Fab India Musk Perfume Oil Review

Fab India Musk Perfume Oil Review

Hi Ladies,

Hope you all had a lovely, colorful Holi. I was very fond of Holi at one time, but post marriage, things have changed and now, I love celebrating it with just family and close friends and preferably in silence, but this year, we could not even do that.

Fab India Musk Perfume Oil Review

My hubby was on duty almost entire night prior to Holi, so as expected, he was dead tired on the day of “Dhulendhi” and then, by the evening, when we were ready for some fun, we heard the sad demise of Narendra Kumar, an IPS officer who was crushed to death. We sank with grief.  His wife is my husband’s batch mate and to compound this horrific incident is the fact that she is carrying a baby! So, the evening was sad and silent.

I did not want to mention it here as the first thing and spoil your mood or to make you worry about our country’s crumbled security and administration, but this was the only way I could pour it out.

Anyway, so to bring you back to IMBB, a relatively happy place.  I am here reviewing the Fab India Musk Perfume Oil.


Product Description:

It contains the natural extracts of Musk Fragrance, Sweet almond oil, sesame oil, Grapeseed oil, Vitamin E Acetate. A clean surprisingly refreshing fragrance which soothes the senses. A blend of natural ingredients refreshes and soothes.


Rs. 180 for 9 ml.


Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E Acetate, Perfume.


My Take on Fab India Musk Perfume Oil:

I have not tried many of Fab India products, so I cannot comment whether Fab India makes totally organic products as per some of the claims or not. I got this oil for daily massage that I give to my body.

Best things that I like about it is that it comes with a roll-on applicator and that makes applying the oil to the body super easy and comfortable. Just open the lid and roll on.

Coming to the product, it is a good oil that has a sweet, musky fragrance. The fragrance of course does not last the whole day or even half a day, but it is there for about 6 hours typically, maybe it lasts longer as in maybe others smell it on you, but I cannot smell it on myself beyond 6 hours.


The oil has a slight shining to it. You apply it and it gives shine along with musk fragrance. The shine, which is like oiliness, fades away in a matter of about 20-30 minutes.  I mix this oil with my raw coconut oil that I apply on my legs and hands. I first roll on this oil on my legs and hands and then massage with coconut oil. Its been almost a month that I am using it and I do notice a change in my skin. It is more smooth, hydrated and shiny, and yes this oil does get the deserving credits.

Also, the oil relaxes and soothes the skin and senses.

Pros of Fab India Musk Perfume Oil:

  • Applying the oil is the best thing. The ball tip makes it super easy to apply the oil.
  • Oil comes in a small, petite bottle which is easy to carry without the danger of spilling or leaking.
  • Oil has a sweet musky fragrance that lasts for about 6 hours.
  • It is safe on skin, it did not cause any irritation on my skin.
  • One bottle lasts for more than a month.

Cons of Fab India Musk Perfume Oil:

  • Oil has a bit of shine to it, so after application it may leave little oiliness.
  • Musky smell may not be liked by all.

Will I Repurchase Fab India Musk Perfume Oil?


IMBB Rating:


I think it should have contained some mint or menthol to give a cooling sensation. That would have made it an excellent massage oil.

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13 thoughts on “Fab India Musk Perfume Oil Review

  1. Good review Surabhi…..I saw in news about Narendra Kumar who was killed by the mining mafia, its such a sad state that people who fight honestly are brought down like this, be it Satyendra Dubey or Narendra kumar :((

  2. I will definitely check out this product surabhi. i have dry skin so I don’t shy from using oils on my body. Thanks. 🙂

    And *hugs* . May god give his family strength to go through these sad times. :((

    1. Rati..

      You can check it out.. its nice particularly the fragrance.. 🙂 and if you want to try out oils.. you can use Forest Essentials body oil. Its good too.. I have used it.

      And yeah! I am also praying for Madhu and her to-be-born

  3. I so want to try this out … i love musky smell :toothygrin: ..thnx for sharing Surabhi..and yea I heard that news too..felt helpless n sad :(( .. RIP

  4. That is such a tragedy :(( May God give strength to his family
    I like Musk when its faint but when its too strong i het migraines ! 😐 will have to check this out coz i do love the Musk fragrance! :yes:

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