Fab India Skin Care Haul

So I went and hauled at Fab India. Here’s what all I bought:

  • FabIndia Coral Glow face Pack Rs 250 for 100 gm (Thank you , Rakhi. 🙂 )
  • FabIndia Vitamin E Sunscreen SPF-15 Rs 125 for 120 ml
  • FabIndia Wild Rose Soap Rs 58
  • FabIndia Rose Facial Water Rs 175 for 100 ml
  • FabIndia Under Eye Gel Rs 125 for 25 ml
  • FabIndia Aloe Vera protein Conditioner Rs 125 for 275 ml

Among the above mentioned list, I have repurchased the soap, under eye cream and obviously, the rose water. I didn’t find the under eye gel too great but it keeps my under eye area moisturized. Also, I like using an under eye gel in summers over an under eye cream.

Coming to what all has Fab India to offer to us:

Face washes:

  • FabIndia Teatree oil face wash (Oily Skin) – Rs 120
  • FabIndia Avocado Face wash (for normal skin) – Rs 150
  • Fab India Honey and Frankincense Face wash (Normal to dry skin) – Rs 125 for 120ml
  • FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face wash – Rs 150

FabIndia Vitamin E Daily Moisturising Cream (has beeswax and shea butter ) Rs 150- Claims to maintain the elasticity of the skin

FabIndia Sandalwood Radiance Pack Rs 200 – Claims to tighten the pores, diminish marks and refines skin.

FabIndia Avaocado Foot Cream – Rs 150 for 100 ml

FabIndia Vitamin E and Liquorice Gel face pack – Rs 175 – claims to regenerate new cells, maintain skin elasticity and rejuvenates clear look

FabIndia Almond and Salmonella face Scrub – Rs 175 for 100 ml (contains honey, almond oil, and orange peel)

FabIndia Herbal Foot Heel Balm for cracked heels Rs 90 for 25 gm

FabIndia Lemon Intensive Hand Cream :  Rs 125 for 120 ml (contains glycerine, lactic acid, sesame oil, Vitamin E and Eucalyptus oil)

Skin Toners

Massage Oils

  • Virgin Olive Oil – Rs 300 for 200 ml
  • Sweet Almond Baby Oil- Rs 350 for 200 ml
  • Sesame Massage Oil – Rs 300 for 200 ml
  • Seabuckthorn Oil (prevents wrinkles and dryness) – Rs 250 for 200 ml

Shampoo (include parabens)

  • FabIndia Tea tree Dandruff Shampoo-Rs 220 for 275 ml
  • FabIndia Seabuckthorn Shampoo- Rs 225 for 275 ml
  • FabIndia Avocado (for moisturizing and retaining shine) – Rs 200 for 275 ml


  • FabIndia Tea tree Dandruff Conditioner-Rs 200 for 275 ml
  • FabIndia Seabuckthorn Conditioner- Rs 275 for 275 ml
  • FabIndia Avocado (for moisturizing and retaining shine) – Rs 225 for 275 ml
  • FabIndia Aloe Vera Conditioner – Rs 175 for 275 ml

Hair Oil

FabIndia Hair Oil Rs 275 (contains sesame oil, ginger, jojoba, Vitamin E)

Moisturizing Lotion

  • FabIndia Aloevera lotion – Rs 175 for 200ml
  • FabIndia Seabuckthorn lotion – Rs 175 for 200 ml (have used it before)

Body Butter:

  • FabIndia Avocado Body Butter – Rs 175 for 100 ml
  • FabIndia Almond and Coconut Body butter – Rs 175 for 100 ml

They also have a grapefruit range , especially designed for oily skin. It contains 100 ml bottles of toner, cleansing milk, face wash and moisturiser. It is sold at Rs 450 and the bottles are not sold separately.

FabIndia Grapefruit Skincare Pack
FabIndia Grapefruit Skincare Pack

They also have lip balms in 3 favours – mango, vanilla and kiwi- Rs 75

Fab India Lip Balm
Fab India Lip Balm

They also have gift packs and one of them is in a lemongrass. They also have lovely potpourri packs – Rs 275

Fab India Gift Packs
Fab India Gift Packs

And some lovely Easter eggs at breads and more. I successfully completed my two days of weight loss challenge. All these lovely chocolates and cakes failed to tempt me. Yippy! 🙂

Happy Easter Breads N More
Happy Easter Breads N More

I also went to the Forest Essential store. I was surprised how expensive all their products are. For every single thing that I was picking, I was thinking of a dupe. The organic soaps were for Rs 275 and most of the products were above Rs 500 and going up till 2000+ . They also don’t give sample products. The only sample product that they are giving these days is a free makeup cleanser on a purchase of Rs 1300. Finally after browsing so many stuff at the store, there was this face pack with all the goodness of sandalwood and herbs that I wanted to try. It is called Tejaswini Sandalwood Face Pack. They also have one in multani mitti for oily skin. Nevertheless, I finally convinced the SA to give me a small sample. 🙂 So far the fragrance is excellent.

Forest Essential Face Pack
Forest Essential Face Pack

I stepped out of house after many days today. Quite enjoyed it. 🙂


45 thoughts on “Fab India Skin Care Haul

  1. nice haul . I am so very tempted to go shopping but hardly getting time to go for one or as a matter of fact come online 🙁
    You have Truckloads of post these days, eh !
    I went for a small trip for 3 days and so excited to see sooo many post !
    Will read them once em free .. rite nw .. em just telling people that em still alive 😀
    off to study now .. last paper still left . Damn the CBSE !
    take cre gurl . mwah 🙂

    1. Oh, yes there are contrubutors on the blog now and I am quite loving it because all of us are able to write together at one place. 🙂

      Do read the posts, they are quite an eye opener for me as well. You get free soon and we will have a ball together.

      Good luck for your exams. Mwwaaah!! 🙂

  2. Thanks Rati.. thats was very useful.. now i know what to get for myself..
    im thinking of getting the tea tree toner.. a lip balm and the depigmentation cream if it can be used with oily skin.. The only problem is i will have to tell my mom to get it for me.. i so wanna shop.. 🙁

    1. Yes the tea tree range and the grapefruit range is for oily skin. I think you would be able to use the depigmentation cream. Okay will review it by Monday so I guess it would be easier for you to decide.

      *hugs* you will be able to go shopping soon. Till then, I’ll help you out in whatever way I can. 🙂

  3. Thank you so so much.. i know you are gonna help me.. thats y i requested you to check things out for me as well.. 🙂 god bless..

      1. I tried their online shopping.. But their website shows very few products.. They have nothing that I want.. Gotta remember to go to Fabindia, TBS and MAC on my next trip to MUmbai…

    1. I used this soap today and it smelled heavenly. 😛 You must try out their products, most of won’t disappoint you.

      I always use a body lotion as soon as i get out of my bath so never faced the drying problem. 🙁

    1. Have always liked the Fab India’s packaging. The coral face pack container is super cute and it comes with a cuter wooden spoon. Thoughtful no? 🙂

  4. So you had a fantabulous day :). Is the Vit E sunscreen cream the same as the cream that you earlier got ? How does it work? Does it give the skin an oily look ? Vitamin E supposedly brightens the skin and gives sun protection too. Is the product doing so ?
    OMG I know am asking too many qtns. But then I really wanna try out this one after Rima’s revu. Dats why. I was using the one from Aroma Magic. But then it makes my skin look like an oil slick. It is a night cream though.
    A revu of the Vit E cream would be helpful

    1. Oh no that is the depigmentation cream. This is a light sunscreen that I wanted. Too early to pass any judgement about it.

      Have not used the aroma magic VIT E cream so can’t say. I guess will do the depigmentation cream review by tomorrow. 🙂

  5. hi. i visited fabindia store in chandigarh this week after reading rati’s review. i bought passion plum lipbalm, avocado conditioner and the wildrose soap.. the sunscreen was out of stock. lipbalm smells good n good on lips as well but i find bodyshop ones better. soap smells awesome n good one to use in summer season as well. i hv used the conditioner twice till noe n so far it is good, hair remains detangled n smell great thru out the day.

    1. Hey Piya,

      Glad you bought some stuff from Fab India. I am also loving the avacado conditioner. It is suting my hair very well. Sunscreen is not that great. It is SPF 15 and a little greasy as well. HAve never used the lip balm so can’t say. Wild rose soap is nice. I love its fragrance. You? 🙂

  6. hey dr. i want to shop sum fab india stuff after reading all comments,,i already hve lip balm but i want sumthing 4 my skin ,i hve normal skin n i hve to travle lot(thats part of my job.)
    day by day my skin is getting rough n dull…cn u plz suggest me sumthing gud ,4 keep my skin glowing….do reply thanks ?:-)

  7. Hey,
    I’ve never tried the Fabindia depigmentation cream. I’ve got really bad acne spots 😥 , has it really worked that well? I’ve got oil-combination skin. Please let me know.
    Love your posts.

  8. hi iam new to this blog……i live in hyderabad & iam unable to find fab india outlet in my city…i want to buy fab india vit e depigmentation cream…plz help..rati the web address u gave is for fab india fabrics not for skin care range.

    1. Hi Nazia, I am only aware of the addresses given on the website. May be you could call up at one of these stores and find out where the skincare range is available..

        1. Oh finally, that worked.

          Hi! I’ve been looking at your blog for reviews for a while now. It’s been so helpful, thank you!

          Now, I’ve been using the Body Shop Tea Tree Oil facewash, and it’s working wonderfully.
          I’m looking for a good toner! I used to use Clinique no. 3, but that got too harsh for me, so I switched to 1, and that stung too. I decided to give up on toners with alcohol.
          I used a homemade dispirin toner for a week with great results; super smooth skin with no breakouts. But I’m too lazy to keep making it.
          And then I noticed the Tea Tree Oil toner you mentioned. It contains salicylic acid. Just what I need!

          Would you happen to know how much SA it contains?
          Have you tried it?
          I’m just going to go buy it tomorrow.

          Thanks a lot for all the great reviews again!

  9. hi…i have found fab india stores in hyderabad….i contacted them through the number displayed on net(certain review articles)….i will buy the product soon….review is very good.thanks Rati for replying. 🙂

  10. hey rati..
    lalita here,,from last so many days ,m trying to find appropriate shampoo ,n conditioner dat will provide shine ,softness and moisture to am hairs,,ma hairs are very dry n didnt remain fluffy,,so could u dsuggest me something for that,,cright know m using loreal professional..bt dis is olso not giving me satisfactiory results ,inspite of being so expensive ,,
    w8ting 4 ur rreply ,

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