Fa Natural and Pure Shower Gel White Tea and Bamboo Review

Fa Natural and Pure Shower Gel White Tea and Bamboo

fa natural pure shower gel white tea bamboo
If you all remember my Dubai trip in May then this is one product that I picked among a big suitcase of other makeup and skin care products. I always love shower gels and I prefer them over soaps [really got bored of using soaps]. So I was really glad to spot 2 different shower gels in Fa. I have already reviewed one here – Fa Rose and Passion Flower Gel and this White Tea and Bamboo is the other variant.

I prefer a refreshing and fruity shower so I used the rose and passion shower gel initially and kept this for later use as the smell of the white tea and bamboo was more refreshing. This shower gel claims to have natural white tea extract in it !!! I am not sure about it but might be a very very little amount and the fragrance ensures it 😀
fa shower gel cap
“The unique showering experience with white tea extract refreshes your body and provides you with a gentle skin feeling. With vitalizing white tea and bamboo fragrance. Dermatologically confirmed skin compatibility. pH skin neutral.”

I could feel the scent of white tea while using the shower gel and it is very soothing, at the same time wakes me up in the morning, by which I mean it is completely refreshing. The shower gel lathers very well. You need to use a little more water to rinse off completely if you are a person who ensures the slippery feeling after bath. The fragrance vanishes soon after the bath but during the bath you could enjoy the fragrance throughout. This is a good shower gel which is worth the price and worth a try.
The 250 ml shower gel costs Rs.9.20 DHS which is approximately Rs.115.

Pros of Fa Natural and Pure Shower Gel White Tea and Bamboo

• Smells of white tea and it is good.
• No strong fragrance.
• It lathers well. I can’t have a satisfying bath if my soap/shower gel doesn’t lather well.
• Worth the money. I haven’t used any shower gel for a cheaper price [for the quantity]
• The bottle lasts long as you just need a small amount every time.
• Packaging is neat and attractive.
• Lid is intact and hence travel friendly too.
• It claims to have natural white tea extracts.
• Does not dry my skin. [Note – I have dry skin]

Cons of Fa Natural and Pure Shower Gel White Tea and Bamboo

• Availability is an issue. I am not sure whether it is available in India.
• The fragrance lasts only during the bath and not after that.

Rating– 4/5

Would I Repurchase? – Yes, might be some other variant.

I am a shower gel person and I like trying new ones every time. I spotted only 2 variants and if I find more then I will be trying them for sure. If you are a shower gel person like me then I would say this is worth a try and not going to cost a lot. If any of you girls spot this in India please do let me know 😛

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21 thoughts on “Fa Natural and Pure Shower Gel White Tea and Bamboo Review

  1. Fa has some great variety of shower gels! i dont think this one is available here ?:) would love to try it some day..especially in summers 🙂 :thanks: for the review :waytogo:

  2. I am always looking for new shower gels in the market, this looks like a really nice one, wish it becomes available here. Nice review, Aarthi. 🙂

  3. I’ve always loved Fa products..this also seems to be so good!!! 😀 lovely review Aarthi!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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