Fab Bag December 2015 Bag – Darling, It wouldn’t be a party without you!

Fab bag december 2015 bag

Hi Everyone, 🙂
Today I am reviewing a very glam party bag for you from their December Edition.  This month’s Fab Bag is a gorgeous black glam bag. It is quite a wide bag and it is travelling with me soon. 😛 The Fab Post especially has a great content in terms of showing fun hair and lip tutorials. There are some post party recovery/ hangover tips, lots of discount offers and December’s contest details. Let’s see what’s inside the bag though! 🙂

You may order your Fab Bag HERE

Price of Fab Bag Subscription :
Rs 599 for 1 month
Rs 1,599 for 3 months
Rs 2,899 for 6 months
Rs 4,999 for 12 months
Free Shipping!

Fab bag december 2015 bag review

Sugar Cosmetics Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick Scarlett O’ Hara : I have two of these now. 😛 I have literally sung songs for this HERE and dedicated a whole makeup look to this lip crayon HERE. It’s a red lipstick perfection. I like that the crayon comes with its sharpener. Makes your life easier. It is my star product from the bag.

Fab bag december 2015 bag sugar cosmetics review


Just Herbs Elixir Facial Serum : I am actually quite looking forward to using this serum. It is an ayurvedic night serum that comes in a glass bottle with dropper applicator. The ingredients mix is quite powerful and it could be used as a spot treatment. The texture is quite thick and it smells awful exactly the same as Kama’s Kumkumadi. There is no way I am using it all over the face but I have started using it on the stubborn spots that are left behind from the breakouts I have had a few months back. Have very high hopes with this one and I am extremely happy to have this product in the bag.

Fab bag december 2015 bag just herbs



Ayorma Fairness and Cell Repair Night Cream : The only thing I know about this cream is that it smells really nice, pretty much as if you ware walking in an ayurvedic massage room. Other than that I wish we were provided more info about the product.


Kranokare The Frizz Kiss : I started using this cooling lip balm the day I received the bag and loved it from the first application itself. The lip balm gives a little pepperminty cooling sensation on the lips that stays for 5-10 minutes and then it works like a great lip balm. It is very moisturizing and hydrating. It does not feel heavy or waxy on lips and it gets absorbed nicely leaving the lips soft. I love the tube packaging. It is not tested on animals and is a silicon/ paraben free formula. Plus it is a 100% vegetarian lip balm. Love it totally.



Sea Soul Body Massage Candle : The best thing about Fab Bag is that we get to discover new products all the time and some products actually vary beyond my imagination. I am a total candle girl. I love a good candle burning in my house so when I saw this one, I was happy. But this is not your regular candle. It is actually a massage oil in candle form. So when you light the candle, the massage oil gets liquified. You’s think that it is the wax that is getting collected, it is actually the oil.I was a little scared that the oil would be too hot and might burn my skin. But the oil stays warm as the candle buns and it is extremely nourishing on the skin. The oil gets really hot if you let the flick burn for too long so be careful with that. But I like the concept. You get a little time to get used to it but it’s fun and makes for a great spa experience. 🙂



Overall, I love this bag. It’s a great blend of skincare and makeup products. Almost everything is organic or eco friendly or ayurvedic. Makes for a thoughtful bag. Would love to know how was your December’s Fab Bag experience. :))

You may buy your Fab Bag from HERE

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3 thoughts on “Fab Bag December 2015 Bag – Darling, It wouldn’t be a party without you!

  1. I had got this Just Herbs Elixir Facial Serum in a gift Fabbag. And it really works on me. It feels so light on my oily skin.Totally love it 🙂

  2. I have also ordered the bag and only because I wanted to try Sugar lipstick. And I love Just Herb’s elixir serum even more than Kama’s Kumkumadi. It works so well on my ever occurring pimples.

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