Fa Yogurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream Review

Fa Yoghurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream

Hi Ladies. What’s up?

The winters in Delhi are bang on. The leather jackets are out, and hot coffee cuppas are in. Delhi winters can be quite harsh on the skin at times. I am very non-fussy about my skin in summers. My skin behaves just fine most of the times. But during winters it screams attention, because it becomes dry at joints. So I get all the moisturizing products back in my routine. Fa Yoghurt Vanilla Honey Cream is specially designed for Dry skin & hence the review.


Product Description:

A body wash with light formula with Yoghurt Protein & Vitamin Care.

Product Claims:

Fa Yoghurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream combines gentle care and pampering freshness. The particularly light formula with yoghurt protein and Vitamin Care helps even dry skin retain its natural moisture and protects it from drying out – for a noticeably soft and smooth feel. The mild-Honey-Vanilla fragrance seduces the senses and makes showering a unique experience.


Light yellow coloured bottle which is travel friendly. The bottle is large as compared to other shower gels..


Shelf Life :

17 months

Applications for use:

Lather up in the bath or shower with your hands or a bath lily. Rinse off.

My Experience with Fa Yogurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream :

Vanilla, Honey, Yoghurt.. What doesn’t sound great here? All of it. The fragrance to start with is amazing. I love the mix of Vanilla & Honey. The smell stays on while in the shower, but wears off the moment you step out. The consistency is runny, and the cream lathers quite well with the help of a loofah. The fragrance and the lather bubbles makes my bathing experience yummy. My skin feel soft and moisturized and not so dry after hot showers. I do though feel the need of moisturizer. The shower cream does not make my skin dryer, but does not double as a moisturizer. Oily skinned beauties can skip the product.


Pros of Fa Yogurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream :

• Light formula, rinses off easily & leaves skin squeaky clean.
• Yoghurt protein, Vitamin Care.
• Heavenly honey vanilla fragrance makes it edible 😉
• Doesn’t leave skin oily or greasy after usage.
• Not much quantity is required per use.
• Leaves skin soft and supple.
• Affordable at Rs. 250.
• Lathers well.
• Sturdy packaging, no leakage.
• Good quantity.
• Specially designed for dry skin.


Cons of Fa Yogurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream :

• Not easily available.

Would I re-purchase Fa Yogurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream?

Yes, It is so affordable at Rs. 250, good quantity, good fragrance. .

Would I recommend Fa Yogurt Vanilla Honey Shower Cream ?


IMBB Rating:

5/5 Cant really think of any con.

Have a lovely day Ladies, Ciao … XOXO.

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