Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash Review

Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash

All I could gain from the packaging was that this was a moisturising body wash meant for sensitive skin.

Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash Review

Nearly 200 for a quantity of 300 ml, 20 percent extra free.

If anyone does understand the language written on the bottle in the pictures, care to let me know too :p

The list of ingredients is given in English which is readable in one of the pictures.

Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash Review

My Take on Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash:

I lurveeeeeeeeee the smell of this body wash. This was just a random pick, nothing particular I went shopping for. You have this section in every store where they keep some imported stuff; body washes and some other stuff; sometimes you can really find great deals there. I saw this body wash and it said sensitive skin on it and as my mum has sensitive skin, I picked it for. I ended up using this myself too and this is good stuff.

The body wash is very runny, white coloured liquid and smells of something very mild and pleasant.  The smell does not linger on for any while after I have used this. It is just while showering, which is kind of okay for me.

Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash Review

Pros of Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash:

  • Lathers well, you just need a few drops.
  • Smells really good, the best thing you can do to yourself to awaken your senses right in the morning.
  • Moisturising, it would be good for dry-skinned ladies as well.
  • Winter perfect, when I use this, I skip the moisturiser.
  • Good quantity for the price I paid.
  • Has a runny texture.
  • The bottle has lasted me almost 2 winter months.
  • My mum has sensitive skin and for ladies like her who have problematic skin, this could be good.

Cons of Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash:

  • Limited availability in India.
  • Language on the bottle.
  • No mention of manufacturing or expiration dates.

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15 thoughts on “Fa Yoghurt Sensitive Body Wash Review

  1. I used to see Fa body washes pretty regularly till few years back and then they suddenly stopped it! 🙁 I remember there used to be 2 variants yogurt and vanilla (I think!) and I loved both! Now I dont see them anywhere!

  2. I never saw Fa body washes….I will try to pick this one if its available in any of the malls in Hyd :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: but I dont think it wud be a easy find… :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: but I really need a good moisturizing body wash…I am soon gonna finish my shahnaz hussain one….its moisturising but to the extent of skipping body lotion….any suggestions of a good b-wash

    1. akhila swty and moisturising b wash like the ones from st ives and few from fa.dove are extremly moisturising too.see if you can find any of them:)merry xmas dearie :star: :star: :star: :star:

  3. Whenevr i see the name yoghurt on any pack or cream, i am reminded of a sickly sweetish sour smelll!!! :yuck: :yuck: So guess I will skip tis one if tis every comes 2 India..
    but nice review Fly girl…

  4. Hi ..I am from Egypt and love your blog ..I know some German and love Fa products as they are readily available here for great prices :p..It’s Shower cream , PH blanced and very suitable for dry skin as it moisturises it . . Still good for skin types …This what I could make out from the writing on the bottle ..So I hope that have helped 🙂

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