Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream Review

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Today’s review is about Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream. After my recent purchase, Fa Oriental Moments Shower Cream, I am kind of inclined towards Fa products. Here is my opinion about this Greek Yogurt Shower Cream.

Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream

Product Description:
Adore soft and fresh showers

» Preserves the natural balance of the skin and protects it from drying out
» With yoghurt protein and almond scent
» Skin tolerance dermatologically confirmed

Simply indulging – Fa shower gels offer rich and valuable care combined with fresh, aromatic fragrances. Depending on your mood, relaxing or invigorating for a silky-soft skin feeling. Each one is a perfect combination of care and freshness – a gift to your body and senses

€ 0.95 for 250ml or approximately INR 70

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My Experience with Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream:

Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream

Regarding the packaging, it’s very similar to Dove body washes with respect to size and shape. It looks sleek and is easy to hold. The packaging is plastic and it is easy to squeeze the product out. It has a flap lid on top which opens and closes with ease. The cap is sturdy and when closed, it’s tight enough, so won’t get opened accidentally. It’s a very important factor to consider when carrying such things during travel. So, it’s travel safe. The shower cream is white in color and not very thick. It has a thick shampoo like consistency. The fragrance is to the point. It has a mesmerizing smell of almond yogurt cream; it feels very spa-like while using the product. The product contains greek yogurt, and we all know how good yogurt is for the skin.

Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream

The fragrance is neither overpowering nor very mild; it’s just right to capture your senses. The fragrance doesn’t linger around which can be good in many cases. Many people don’t like the fragrance to interfere with body cream’s fragrance or their perfume’s fragrance. If you prefer body washes that don’t leave any fragrance on your skin, then this is the one. The product lathers very well. I had to use very little (around a coin size) for my entire body. A little goes a long way. Even when washed with water, the product gets off the skin easily.

Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream

The product doesn’t leave the skin dry or stretchy. It leaves the skin soft and smooth. I would say that the product is suitable for both summer and winter months. Even though it’s autumn, but it’s freezing cold here and am using this body wash, and my skin still doesn’t feel dry. I am totally satisfied and impressed with the results of this product. It’s not an expensive product; as a matter of fact, it’s less costly than Dove and Nivea body washes. Considering the price and other pros, I would rate it as a good body wash. If you are on budget shopping, then go for it. It’s definitely worth a try.

Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream

Pros of Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream:

• Leaves skin soft and smooth
• Moderate fragrance
• Fragrance doesn’t linger around
• Suitable to be used throughout the year
• Travel friendly
• Contains yogurt

Cons of Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream:

• None

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream?
I would like to try new body washes all the time. It’s one product which gets over and needs to be purchased frequently. I wish it was the case with all other beauty products. 😀

Would I Recommend Fa Greek Yogurt Shower Cream?
Definitely! Yogurt does wonders to the skin. Plus, it’s not at all expensive, so no harm in trying.

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