Fab Bag July 2014 Review, First Impressions

Fab Bag July 2014 Review, First Impressions

fabbag july 2014 review

Hi Everyone, 🙂

Here’s my review of July Fab Bag. This time I decided to try EVERYTHING from the bag before reviewing it. And I have to admit that this is the BEST FabBag I have used till date. Apart from the gorgeous purple bag, the selection of products in the bag turned out to be so incredibly good. My post has turned out to be pretty long considering that I ended up doing a mini review for all the products. 😛 Hope you enjoy reading it. You may order your Fab Bag HERE

Price of Fab Bag Subscription :

Rs 599 for 1 month
Rs 1499 for 3 months
Rs 2699 for 6 months
Free Shipping!

I was super excited to see the BioBloom stuff. I absolutely love BioBloom products since they are so natural and free of a ton of harmful chemicals. I got two products – the hair care oil and the hair care cleanser.

biobloom hair oil

Ingredients of Biobloom Hair Strengthening Oil – PURE LOVE!

bio bloom hair oil review


First Impressions : I have used it twice. It has a soothing herbal kind of a fragrance. To me it smells like a mix of basil and peppermint.  I absolutely love the fragrance. Once I applied the oil for an hour and then washed it off. The next time I used it and let the oil be in my hair the whole day. I notice that that hair soaks up this oil quite well. I mean your hair still look oily but I had no issues tying my hair up in a bun and moving around. Plus the fragrance kind of dies down after an hour so it is not bothersome at all for others around you as well. It did not give me hair fall, and it left my hair soft . I am heads over heels in love with the ingredients list. Once this mini bottle gets over, I think I am going to order a full bottle as well.

BioBloom Hair Cleanser Ingredients :

bio bloom shampoo

First Impressions : This shampoo also I have used twice and honestly, I did not like it as much as I liked the hair oil.  This shampoo worked excellently in combination with the hair oil but when used without oiling my hair, it left my hair quite dry. But for someone with oily scalp , this could be a brilliant shampoo. For me it is more of a clarifying shampoo. It leaves my hair squeaky clean and gets rid of every last trace of build-up in my hair. This also has a mild pepperminty fragrance. It lathers up well and rinses off easily from hair. The ingredients list is impressive. It is free of sulphates and parabens.

Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream

iraya massage cream

Ingredients :

iraya massage cream fabbag july 2014

 Claims and How To :

iraya massage cream fab bag

First Impressions : This is my first time using any Iraya Product and I have to say that it turned out to be amazing. I saw the first two ingredients sesame oil and wheatgerm. Seasame oil is detoxifying, a natural moisturiser, anti-ageing and anti-bacterial. Wheatgerm is also anti ageing. Wheatgerm when applied on skin infuses vitamins (esp Vitamin E) and fatty acids. I was more than excited to use it. It is a thick massage cream. I would solely suggest it for people with normal to dry skin. I mostly use it at night after cleansing my skin. Sometimes I even mix rose water in it , it helps in better circulation of cream on the skin. It gets absorbed in your skin but sometimes when it does not, I just pat off the excess with a tissue. My skin feels smooth and hydrated in the morning every time I use it at night. I have used it a couple of times every other night and I LOVE IT! It smells smoothing laverder-ish. I think I am going to try more products from the range.

iraya massage cream

 Deborah Ilrossetto Lipstick 807 and mini lip liner no 11. I am not fan of the shades sent to me. They look very winter-ish but I was surprised to see the texture of both lipstick and lip pencil.The shades are deep burgundy for both lipstick and lip pencil.

The lip pencil is incredibly smooth, does not dry out on lips and has just the right amount of slip to make it go smoothly on lips yet giving it a lasting power. The detailed review of Deborah lip pencil is HERE. I would end up finishing this lip pencil for sure. It goes well with red lipsticks.

The lipstick also has an amazing smooth texture. The finish is matte. It is not drying on lips but transfers quite a lot. Super pigmented. I also found it slightly drying when applied on its own. You would definitely need a lip balm underneath this. But honestly, I would put Deborah lipsticks in a ‘good lipstick’ category. You may read of ilrossetto lipsticks HERE, HERE and HERE

The lipstick + lip combo together lasted around 6 hours on me. They pretty much survived a full meal and snacks. There is a stain left behind on my lips, which only went when I removed it with a makeup remover.

fab bag deborah lipstick

Swatches of lipstick and lip pencil

Deborah milano lipstick

Vivel Cell Renew Body Lotion Nourish + Repair : I personally did not enjoy using this much. It is a very light and almost a perfect summer body lotion. It is non greasy and gets absorbed quickly.It also adds a bit of moisture but since I have dry skin, I feel the needs to re-apply my moisturiser almost an hour only. For someone with combination or oily skin, I think it is a great everyday body lotion. It’s quite pretty also . It has little beautiful Vitamin E blue beads that get dissolved as you apply the lotion. The fragrance is powdery and kinda fades after a an hour or so.

vivel moisturiser fab bag

I am sooooo very happy with my Fab Bag this time. I am able to use almost everything from this month’s bag and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

You Can Purchase Your FabBag From HERE

How was your July Fab Bag? 🙂

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  1. They keep getting better and better 😮 So many full sized products and great selection too! I am definitely tempted to subscribe right away. <3

  2. Rati……the Fab bag people have nailed it – the oil has so many amazing ingredients, it will keep the hair healthy. Then, there’s the lipstick and the lip liner – too gooddddddd

  3. Ratizzzz *happy dance* u got innnnaaa saara kuch in ur baggg *happydance*
    I wanted to try thz two brands iraya n bio bloom since long but thr were no decent revus available , I ll defntly try something now that u hav reccod them *preen*

  4. OOOiiiiii….Biobloom and Iraya.. <3 …. I have the Iraya toner that I got in a Fab Bag too….good shtuff *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* pretty pouch *pompom*

  5. wow this one looks like a steal….i can buy only for the bag too, such a lovely purple…..Rati ma’am, yeh purple bag mujhe deden pleeesh *happy dance* *happydance* 😀 *woot*

  6. u know what…my 6 months subscription got over last month and I chose not to order any more for another 2-3 months….and i missed out on these wonderful products…

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