Fa Rose and Passion Flower Shower Gel Review

I am reviewing the very first product from my recent shopping at Dubai- Fa Rose and Passion Flower Shower Gel. I previously had 2 Fa Shower Gels and I couldn’t find it anywhere now. I am pretty sure I have not yet used it and hubby keeps making fun of me saying “How can anyone lose shower gels?” I really have no clue, so when I saw these Fa shower gels in the shopping mall I couldn’t resist picking it up. My hubby didn’t stop me too, just gave a smile while I was picking this up. The main reason for picking this up is their fragrance. I am a great fan of great smelling bath products.
product tube
“The unique showering experience with rose extract refreshes your body and provides you with a gentle skin feeling. With vitalizing rose and passion flower fragrance. Dermatologically comfirmed skin compatibility. pH skin neutral.”

Though I like the fragrance of Fa shower gel after using Victoria’s Secret Shower Gel I don’t think any other brand can compete with the fragrance and satisfy one’s shower. Trust me I am not boasting or anything but anyone who has experienced the VS shower experience will agree with me for sure.
I got two Fa shower gels and wanted to try this one first as I liked the fragrance of the other one better than this. I always keep the best for later 😛 I took a little amount of the transparent shower gel and while applying it on me, it felt like a smooth silk on my skin. The fragrance was obviously floral and an equal mix of rose and passion flower. Though it has that powdery smell it did not disturb me much. Fa shower gel lathers pretty well and I love that fact as I prefer good lathering from my shower gel. My skin feels moisturized, though it does not promise any moisturizing effect. It does not dry my dry skin so I give a “mwah” to this one. I love the packaging that comes with a tight lid and thus no wastage of product even during travel. Ya, I got this in my luggage from Dubai to Chennai without any special wrapping and it came safe without messing up the other things in my suitcase. The transparent bottle gives me a clear idea of the amount of product that is left for me to use.

This 250 ml Fa shower gel costs 9.20 DHS which is approximately Rs.115.

Pros of Fa Rose and Passion Flower Shower Gel

• Smells decent. It is neither too mild nor too strong and I think it is just perfect for a bath product.
• It claims to have natural rose extracts.
• My skin feels soft, smooth and good after use.
• It does not dry my skin.
• I love the pretty pink packaging along with the transparent bottle and intact lid. The packaging just gets 5/5 from me.
• The shower gel is not at all expensive. I think the most inexpensive shower gel I have ever come across.
• It lathers very well, so I just need a very little amount every time. This in turn would result the shower gel to last longer 🙂

Cons of Fa Rose and Passion Flower Shower Gel

• I doubt the availability in India.
• The smell doesn’t last long. After the shower it just vanishes in few minutes 🙁

My Rating – 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase? – Yes but not the same fragrance as I would like to try other variants as well.

It is a good product and if you like trying bath products like me, do give this a try.

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24 thoughts on “Fa Rose and Passion Flower Shower Gel Review

  1. I used Fa soap once…..in blue color…but it make my skin react :((
    Even the deo’s were harsh for me.
    I am unsure of the availability of these here…..never seen them.
    But nice review Aarthi :yes: :yes: :yes:

  2. I like using Fa shower gels ,even the one for men 😉

    Many fragrances are available at beauty palace and few other stores that have imported stuff…not sure about this particular fragrance…

  3. Fa showergels are really good, but I haven’t seen them in India sadly. Bought them in Nepal. Also the Fa tea tree roll-on. :jaiho: :jaiho: THE BEST PRODUCT EVER!! :jaiho: :jaiho: If anyone spot Fa anywhere in India…. aag ki tarah khabar faila do!!!! :woot: :woot:

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