels from FA which had coconut extracts in them. Out of the 2, I have reviewed the Fa Coconut Milk Caring and Fresh Shower Cream and it was a disappointment. So read on to know more about this shower gel.
Fa Coconut Water Caring and Fresh Shower Gel Review

Discover a caring bathing experience with Coconut Water Foam Bath. The fresh foam bath with natural Coconut Extract, awakens the senses and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.
· Caring & fresh shower gel with coconut extract
· Turn your bathroom into a place of refreshment.
· Leaves the skin with a soft feeling
· Dermatologically tested skin compatibility
· pH skin-neutral

€3.39 for 250ml

My Experience with Fa Coconut Water Caring and Fresh Shower Gel:

I picked FA coconut water shower gel only because it has coconut extract and as coconut is good for the skin. I never had any high expectations from the product as the first one was a dud. This product comes in a transparent bottle with a green flip cap. The color resembles the tender coconut. The cap is tight and there is no leakage. The only issue it has with this packaging is that the product stays near the creases and it looks dirty and after every wash you need to clean the mouth of the bottle.


The product is transparent and has a gel like consistency. The smell is more like sweet Thailand coconut and is a little fruity. The fragrance is pleasant but it doesn’t stay for long. The product doesn’t lather a lot. Initially, I thought I am using less quantity but I later realised that it is how it is made. The product rinses of easily and doesn’t leave any residue behind. The shower gel doesn’t dry out the skin after a bath, but you need to apply a lotion or the skin gradually dries out. The product is non-greasy and is pH neutral. While in the shower and you rinse, your skin feels soft and supple and also clean. But, it does not feel dry.


As claimed, it has coconut extracts, but after using the product, I didn’t see much difference. However, it restores the moisture of the skin. I have really dry skin on my body and I noticed that my skin didn’t get any dry patches after a bath and before applying a lotion. I have used it as a shaving cream too when I ran out of my shower cream and it gave a clean shave without any razor bumps and without drying my skin out. I conclude that it is much better than Fa Coconut Milk Shower Cream.


So, summing up:

Pros of Fa Coconut Water Caring and Fresh Shower Gel:

• Leaves skin hydrated and refreshed.
• Doesn’t dry out the skin a lot.
• Travel-friendly.
• Pleasant and sweet fragrance.
• You need less product per use.
• An effective shower cream.

Cons of Fa Coconut Water Caring and Fresh Shower Gel:

• Pricey.
• The nozzle has to be cleaned frequently.
• No long term benefits.

Will I Repurchase Fa Coconut Water Caring and Fresh Shower Gel?
No, I will look out for better options.

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