Fa Pink Passion Deodorant

Fa Pink Passion Deodorant

Fa Pink Passion Deodorant

I keep telling you people how less I use deodorants because of zero body odour, but that does not stop me from trying deodorants that smell good.  The main reason I refrain from buying aerosol kind of deodorants is the stinging factor.  Recently, a small boy (around 8 years old) from my neighbourhood was going out and asked my opinion on whether he was smelling good (yeah, only 8 years old and 10 years old kiddos consider my opinions valuable!).  He was smelling so wonderful and floral that I had to ask him what he had sprayed on him.  He didn’t remember the name but he showed me this Fa Pink Passion Deodorant and I immediately ordered it online!

Product Description:

Discover a long-lasting feeling of freshness of Fa Pink Passion Deo Spray.  The long-lasting fresh fragrance, delicately combining fruity and floral notes, leads you into a new exciting world and spreads a sense of paradise!

Fa Pink Passion Deodorant

Fa 24-hour deo protection – no white marks.

  • Efficient protection against body odour.
  • Reliable, long lasting freshness.
  • No white marks.

The mild formula protects and cares for the skin.  Skin compatibility dermatologically tested.


Rs. 150 for 170 ml.

My Take on Fa Pink Passion Deodorant:

To tell you the truth, I picked up two deodorants randomly from Yardley and when I sprayed it on me, I almost had a seizure.  The odor was too strong and someone earlier reviewing a Yardley deodorant had mentioned that it smells of room spray, and yes, exactly, some Yardley deodorants do smell like that, no exaggeration!  This Pink Passion by Fa smells a mix of fruity and floral fragrance, is not over the top, makes you feel refreshed, and lingers on the body through most part of the day.  The fragrance is not obnoxious. It is in fact quite pleasant, but not as pleasant as Nivea deodorants.

Fa Pink Passion Deodorant

The main feature for me is that it does not sting.  I do not know whether it is completely alcohol free because it does not claim to be one, but it surely does not sting and imparts a menthol type of coolness upon spraying.  I love that feeling, especially in this hot summer.

I think I am going to try other Fa variants now.

Pros of Fa Pink Passion Deodorant:

  • Refreshing fruity + floral fragrance.
  • The fragrance is not obnoxious or over the top.
  • Does not smell like room spray.
  • Does not sting majorly.
  • Price is reasonable.
  • Claims to have “no white marks” formula.
  • Lingers on the body for quite a long time.

Fa Pink Passion Deodorant

Cons of Fa Pink Passion Deodorant:

  • No ingredient list is mentioned on the deodorant.

Will I Repurchase Fa Pink Passion Deodorant?

Yes and other variants too.

Do I Recommend Fa Pink Passion Deodorant?

Yes, its a nice long-staying deodorant and most importantly, the fragrance is refreshing and balanced.

IMBB Rating:


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13 thoughts on “Fa Pink Passion Deodorant

  1. lol.. nice story.. seems like a great deo..will keep this in mind..me too lazy on deos cus of no odor..(lucky me hi hi) love the fresh, vibrant packaging..what is the prize btw 🙂 ?

  2. Jomol, I had eyed the Fa variants,but never tried any..but now wen u say they are pleasant and mild,i will try..
    ohh yeaahhh….you can count me one along wit those kids,taking you opinion 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. i’m more of a body mist/splash person…ive used the fa carribean lemon and some white tea one in the past..do u get those as well in India?last i got the dove deos and those really irritated my throat 🙁

  4. hihih jomo now that 8 year old boy and you would smell the same. khikhikhkhi 😛 I want to come to your place and check out where you click photos. This is getting interesting with every post. 😀 😀 😀

  5. always love ur pics Jomol!!! will surely check the fragrance out, somethin that appeals across the age board has to be checked out! 😀

  6. Agree with Yardley jomo, i have one lavender something, got it from relatives.. OMG thats the worst deo i ever had, used only once..
    I like Fa deos, its ok kind will check this out 🙂 i like nivea smell more.. so i may skip this if it is not good as nivea

  7. Hm…seems pretty nice! I’ll check it out sometime. 🙂
    And now you should wear it and go “same pinch” that boy. hihihi 😛

  8. Fa was my first deo.. Yay this brought back fond memories.. This pinky pink bottle is very tempting 🙂

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