FabBag Second Anniversary Bash Giveaway!

rati beauty diet plans

Hey All,

How time flies! It seems just like yesterday when Vineeta had come to Delhi to discuss with Rati and me about the idea of a beauty subscription business. She and her partner Kaushik, both IIM Ahmedabad alumni, were pretty excited about this idea of sending the box full of beauty goodies to women. Listening to her, we got pretty excited too. πŸ™‚

And then, months later, in September 2012, they launched The Vellvette Box, now known popularly as The FabBag.

And in the blink of an eye, our most adorable company has completed two years! CONGRATULATIONSSSS!

So before we celebrate their anniversary with the giveaway, here are a few words from Vineeta (which we cajoled her to write as she mostly stays behind the scenes) πŸ™‚

Note of thanks from Vineeta Singh (co-founder, www.fabbag.com)

We launched Fab Bag 2 years back because we hated the fact that women like you and me always had a tough time getting our hands on fabulous products that made us feel beautiful and confident. Our goal was to make it super easy for Riya in Siliguri to own a Deborah Milano lipstick and for Neharika in Gurgaon to experience the global mineral make up trend with Bellapierre. We wanted to be the first ones to introduce Ankita to glitter eyeliners, Stephanie to lip plumpers, Jaspreet to orange lipsticks and Iman to curl calming balms.

rati beauty diet plans

Over the last 2 years, we’ve worked hard to bring you 24 bags/boxes, 90 brands and 2+ lakh products at your doorstep and we don’t believe we’ve even scratched the surface yet! If you’re not someone who carries Fab Bag products in her travel kit or if you haven’t discovered a “favouritest product” through us yet… we know that we have a long way to go.

Today, we’re on an unstoppable mission to make millions of fabulous women super-happy and confident and we need your help in getting there. If you’re someone we’ve made happy, do share your joy with friends and family. We have a wonderful referral programme in place for you where we send you a complimentary month’s subscription for every new member you bring in to the Fab Bag family. Also, if you’ve dropped off somewhere along the way because we went a bit too orange-y with your lipstick or a bit too anti-ageing with your skincare or for any other reason, do give us another shot. We miss you and promise to make up πŸ™‚

Our best days lie ahead and together, we will create many many fab months in the years to come. Happy 2nd Anniversary to all of our wonderful members. Thank you for everything!

And Here’s the Sweet and Simple Giveaway Folks. ENJOY!


Please post your answers here. The winners would be announced on 10th September, 2014.

Good Luck to Everyone!

Fab Bag August 2014 Review, Mini Reviews


739 thoughts on “FabBag Second Anniversary Bash Giveaway!

  1. Omg! *woot* Hearty Congratulations Fab Bag *clap* *clap*
    You guys are doing an uhhhhmazing job and I have never been disappointed with the products I have recieved till now *happy dance*
    It is sooooo hard to choose just one out of these 6 Fab Bags *scared* I realllly loved June ’14 and July ’14 bags! It is really hard for me to choose a favourite among these *scared*
    But I would say June ’14 Fab bag because it was my first subscription and is really close to my heart. It was a beautiful pink bag which is my favourite color *happy dance* I felt super special to recieve products that suited my skin type perfectly! That really shows you guys work really hard on every Fab bag and that’s what I absolutely love about you guys! You guys make every fab bag subscription,worth it! *thankyou* for making our life so much easier
    P.S: I was in search of a really nice conditioner in the month of July and what do I recieve from you guys? An uhhhhmaaaazing Organic Sur*e Shine Boost Conditioner *woot* *woot* can’t thank you guys enough! In love with it!! *pigtail*

  2. It’s really tough to choose one ! *happydance* *happydance* But I like the May”14 !! *drool* It’s a beautiful yellow with black ! Fabulous ! *pompom* I would always search hings which have a bit black in it !

    Anyways, you’re doing a good job ! I always loved it ! Congrats ! *clap* Keep it up ! *hihi*

  3. Congratulations Fab Bag!!!!! My favorites are June 14 and July 14th, they are the cutest. I have the July 14th bag and I store my makeup stuff in these bags. The best thing is that these bags are of pretty good quality, the fab bag logo is also too good! I had a very good experience with the Fab bag people – the july bag particularly!

  4. Congratz FABBAG. And thank you *thankyou* IMBB & FABBAG for bringing this to us.
    I had subscribed to fabbag when it was vellvettebag.com And I must sat I loved the idea and the surprise element of the concept. I use to call mom to ask if any parcel has come before I reach home. I get excited and cant wait to open and see what is inside. I still use few bags as my travel make up kit. Thank you FABBAG
    Of the 6 bags I loved the June-July’14 FABBAG are my favorites. The july’14 one is the most cute sober and soft mauve I have come across. But if it comes to my favorite it has to be the JUNE bag. Oh!! That bold red self textured bag *drool* *drool* . It is sheer luxury written all over. BTW June is my birthday month too. So it is special that way also. The colour and texture of the bag is brilliant.
    All the best to fabbag!

  5. I loved the August ’14 bag.. Its so chic.. And I personally love orange bags..
    I had a question- is this competition only for fab bag subscribers? Because i’ve not yet tried it but i’ve always read Rati mam’s reviews and I wud love to try it.

  6. CONGRATULATIONS fabbag *pompom*

    I love the AUg’14 Fabbag the most.. Such a gorgeous orange color , beautiful self pattern,great quality and most chic bag i have seen .. I have stopped purchasing makeup bags now for i know i will get something unusually stunning through fabbag already *oye balle* . And not to forget the great mascara and nyx pencil it had..i always wanted to try nyx πŸ˜€ So a Big Thanks to you guys

    Congratulations once again on 2 year anniversary *puchhi*

  7. Happy second anniversary FABBAG!

    For me it is the MARCH’14 fab. Love the colors & the prints in it. Very girly & very fab! πŸ™‚

  8. Congrats fabbag πŸ˜€
    the concept of fabbag is great. I recently came to know about fabbag through rati mam’s reviews. (I recently started following imbb and I cant spend a day without it).
    I loved the orange August ’14 fabbag. Orange is my favorite color and both texture and color of fabbag looks great.

  9. I love the Aug fab bag as the color is vibrant & refreshing.. Everytime my Mom wants it,but as always I grab it & store my make up stuff in it, its a very food quality pouch.
    Congratulations Fab fab for the anniversary…

  10. I like criss cross bag bcoz its colour is very girly nd chic… Its soft in touch nd gives a nice velvetty feeling. Its d best bag till now…. Nd many congratulations for 2nd anniversary… Nd i wish to celebrate many more in future.

  11. March 2014, for its explosion of flowers, they are like a pretty fireworks display but with flowers instead of fireworks exploding against a dark, night sky!
    For those averse to fireworks, the flowers can be seen as twinkling stars on a moonless night πŸ™‚

    I also like the June 14 one as I’ve always had a soft spot for rattan work/patterns in bags and furniture, but March 14 lends more to imagination.

  12. It’s the June Ba for me too…. Looks too good to be just a makeup bag… almost bordering on a clutch!! Love it….very Bottega Venetish.. πŸ™‚

  13. Hey guys!

    My fav bags are June, July and August’14 fabbags! πŸ˜€
    They are just gorgeous.. Classy yet cute is what distinguishes them from others…
    Love the bright colors.. So spacious and look better than any makeup bag available in the market..
    The texture of all the 3 are different and beautiful πŸ˜€

    Also, would like to congratulate Vineeta and Kaushik for a wonderful job done! It’s a great idea … Loving each months treats sent by you guys! Keep up the good work!

  14. Hi
    this is the first time I’m commenting on a post in IMBB. You guys do such an excellent job and i find myself reading ur reviews in the middle of busy supermarket aisles. *hihi* congrats on your second anniversary and here’s wishing you lots more such glamorous occasions
    the bag i like the most is the feb 14 fab bag. It’s oh-so-romantic, and it’s got a runway feel to it. I’d definitely hit the ramp with one of those or maybe twirl around in a street in paris *happydance*
    keep up the super work.

  15. i feel that the june 14 bag really is the cutest of all as it is red in colour and the pretty texture makes it more interesting. i have heard and read about you guys on various blogs and here of course but never tried. i would definitely try it at least once:) thanx for the lovely giveaway and congratulations:)

  16. Happy Aniversary FAB BAG !!! *woot*

    Wish you spend more and more of years for celebration… *thankyou*

    The moment i came from office,I fell in love with the Yellow golden textured bag..And i am really enjoying Kronokare Shower Gel and Body Lotion and Nysassa Moroccan Rose Hand Cream now a days…The hand cream is very moisturising..
    And i am staying as a paying guest for job…so storing all my products in this bag…the moment i use that bag all my room mates starts staring…It gives me a royal feeling… *happy dance*
    They have also started subscribing to this bag.

  17. hi,

    for me its the August fab bag..it’s a bold vibrant yet girly colour.. very attractive..makes a different statement.. πŸ˜‰ β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯ *preen*

  18. First of all my hearty congratulations!!..
    I love the Feb and June bags becoz they look so cute and are my favourite colours too..
    Though i ve not owned one till now, I am always thrilled to read the reviews and see the hidden surprises in the bag.
    And the most exciting part is that I will get an opportunity to try those “brands” which has always been beyond my reach or may be in my dreams..
    Thank you Fab bag..great job *thankyou* *pompom*

  19. Omg congrats for the 2nd anniversary
    Hope this continuous always
    N My favorite FAB BAG is
    March 14 Fan bag
    It is significant to the march n summer
    Cute with colorful flower πŸ™‚

  20. Congrats fab bag! the reviews of fab bag in IMBB always tempted me to put my hands on it.Totally loving the amazing skincare,hair care and make up combo of every month.

    My favorite is March Fab bag,cause i always love floral print and that too on black.My one to ten number of choice is March bag

  21. Congratulations on turning 2 Fab Bag.!! Hope to see you reaching 200! πŸ™‚
    Best of luck for that!

    Coming to the contest for me my favorite will be the March bag because I love its vibrancy and the floral print make all together more attractive. πŸ™‚ It makes it all the more special because its a “MARCH FAB BAG”, reason it being my birthday month *haan ji* *happydance*

  22. To be honest, I have never had this fabulous bag of love and pampering. Although, you have to trust me when I tell you, that I have been nearly stalking it since the time you guys went by “Velvette” πŸ˜› πŸ˜› Some day in near future, when I am done with my studies, and start with my proper earnings rather than stipend, I will stop this virtual “drool stalking” and go ahead and subscribe, which will be soon, I promise. After all, you don’t stalk for nothing. *powder* *powder*

    It is indeed a tough job to choose one among these cute bundles of surprise and wonders. My favorite is the “May” fab bag. The yellow and black, although total opposites remind of me the old adage of “opposites attract”, and make an explosive combination, much to the envy of others. This yellow and black pattern is sure to catch the eye of everyone. It also reminds me of sunflower. As the sunflower always turns to face the sun, the brightness and positive energy of it, this bag reflects what you guys have been doing over these two years for us, a bag full of positive rays and shine, of beauty and confidence, which makes every woman feel, that she is unique, with her own Fab Bag to prove the point. Keep up the fab work people. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  23. Congratulation on your anniversary FABBAG πŸ™‚

    I personally liked August bag as this was the first time I came to know about FABBAG. My friend ordered August bag and after seeing the bag, I am already in love with FABBAG!! After seeing Rati’s awesome review, I tried the products and all turned out to be good for me. And last but not the least, the BAG itself, the orange color and beautiful pattern made me snatch the bag from my friend πŸ˜‰ and now I am carrying it with me always. πŸ˜€ I am definitely going to subscribe to it soon.

  24. ‘Hello Spring’ – That’s what I feel when I look at this bag. Hands down, the cutest one would be the March’14 bag. Come on, which girl would say no to a pouch with the most beautiful array of flowers!
    Spring is my favorite season and what better way to take care of ourselves than with a lovely bag full of goodies.
    But I want all the bags. Greedy me πŸ™‚

  25. Feb 14 th..because thats the first fabbag i have received *pompom* . Now it is my daily use pouch for office which contains my basic needs from facewash to face powder.. to handcream πŸ˜›

  26. The June ’14 is absoutely the bag to go for. These bags is so useful to keep all the ladies stuff in one space and it earns bonus points when it looks that good!

  27. First of all a big thanks to FAB BAG team especially Vineeta and Kaushik for their revolutionary idea and to IMBB (Mecca of Beauty & Fashion for us Indian girls, beauty bloggers and brands alike!) for helping in spreading the love and happiness all around.

    You are doing a wonderful job. Big congrats for your second anniversary and success. May you soar even higher and achieve many new landmarks! In your success lie our success! Loved all products in my FAB BAG to the core.

    As for me I love the Floral March 14 FAB BAG. Its bursting with colors and blooming flowers of happiness and love. Plus, it looks super cute, trendy, and very much feminine!

    A floral print is very much in and femininity will never go out of fashion. I feel the floral bag suits you perfectly. xx

  28. I Found The August Fab Bag Most cutest and Adorable bcoz the hue is ultra chic and the products are so tempting!! Congrats and Thank You Fab Bag Crew for Such A Lovely Innovation!!! *thankyou* *pompom*

  29. Omg.. This is the first time I am ever participating on IMBB..Pretty excited *happy dance* *happy dance*
    I find march 14 bag as the cutest amongst all.. I love flowers and this flowery bag is so feminine, so cute and adorable.. I just love it *clap*

  30. Happy 2nd Anniversary *clap* *happy dance*

    I loved the June’14 RED bag !!! *drool* *jogging* *puchhi*
    Because no matter what your age or how your personality is RED suits every women!!! *pompom* And the woven texture is classy yet elegant!! *happy dance* This fab bag is enough to make a statement even if you are carrying it to work or to any other place.. It will surely grab people’s attention and make them ask me from where I have got it.. Its like a “conversation starter” and a show steal-er!! *clap*

    Thank you fab bag & IMBB *clap* *puchhi*

  31. I love every avatar in which my goodies come in. Each is unique in its own way. Since childhood I was fascinated by goody bags. Thanks for giving us chance each month to relive that fantasy and experience over and over again. U guys rock. May you see decade after decade of good work. All the best.

  32. Thank you for ths giveaway. To be honest i want to try the fab bag but never tried. Coz i am scared to try new products. But this is the giveaway, So i want to try it.
    All the bags are cute.but i like
    the Feb’14 bag.. Coz its colour is eye catching. Another reasons r feb is the month of love and God gift me a cutest, sweetest Bhanji in this month. She is lucky for me.. So Feb is lucky month for me.. So I choose Feb’14..
    Hope to win. Finger crossed.

  33. Lovee d June 2014 bag……..its extremely elegant and stylish and will compliment any attire (Indian, Western) …….the white zip with the coral red colour makes a perfect combination too! *clap* ….Every woman would love it *drool*

  34. Happy 2nd Anniversary Fabbag!!

    I love the cute little bags every month more than the products πŸ™‚ They are gorgeous, elegant, classy, great quality, multi-purpose, different textures and designs.. My favourite has to be hands down June ’14 bag.. a criss cross pink colored bag screams girly, cute.. I just love it!
    Great concept Fabbag.. Its like gifting myself every month! Also, the personalization and the element of surprise adds to the excitement.. Love it!

  35. My personal favorite is March ’14 bag, first of all the bag looks so girly πŸ˜€
    I somehow get the felling that each color denotes each girl, the way in which each of them beautify themselves in their own unique way , this bag is apt for any girl πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  36. Congratulations FabBag!! You guys have been doing a super fab job indeed! Who would have thought that buying make up and skin care stuff could be so easy and exciting!

  37. Firstly Congratulation !!

    This was my first time subscription for beauty bag and to tell the truth i was a lill apprehensive about it but never the less i thought it was worth trying so gave it a shot by subscribing it for 3 months.

    I received my first bag in Aug and i completely loved it “All Natural” theme….the thing which surprised me was that the products were of my taste like the rose essence hand cream blue NYX eye pencil, pink lipstick this shows the team is dedicated to send things of our choice and just anything random. They have gone thru the survey they initially collected

    Thanks Fab bag

  38. Happy anniversary fabbag,u rock as always ,Your whole idea and concept is just out of the crowd,It feels great to visit your site alwayss ,,My fav.is august 14 bag,it is so classy as your site,it looks perfect and the color is so gorgeous..:-)

  39. My favorite is the March ’14 bag, its looks so girlish. Each flower somehow makes me feel representing each women who beautify themselves in their own unique way πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    and Women’s day falls in the month of March so this is the apt bag for the ladies out there πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  40. OMG!! I finally couldn’t resist myself from commenting this time πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ This is my 1st comment in IMBB and 1st time participation in an IMBB contest πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I’m super duper exited *happy dance* *happy dance*

    First of all hearty congratulations on your second anniversary FAB BAG *pompom* *clap* *clap*

    *thankyou* IMBB for numerous pretty things you all are doing *puchhi*

    Hmmm now to choose 1 bag amongst all these pretty ones is very difficult because I’m in love with all of them πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    If it has to be only 1 then it is June’ 14 bag.. Its coral reddish and pinkish color is one of my favorite colors and apart from its damn cute color, great texture of the bag makes it look royal and trendy.. I cant take my eye out of it.. *puchhi* Also June being very special for me due to someone special’s birthday:D:D

    This bag is super cute, chic, royal, so trendy and I can go on and on.. :D:D

    *thankyou* IMBB and FAB BAG *puchhi* *puchhi*

  41. Congratulations! *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* A great great idea Vineeta and Kaushik *jai ho* I love alll the products that I see in the bag and the bags are lovely always. Finding great products from renowned brands almost feels like a dream come true for most of the girls who can’t think of buying expensive products and throwing them if it doesn’t work. *nonono* *nonono*

    I bow down to such good ideas *jai ho* *jai ho* and look forward to many more! *hifive* *puchhi* *thankyou*

    I love the March bag the most simply because I absolutely adore the flowery bag *happydance* and the products are always to die for *clap* *clap*

  42. Heartiest congratulations on the second anniversary, wish you many more years of success!

    For me, the June 2014 Fab Bag was the cutest and special as it was my first fab bag ever. I loved the pink color of the bag. Most importantly, the woven pattern of the bag is really special as it weaves a beautiful relationship the owners and the customers, a relationship of faith and trust that the customer bestows on Fab Bag that their money would not go waste, that the surprise factor would be totally worth it, and that every product in the bag would be carefully handpicked, knowing the customer’s preferences and skin type.
    The Fab Bag not only acts as a carrier of the beauty products, but it is a statement in itself. I love the look of the bag and its usability as a makeup bag. It is way better than other makeup bags available in the market. Moreover, you get a new bag every month, so you will end up having a huge collection of bags already, so you save your money there, and would rather spend on getting another Fab Bag, getting both beauty products and a fabulous bag. Thank you Fab Bag!

  43. i in love with aug 14 fab bag.am a crazy fan of orange.i hve lots of orange lippie and nail paints.i also have one orange eyeliner hehehe.and all this look more fab if i put my orange makeup products in this pretty orange fab bag. πŸ˜€ i jst love it

  44. Congratulations on completing 2 years.. and Wish you many more years FabBag!!!

    I like the June ’14 edition bag because of many reasons below:
    – It is my favourite color, Pinkish/Reddish
    – I like the Criss-Cross pattern of the bag… Super cute!!
    – It’s woven pattern reminds me of Bottega Veneta *clap*
    – It was sent out in the month of June, which is my Birthday month *happydance*
    – Can be taken along to a short trip to keep my essentials

  45. Congrats on your achievement you sure introduced this concept in india. I love the orange bag (june 14) . Its very chic, stylish and makes your head turn around for a another look. I regret not getting my hands on this I had subscribed when you had just started off as the velvette . All the very best for your future.

  46. I agree that time just flies… I remember my very first Vellvette Box. It will always remain close to my heart. I had the pleasure of meeting Vineeta and her team a couple of months back. Must say their team does a commendable job. Ok now coming to the favorite fag amongst the given option… I vote goes with June bag… but I like the August one as well. I am waiting for more cute bags in the coming months…

  47. I lov yellow n black bag… may 14th one.. so stlylish n really fabulous as name suggest fab bag… n eye catchy also… we can easily found even in a messy room.. gives a new style statement to my wardrobe also..so my vote goes to may 14th edition..

  48. Hearty congratulations to Fab bag *woot* πŸ˜€ . Introducing the concept of Vellvette box
    (now The Fab Bag) was a really good idea, I always read reviews of products which I cant afford or which were not easily available, but Fab bag made it possible *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* . I am very excited that The Fab Bag is giving away goodies free for the month of September ( *happydance* *announce* pick me pick me pick me πŸ˜› *hihi* )

  49. It is a very difficult question like asking me which nailpaint color I love the most pink, red, coral etc.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜› But still I loved loved August Fabbag- the recent one because it was all herbal and I am die hard fan of herbal products. *pompom* *pompom* I got 4 full size products- NYX liner, Kronokare Caribbean Ginger Shower Gel & Lotion, Palladio mascara and one sample product Nyasa hand cream. I am totally in love with orange bag too as it so chick yet elegant. I even made my colleague subscribe for the bag as he is getting married and annual FAB bag subscription is best bag one can gift to spouse.

    I am a subcriber of FABBAG since jan and I love it *clap* *clap*

    1. and forgot to mention that Aug being my bday month I totally enjyed it and they were indeed my one of the best bday present. *clap* *clap*

  50. Congratulations fab bag team on ur 2nd anniversary..n iam really proud to say that i own almost 10 boxes/bags from ur series of 24..u always surprise me with d products & im never disappointed with my bag..n nw after reading dis post,came to know that vineetha & kaushik are IIM alumni *clap* made me feel more closer to d brand… n im pretty excited to participate in this contest..

    among the 6 fab bags, i find d MARCH,14 fab bag d cutest… πŸ™‚ its soo girly..n looks really cute with all d flowers & gives a wonderful feeling of sitting with a bunch of flowers in the hand ,even before opening the bag..it made me feel really special…i feel every girl should own one such a bag.. *pompom*
    n finally a big *thankyou* to rati & team imbb for introducing me to this wonderful brand..!!

  51. Congratulation. While I did stop my subscription a while before Vellvette Box became FabBag, I was always amazed at how you managed to make, month after month, so many women so very happy across the country.
    I love the look of the May ’14 FabBag because of how bold and confident it looks and because the black and yellow makes it very different from what you would expect the packaging of a predominantly female-targeted beauty box to be.

    1. I love the june bag of all the bags.
      Its very adorable and love the design the pattern gives it an expensive look
      And really cant have enough pink
      I am been subscribing to the bag since a year and definetely worth the cost

      Congrats fabbag
      You do an amazing job

  52. Congratulations fab bag team on ur 2nd anniversary..n iam really proud to say that i own almost 10 boxes/bags from ur series of 24..u always surprise me with d products & im never disappointed with my bag..n nw after reading dis post,came to know that vineetha & kaushik are IIM alumni *clap* made me feel more closer to d brand… n im pretty excited to participate in this contest..

    among the 6 fab bags, i find d MARCH,14 fab bag d cutest… πŸ™‚ its soo girly..n looks really cute with all d flowers & gives a wonderful feeling of sitting with a bunch of flowers in the hand ,even before opening the bag..it made me feel really special…i feel every girl should own one such a bag.. *pompom*
    n finally a big *thankyou* to rati & team imbb for introducing me to this wonderful brand..!!

  53. I think Velvette/FabBag was a brilliant initiative. And Vineeta’s piece is so heartfelt, it makes me feel like I was actually in conversation with her. It’s amazing and inspiring to know that all it takes is a few hardworking people with sincere ideas, to spread so much cheer! The bags are well-designed, the products well thought-out, and opening up the bag feels like that rare experience of self-indulgence ( *happy dance* ) for an IT engineer who barely has any time for pampering herself (moi, in case anyone missed the reference πŸ˜› )! And here’s my ode to the FabBag collection (Caution: Not exactly Shakespeare here πŸ˜› )!!

    March was flowery and girly
    June was an intertwined twirlie
    May was a lesson in color blocking
    July displayed a delicate interlocking
    August was bold and beautiful vibrancy
    They’re all really quite lovely, you see…

    But the loveliest of the all to me
    Is the smart and chic bag from February
    Red and Black, a combo always a classic
    Yet it appears I’m among the odd ones to have made this pick πŸ˜›

    May the Fab bag tradition never end!! Cheers!! And thanks for everything you guys are doing!! *thankyou*

  54. Congrats to all the lovely people at Fabbag *puchchi*

    Love the fact how you made fashionable makeup and skincare affordable for so many girls out here *jai ho* Getting a Fabbag is like getting the Santa’s gift every month of the year!! That rush of “kya hoga kya hoga kya hoga…!! builds up into a frenzy….and getting goodies and jumping of joy brings out a 9yearold in every woman I think !! :):)

    I found the March 14 bag to be the cutest!! It says “hey ! I am a girls bag!!” Total girl flower power πŸ˜€ *oye balle*

    The July and August bags are uber sophisticated and tied for the second spot..:)

    Lovely concept…and lovely lovely bags…I don’t think we girls need to buy storage /travelling pouches anymore πŸ˜‰

  55. Congratulations. *puchhi* My fav is the Aug ’14 fab bag, as it is my first bag and and all the products worked for me. Also the bag is so stylish and colour is so vibrant and chic. πŸ™‚ I like the bag as much as i liked the products inside it. *drool* *thankyou* fab bag

  56. I lke march 14, bcs its very colourful so attractive nd cute also. And we al wants our life full of colorful lk ds bag. Happy anniversary fabbag

  57. Congratulations team FabBag! πŸ™‚
    As the name goes, all your monthly bags look fab and the products too! Rati’s review on FabBag products made me try the Naked skin care range by Lisa Haydon. I hope you keep on serving the beauty community with such awesome products.
    The last three bags are screaming sophistication but the first bag (Feb’14) looks the cutest of all πŸ™‚ I like it because it is a very feminine solid colored tartan print that can be carried as your mini vanity bag. It looks cute and fun enough without being too kiddish or too boring/mature.

  58. Congratulations team FabBag! πŸ™‚
    As the name goes, all your monthly bags look fab and the products too! Rati’s review on FabBag products made me try the Nak*d skin care range by Lisa Haydon. I hope you keep on serving the beauty community with such awesome products.
    The last three bags are screaming sophistication but the first bag (Feb’14) looks the cutest of all πŸ™‚ I like it because it is a very feminine solid colored tartan print that can be carried as your mini vanity bag. It looks cute and fun enough without being too kiddish or too boring/mature.

  59. I love d may’14 fabbag. Yellow is my fav colour and it is in.. Actually all r really nice. I have subscribed recently *thankyou* and i also asked all my friends *announce* to try dis.. D questionnare is really amazing i must say. Nd u guyz must also include d quest for which skin type do we carry. Or else u ppl r awesome *happy dance*

  60. though i haven’t tried the fab bag yet but the march bag attracted me the most as it reminded me the warmth, the sun and the flowers that this month brings us after a cold winter in my home town

  61. Firstly congrats Fabbag…the spell of success is ohh so great…my fav would surely be feb14…march14… N June 14 simply because I luv pink n red n these cute bags are quite a steal..looks so girly and real trendy

  62. Congratulation Fabbag for completing Fab 2 years *pompom* and wish you many fab years to come *oye balle* *oye balle* My favorite is Aug’14 fabbag it is supper se*y yet classy bag..i like it so much that i am going to include it in my wedding trousseau πŸ™‚

    My favorite product is Palladio Eyeshadow quad in blue color which i have received in my july bag and I’m loving it.. I eagerly wait for this gift-goody whole month and i do not forget to flaunt it πŸ™‚
    *puchhi* Thank you for creating such a beautiful thing for women who love beauty and makeup πŸ™‚ You made beauty and makeup very affordable and well-chosen for many of us πŸ™‚

  63. My pick would be the JUNE’14 FAB BAG…Its trendy yet understated…its red but not loud and glittery…a perfect fit for college and parties too…….

  64. Lots of hugs and kisses to you guys on completing the 2nd year so successfully.. *woot* *woot* *woot* I think the floral bag of march 2014 is the best among the lot *drool* *drool* i have always been a lover of bold patterns.. the floral bag when carried or kept in your closet reveals femininity and elegance *happy dance* a flower actually resembles a woman in many ways… *hifive* just like flowers always bloom out so colourful and fresh even in the harshest weather; the woman is the only person on the earth who stays strong in the toughest times of her life.. never a frown, always as graceful as the flower.. a woman is as beautiful as a flower… so i think that the floral bag would be the best pick *woot* *woot*

  65. My Hearty Congratulations to FABBAG..

    The Fab Bag has always been far beyond my reach to even attempt one.. But sure one day i’ll start owning cute lil bottles and sachets and everything tiny & miraculous, that’s worth drooling..

    Though every bag is unique and has its own awesomeness.. I love the Feb’14, March’14 & June’14 bags.. When i look at these bags, look wise instead of wat products were in, all i could imagine is of dresses and how one could pair it along..

    The Feb’14.. If i’ve to describe in a single word i’d say “Anytime”.. Be with a nice flarry gown or skirt or jeans.. Jus a nice black or white or red blazer on top and the pouch in your hands.. ANd you are all set to go..

    The March’14.. If i’ve to describe in a single word i’d say very girly.. 2-3 words extra.. I’d say cute and adorable.. When it comes to simplicity and classy and suiting everyone, all i could think of is black.. A plain black hi-low gown, that is of perfect fit with lil flares in sleeves, would be just apt to make the bag stand alone and unique..

    The June’14.. If i’ve to describe i’d say classy & elegant.. It’d would look great with a faded-skinny blue jeans, a loose beige top and red belt with a silver buckle…

    Am a person not even close to the style of the dressing, i mentioned.. I might be wrong with the dressing as well.. But every bag is worth an occassion.. The rest would store my make up.. Be it the contrasting beautiful Black & Yellow, or the subtle lavender or the blingy orange.. Love the bags..

    Wish you lovely years of joy and success..

  66. First of all many congratulations!!!!
    August bag is the cutest , very beautiful vibrant color, looks so sophisticated and more over it is so me….

  67. Happy Anniversary Fab Bag! I loved velvette box and my love has just increased as it transformed into fab bag. My favorite Fab Bag is the june Fab Bag. Firstly because it is pink! Secondly because it had a sunscreen and microdermabrasion gel for me! I was slightly disappointed as my lip balm wasn’y delivered in it. But the team worked well on my complaint and it was as pleasant as ever! I loved the products. The Votre microdermabrasion gel was full size! What else I need!!

  68. The yellow and black definitely makes for the cutest bag till date! Yellow is my eternal favourite and black looks so Amazing with it..I am planning to subscribe soon and i am assured d products will be as amazing.

  69. I loved the last two months bags they look so elgant and classy… And after a very long time i am so happy with the content As well.
    I renewed my subscription in july only and thank god i did that because if i havent i wud have regretted that a lot

    I hope we ll keep receiving the great goodies in these amazing bags in future as well

  70. Congratulation Fabbag for completing Fab 2 years *pompom* *pompom* and wish you many fab years to come !!!!
    My fav was june fab bag, *preen* gorgeous pink cris cross was so cuteee.. already told so many stories and reviews of this baggie product to all mah gal friends *happydance* *happydance*

    Just awesomeeeee!!!!

  71. Hey,

    Congratulations Fab Bag.
    Great idea and lot of smiles packed in each and every bag.

    I ordered April Fab bag and loved the ‘I love mask and lip gloss’. To be honest, August Fab bag review sounded very interesting and each product looked up for grab.
    Going herbal and trending each month interests me personally.

    Thank you FAB Bag

  72. March’s FabBag is definitely the cutest one! It’s as colorful as all the cosmetics we can find inside each and every month. It’s very girly and make me smile when I look at it. It reminds me beautiful and colorful spring full of flowers and plants. It looks like a paper we use to pack gifts and that reminds me this super nice feeling during unwrapping presents! πŸ˜›

  73. March 2014 Fab Bag is Bold and beautiful.
    Floral print makes the bag more attractive and creates a curusity that what beauty products might be inside.

    Congratulations for completing 2 yrs πŸ™‚

  74. Congratulations guys to achieve this milestone. *hifive*
    It’s been 10 fab bags I am connected with you and I just cannot compare any of it with the another one.. they all are amazing and so close to me *powder*
    But still if I have to choose then it has to be mar’14 the floral design.. *duel*

  75. hi, i loved the june fab bag the most. Loved the pink colour bag as well as the goodies in it. My 3month subscription is over, yet to subscribe again, but definitely will. Everyone buys choosen by herself, but the exitement full wait of receiving a new FABulous BAG with lovely surprices inside is wait woth for…

  76. CONGRATULATIONSSSSS….AND THANK YOU to bring a wonderful concept as it takes immense courage to walk out of the crowd..well done.
    I personally liked the august fab bag as it looks classy at all times..

  77. I just have shopped for August Fab Bag for the first time. It’s so good bag with such a trendy color like Orange. And the product inside the bag was so good that I will shopped again for fab bag gaub abd again for each month!! πŸ™‚

  78. Dear Fab bag,
    Congratulations N happy anniversary πŸ™‚
    I like the March ’14 & June ’14 edition bag because of many reasons below:
    _ March’14 bag is very bright & cute
    – June’14 bag- It is my favourite color, Pinkish/Reddish
    – It’s woven pattern reminds me of Bottega Veneta
    – It was sent out in the month of June, which is my Birthday month so its special
    – It Can be taken along to a short trip to keep my essentials like kajal, mascara , lipbalm etc.

  79. First of, CONGRATULATIONS to FABBAG!!!! 2 years on and still going strong!!!!
    Fabbag is truly a blessing to us!!
    I wanted to try neutral eyeshadows for so long! But couldn’t find any budget options around. I searched hard and long to no avail!
    Then I remembered that FABBAG stock it and that too at an affordable price! I bought that Beauty UK Earth palette and have gone bonkers trying various looks!!!

    I fing the May’14 bag the cutest because it represents the brand FABBAG perfectly and it is chic and stylish!!!

  80. First of all Heartiest Congratulations to Fabbag!!! *happydance* .. They have truly made me crazy for every month surprises and to try out nee stuff which i always use to be skeptical about.
    For me July’s royally perfect bag is the cutest because its PURPLE!! And thats my most favourite colour and secondly i got this colour bag in exact the same month my husband proposed me to get married to him <3 last year and i was busy preparing for my wedding theme and wanted it to be perfect and the first colour that came to my mind was purple!! ^_^.. Thats one of the bag i can cherish with my personal memories along.. The colour is a blend of feminity and a classic elegance and fabbag captured it really well with the products sent as well wherein a lady can show her royalty with the same..


  82. I *woot* loved the June 14 bag……. *pompom* *haan ji*
    It is nice pink in color, favourite of almost every girl and nicely textured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Chic in style and vibrant in its appearance – I absolutely loved the Aug Fab Bag!! A perfect stylish pouch to carry my daily cosmetics. I being a working women often run late for work.. I keep all my routine cosmetics in the bag and just get ready in office – saves a lot of time as well as no mess in my bag!! The size is so perfect that it fits in my hand bag easily, at the same time fits a lot of cosmetics too.. Love the color, texture and the multi purpose function!! Wish Fabbag a lot of success in the year ahead.. Looking forward to another year of ‘FABulous products in my collection!

  84. Congratulations! I love it when women entrepreneurs combine smart business sense with feminine interests and passions, and come up with a winning idea that is relevant and finds a place in so many lives.

    I love June ’14 bag the most. It’s a lovely, cheery color, a weave is always fascinating, and for me above all – it is special because it was my first, and I loved receiving it.

    Thank you, and good luck for the future.

  85. First of congratulations Fab Bag for completing two wonderful years. I love the May Fab Bag. The yellow and black bag is bold and beautiful. I simply loved it. *happy dance*

  86. I find the June FabBag the cutest because it was my first FabBag and was completely catered to my likes and needs. The lovely pink design and the luxurious products inside made my day. Congratulations to FabBag team for completing 2 years and wishing you all the best for the many more years to come! πŸ™‚

  87. Congratulations Team FabBag!!
    I love the July 14 bag the most.The Royal Affair bag gives the empirical feeling ang also the color and texture depicts the strong woman of today . And of course FabBag gives us enough power in terms of lifestyle products so this PowerBag is my favourite.
    Much love :*

  88. *thankyou* And Congrats to entire FAB BAG team!
    You have been so meticulous and personal in the product reach to such a big customer base. Kudos to that!
    My first bag is my favorite one which I got in August 2014! The package and contents were so warm and herbal. The range and variety you bring is very special and unique in India.
    Look forward to your many more long success stories and association too πŸ™‚

  89. Hi..congratulations to TheFabBag team πŸ™‚ ..I got my first fabbag in August n I loveddd it completely… It was a pleasant happy surprise!! N I loved my goody bag…so for me, it’s got to be my first bag “August’14″…the orange perfect for the monsoon *thankyou* ..so thank you once again!
    And hearty hearty congratulations to the FabBag team for the FabBag *clap*
    Looking forward to receive my second bag *oye balle*

  90. You guys are doing a wonderful job in making it possible for every woman to get familiar with many international brands.. *thankyou* .. *jai ho* .. Congratulation on your 2nd anniversary.. *pompom* My favourite Fab Bag would be the February Fab Bag *happy dance* , because the red and black color combination is so Elegant and Sporty at the same time.. *clap*

  91. I think Aug 2014 was the cutest both inside and out! I simply loved the products and it was complete …. you can make your eyes and lips look pretty *preen* and use the bag to store your fav make-up goodies too! Congrats FabBag and look forward to many more anniversaries to come! <3 *thankyou*

  92. Hey Happy 2nd Anniversary Fab Bag!! Way to go!

    For me just looking at these bags i would say the May bag. Its very neat looking bag with their corporate colours. Makes me feel my products are coming from an awesome and classy company.
    I will look forward to more of these bags and proudly carry them everywhere. πŸ™‚

  93. It was the first time i ordered for…everytime i used to surf fabbag..with bit apprehension click on buy now and then returned back..but this time yes i tried it and WOW!!! was my expression….AUG 2014 bag! i never tried the products that i got in the bag and would have not bought any of them in next few months if i had not subscribed for FAB BAG…AMazingly..its a good experience and GOOD JOB TEAM …YOU KNOW THE PULSE OF FEMINISM….LUV U

  94. Hey Congo Fabbies πŸ˜€ dt ws gr8 to complete ur 2years *happydance* wel. i loved the JUNE FAB BAG it ws awwsme as it turned out to be gr8 help for mah hair..thnxx *hihi* looking forward to yipee gfts from fabbies *drool*

  95. I find the march one the cutest…its floral nd these days flowers r equally our best friends…nthe way u guys bring out so many brandy fab products together on fabbag…its also an ensemble of colours..i luv u guys..fannag makes me smile wide wenever its here…great job guyz…well done ans thamk you fr xoming up with it.muxh love!! Xoxo

  96. Fab Bag!!Happy Anniversary!! *happy dance*
    I have enjoyed and loved all my Fab Bags!! Its a feeling of anticipation *drool* and excitement *shy* to know what will be in my Fab bag this month. *clap*
    I love the pouches and the products in it are so tastefully picked out. *pompom*
    My favorite will always be my first Fab Bag-May’14. *happydance*
    I wish good luck and sunshine always to the creators of fab Bag and pray for their continued success!!! *thankyou* *pompom*

  97. Congrats Fab Bag!
    All the bags are cute & unique just like every girl is amazing in her own way. But if i have to pick one i love Aug’14 bag – the colour combination & the texture creates a stunning amalgam which reminds me of my favourite quote in the most subtle & sweet way -‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’- Leonardo Da Vinci. Would love to have such a sweet reminder in my office satchel all the time πŸ™‚

  98. Heartiest congratulations for successful two years

    For me, the June 2014 Fab Bag was the cutest and special as it was my first fab bag ever. I loved the pink color of the bag. I like the woven pattern of the bag is really special as it weaves a beautiful relationship the owners and the customers, a relationship of faith and trust that the customer bestows on Fab Bag

    Thank you Fab Bag! for getting both beauty products and a fabulous bag *thankyou*

  99. Firstly, Congratulations FabBag on turning 2! *clap* I began my 3-month subscription from July 2014 which was ordered in my mother’s name. But my favorite FabBag was the august FabBag not only because of the orange animal print leather look that I totally love but because of the awesome goodies that came along in it(all of which I use almost daily)! *happydance* Orange also happens to be one of my favorite colors which happens to be the color of saffron(one of the colors of the Indian flag), carrots(has many beauty/skin benefits), apricots(beauty benefits: excellent source of B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin C and lycopene).

    Thank you FabBag and I wish you success for the years to come *clap* *thankyou*

  100. Congratulations fabbag….the team is doingan excellent job by making evry month special for us…personally i love tge june’14 bag as its my fav colour…and thats the month i came to know abt fabbag…all the bags are awesome and love collecting them

  101. I just love all d bags but the March’14 bag is the cutest..Its colourful , pretty and brings in the gal in you…….. *pompom* ….

    kudos to fab bag team for bringing happiness to women …..

  102. Lookwise the March’ 2014 fabbag is the cutest!!.. but alas…i hadn’t subscribed to it back then…

    Out of the fabbags I’ve received, the June one is my favorite!!… its the perfect shade of pink and the self-textured criss-cross “LIKE A BOSS” .. instant love <3 … Also, after i voiced my certain preferences after my first May fabbag, unzipping the contents of the June Fabbag felt like i have personally chosen the products for myself, instead of you guys sending it!! …. you are my best-friend, for whose visit i keep looking forward to month on month!!!… Keep the love coming guys,,… ! Hope you celebrate a million anniversaries!!!!

  103. FAB BAG Turns two!!!! *pompom*
    Cheers for such a wonderful concept!!! For beauty enthusiasts like me it was so difficult to run around various malls and scrounge stores and makeup counters to find something that suits me so perfectly well. *waaa*
    The questionnaire is absolutely brilliant, just goes on to show how much love and care goes into each fab bag. and its awesome that the fab bag team find just the exact right type of item to suit me. *woot*
    My favorite bag is the august bag. I was suffering from bad skin and acne and the Amino Collagen in the bag has really helped me. *duh*
    I also loved the July Bag, it was my first and I never knew that oily skin can also use moisturizer. *drool*
    It has been a beautiful two months and I have been harping on about the wonders of fab bag to all my family members and even got my 2 sisters to subscribe to it!
    Keep up this great work!!! *puchhi*

    1. All women love to look good, but in a rush to fulfill our professional and domestic responsibilities this desire (knowingly or unknowingly) takes a back seat especially towards middle age. By the time we realize, not attending our womanly desires, it has already hit our self confidence. I wz going through this phase and was finding myself getting lost with duties..and then fab bag came as a very dear friend to uplift my mood and reassure that yes every women has a right to look good and feel good about herself . Although I have subscribed only since August’14, this is already doing miracles to my confidence level. I waited for august bag,,,got it ..loved it…now there is an excitement to look forward to my sep bag….its not a bag filled with mere beauty products…its a women’s best friend filled with hope, excitement and passion……………..loving to be a part of fab bag family and celebrating womanhood!

  104. Fab Bag..I recently learnt about this service and after having fully understood things I have been dying to get my hand on one of these *woot* . Congratulations to you guys completing two successful years! *pompom* *clap*

    In the picture above, I had a tough time picking one Fab Bag between the bags for the months of June and August but the pouch for June’s Fab Bag wins. I love its colour of the bag and the texture of the bag reminds me of a basket bag that my grandmother weaved for me which is one of my most prized possessions. πŸ™‚

  105. March 14 looks the cutest because it has flowers in it and it gives a happy vibe πŸ™‚ We girls love flowers and flowers are a gesture that makes one smile!!
    You open you fabbag courier and you see this; it turns your frown upside down πŸ™‚

    Thank you for such a wonderful service and congratulations on turning 2! Wishing your team all the success..


  106. The march bag is the cutest cuz its just cute :D.. JK.. march is the time for spring, the march bag has all flowers on it.. and I love flowers.. As simple as that..

  107. After reading all the comments I am supa excited to order a FAB Bag for myself n a friend of mine, hope i dont get disappointed,

  108. Congratulation Fab Bag…. ☺
    I loved August fab bag….as color of the bag was awsome and becoz of this orange color i had order that bag.
    And August is my Birthday month so…i had too choose August Fab bag ☺.
    product in that was soooo gooooood……..☺

  109. i love the may 2014 bag the most. The colours are striking, and create quite an impression. They are my favourite combintion in color block trends!

  110. Congratulations for stepping in another FAB year πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Its tough to choose when it comes to shopping and amazing stuff,,,thats teh best part of being a gal as we would want all everytime ;)…………if i have to which is very very difficult then i shall go with bold red colour for June month…its a colour of bold statement and luks fab on every gal…

    Take care and lookin fwd for results..

  111. CONGRATS!!!!!! Best thing did this year was to subscribe to fab bag! The products that I have received are all of fantabulous quality and the bags!!!!! Absolutely lovely! The August ” natural” bag was my absolute favourite! Got bath and body products and make up! What else does a girl need?!!You Can ” judge a book by its cover in this case. The bags and whatever is inside it is hallways soooo totally desirable. In love with my fab bags!!! Where’s my next one?!!! Can’t wait!!!!!

  112. Congratulations FabBag!! *jai ho* You guys are doing Wonderfull job *clap* My fav bags is August’14 fabbags! πŸ˜€
    it is gorgeous… <3 Classy yet cute
    I have never been disappointed with the products I have recieved till now . i was so afraid to join the subscription of fab bag as a girl biggest worry is to try some thing new on her skin but let me tell u the products are wonder full i am so happy wid them *pompom* .After the first delivery of fab bag my Months became blessed… excited its fun to wait and to think what u will get in the bag i wait for the bag so like hell when ever i got a mail that the bag is out for shipment i can then u the level of happiness i got even in my office people come to knw it came *shy* and dat day honestly i go home early from office to check it ….. i am in love wid dese cute bags …. love u Guys u make me feel Like Princess when delivery boy hand over the surprise bag ( beauty treasure) in my hand its the level of happiness take me to cloud nine *happy dance* i wait whole month desperately for my bag *happy dance*

  113. Definitely the May’14 bag for me. A cute little back and yellow number which reminds me of the taxis and autos that would take me around when I was in college. Something you could snuggle up in and always be taken to a special place. Just looking at it makes me want to reach out and unzip it and reveal all the fantastic little secrets it hides inside it.

    Also, you guys are doing a phenomenal job and if the pictures are so delectable, I can only imagine what the actual experience would be like! All the best on your 2nd anniversary.

  114. Hey..

    The August Fabbag was my 1st ever fabbag! The products were awesome and since it was my only one, its definitely my favorite. I loved all the natural products of the bag. Specially the NYX Gloss which was “CRUELTY FREE’ since I am a big fan of non-animal tested products.

    Keep up the good work!!

  115. Dearest Fab Bag,

    I would begin by congratulating you on the completion of a long and Fab journey!! πŸ™‚

    Of all professions and career options, entrepreneurship is the most difficult one as it requires courage, a vision, a plan, a dream, risk appetite, courage and unfailing determination to succeed and tide over all hurdles. I am a budding entrepreneur myself and hence I know how difficult it is to start something new. Your team has managed to start and popularize a revolutionary concept and gain the trust and respect of so many of us. That, and not the monetary profits, is what makes Fab Bag stand out in the crowd.

    Having said that, and for some of the reasons stated above, my vote goes to the May’14 Fab Bag. It is bold, it is new and refreshing. It makes a statement with the company’s name flashing in bold, on the body. The solid black symbolizes determination to go ahead, the yellow symbolizes hope and optimism. Together, they bring the contrast between day and night; as if to say-
    “No matter the season, time of the day, the situation, the emergence of rival companies, we are here to make you notice us, we are here to stay!”

    So, here’s wishing you a very Happy Anniversary. I raise a toast to your Go Getter attitude and the awesomely designed May’14 Fab Bag, screaming- Not just another brick in the wall!!!


  116. The May 2014 Fab Bag — there’s nothing quite as fashionable as opposing colours that make each other pop — always fresh and always in style! And it reminds me of a beloved black dress that I wear with a yellow belt. That’s how I knew the folks at Fab Bag think like me πŸ™‚

  117. A VERY HAPPY 2ND ANNIVERSARY TO U GUYS.. *happy dance*
    I really loved the August 2014 FAB BAG with its theme ‘ALL NATURAL’ ALL FAB’
    I love natural beauty products and u guys have provided me with the best natural products. i am looking forward for more surprises.. *thankyou* all the best guys,, u people r doing great job *thankyou* .. *clap* *clap* *clap* love you *thankyou*

  118. It’s really very tough to choose and also I am very crazy for all the bags. Anyways I have 3 month subscrtion plan and I got only august bag and that was pretty and in that I like mascara, eye pencil much.but I am thinking to take a 12 month subscription plan

  119. congratulations fab bag for completing 2 yrs !!! Ull have actually executed your plan beautifully …success comes to those who deserve it and by all means u guys derseve it !! I like the july’2014 bad as the color is attracted and the bag is simple yet classy and give a sophisticated look !!

  120. Congratulations FabBag!! *jai ho* You guys are doing Wonderfull job *clap* My fav bags is August’14 fabbags! πŸ˜€
    it is gorgeous… <3 Classy yet cute
    I have never been disappointed with the products I have recieved till now . i was so afraid to join the subscription of fab bag as a girl biggest worry is to try some thing new on her skin but let me tell u the products are wonder full i am so happy wid them *pompom* .After the first delivery of fab bag my Months became blessed… excited its fun to wait and to think what u will get in the bag i wait for the bag so like hell when ever i got a mail that the bag is out for shipment i can't tell u the level of my happiness even in my office people come to knw its My FAB BAG is coming *shy* and dat day honestly i go home early from office to check it ….. i am in love wid dese cute bags …. love u Guys u make me feel Like Princess when delivery boy hand over the surprise bag ( beauty treasure) in my hand its the level of happiness take me to cloud nine *happy dance* i wait whole month desperately for my bag *happy dance*

  121. Hi Guys at FabBag,

    Congrats to you for completing 2 years ! Its really a milestone in such a competitive environment where beauty business is in vogue . I am a cosmetics fan myself and have recently started my own blog . I like the concept of beauty bags and have been subscribing to your bags . My favorite amongst the bags is the June 2014 bag . The reason being , its girly pattern and colour . The weaving pattern looks great as a fashion statement among bags and purses and adds a lot chic style to the owner . It gives the feeling of a country side home with woven baskets and fruits . I loved it and carry it everyday to work .

    Thanks & Regards,


  122. congratulations fab bag for completing 2 yrs !!! Ull have actually executed your plan beautifully …success comes to those who deserve it and by all means u guys derseve it !! I like the june ‘2014 bad as the color is attracted and the bag is simple yet classy and give a sophisticated look !!

  123. Hi Guys at FabBag,

    Congrats to you for completing 2 years ! Its really a milestone in such a competitive environment where beauty business is in vogue . I am a cosmetics fan myself and I like the concept of beauty bags and have been subscribing to your bags . My favorite amongst the bags is the June 2014 bag . The reason being , its girly pattern and colour . The weaving pattern looks great as a fashion statement among bags and purses and adds a lot chic style to the owner . It gives the feeling of a country side home with woven baskets and fruits . I loved it and carry it everyday to work .

    Thanks & Regards,


  124. JUNE’14 fabbag all the way… every thing abt that particular bag is just sooo special to me.. I got a gorgeous Flamour Lipstick in one of my most fav shades… the color the textured feel of the bag is oh sooo pretty, the day it arrived This bag replaced my other makeup bag, because well is just toooo pretty n just took cute not to use it n keep it forever with me :)..

  125. Congratulations Fab Bag on Completing Wonderful Two Years and Many More to Come *oye balle* *oye balle*. August Bag is the cutest Fab Bag, The Orange color is so classy,Vibrant and Such amazing texture. Fab Bag is Total Value for Money. Thank you soo much for such a wonderful innovation *clap* *clap* *clap*

  126. Congratulations u guys…!! The ‘FAB BAG’ concept is such an amazing medium of getting our monthly dose of beauty products and especially for the working womenfolk who hardly get the time to try new things. Love Love Love Fab bag…! <3<3
    I have gifted two of my BFF's the 3 month subscription respectively and they also cannot stop going gaga over the fab bag.
    I simply adore the July 14 Fab Bag, and the reasons being plenty, the purple bag is just so regal, adds the royalty factor to the Leo baby (July Baby) and the products that came along with it, the Deobrah Lip Liner and lipstick complementing the bag totally. Apart from the materiality factor i remember we friends actually begging each other to give us the bag but obviously in vain :(:(

  127. Heya… Congratulations to the Fab bag team…
    Ive loved evry bag till date but my fav among these wld b the March bag… Love florals…
    Its so girlie… So Fab … N jus so Me….

  128. Hi..
    My Fab bag
    Happy birthday to you.
    I love d surprise which u send every month for me and many more like me
    I appreciate d love,care,time and effort you spend for each one of us to send us d bag full of goodies according to
    Our requirement which I can not understand how u get to know.
    Love and thank u for all effort and care.
    Ur products are amazing.
    Always works on me.

  129. To begin in the first place, Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to the entire FAB BAG team and secondly a Very BIG THANK YOU for introducing this exceptionally great concept. *happy dance* *pompom* Learning about the Fab Bag was one of the most exciting things that happened in the last few months, sitting in nainital.
    The #AUG’14FABBAG, being my first FabBag is the best and close to the heart. It arrived right on my BIRTHDAY and it’s been three days but yet it’s hard to get over the excitement it brought. I love the colour of the bag and it’s size is just perfect giving it a cute outlook. The products received in the August Fab Bag are such amazing pieces. The ginger body lotion and the shower gel by Kronokare are such a feel good thing packed in bottles. The Nyassa morrocan rose hand cream has an everlasting aroma with the needed moisturising. The NYX liner blue roi is the colour i have been looking for since a long time. And last but not the least The Palladio mascara ended the search for a mascara i have been thinking to buy.
    The effort put in buy the team is well visible in the FABBAG received. I have fallen in love with FABBAG and the entire team.
    A big THANK YOU again for giving me a chance to wait for something exciting and beautiful all month.
    Congratulations and love.
    πŸ˜€ :* <3 *clap*

  130. I love the March 14 bag. The explosion of flowers on the print instantly brightens up ur mood n not to mention the goodies inside. I don’t have that one so I would b super excited if that bag is repeated in sept.

  131. rofl Birthday Greetings Fab Bag & Crew! *thankyou* You are doing a phenomenal job spreading beauty and happiness all around. My fave bag would be the March 2014 floral edit. Truly appropriate with the spring season symbolised by the multi coloured flowers.
    Keep up the great work, you people. You are all wonderful!

  132. First of all congratulations to fab team and all, as we became the members of the beautiful idea by fab crew.
    I received three bags till nw and I am completely in love with them. Every time I feel excited to see the surprise(my fab bag collection) *nails* . My aug fab bag is the best collection and prettiest bag I got. Thanks to the fab crew. *clap*. I would like to continue my journey along with u.
    Happy second anniversary. Hope you should make more!

  133. Congratulations FAB BAG


    I took to FabBag subscription soon after my marriage and thanks to it I never have a loss of stuff to try that too according to my skin and likes. I loved the Pink bag for the month of June. I eagerly wait for my next my month FAB BAG .

    All the best *preen*

  134. πŸ˜›
    Thanks for the lovely dream,
    That the little bags bring,
    Dreams that have almost come true,
    Of the beautiful me and you.
    Thanks for the Love RED Black in Feb,
    March came with Flowers dancing to our tune,
    Bold in Black Yellow in May,
    And the awesome PEACH in June,
    PURPLE JULY and Aug in Gold,
    Difficult to favor any Im told,
    Difficult any particular one to Choose….
    because FABBAG is now my beauty Mentor….and Im its muse. *preen*
    ALL the best Guys…..
    Lots of Love packed fun filled work out here…….so much that it shows.

  135. March 2014-That is my Cutest Fab-Bag Choice πŸ™‚ The floral pattern, the little buds blooming-they depict my attitude most aptly. Notice how these buds are blooming against a black background? That is how I live my life-no matter how black the days might seem, my smile never fades, my cheerfulness never shimmies down and my 100 watt smile never loses its sheen. I walk on with elegance, dignity and self-confidence because that is what life is all about-and that is what Fab-Bag does too! It is not just sending a bunch of ‘makeup stuff’ to ladies, it is building up confidence, it is inspiring unheard of aspirations, it is telling all the ladies, ‘hey look up,the best is yet to come,so move on with the glossiest pout and walk with the bounciest gait and smoothest hair and glowing skin :)’ I love how my thoughts and Fab-Bag’s aspirations are so in sync and the March 2014 bag depicts it the best way possible, It is indeed the cutest πŸ™‚

  136. First of all -Congratulations to the fab team of FABBAG! Hoping you achieve many more milestones ahead! *jai ho*
    Now coming to the question of cutest bag, it has to be the MARCH ’14 bag. You see all the other bags they are vying for the “smartest/chic/stylish/trendy” etc tags..but my dearest March ’14 bag is jumping with joy saying, “hey look at me – m so cute” πŸ™‚
    Nothing spells cute and tugs at a girl’s heart more than cutesy flower prints( M already floating in my flowery world in a flower print maxy, a tote and ofcourse quirky sunnies)
    Moral of the story- Flowery bags are the cutest!! *pompom*

  137. just loved all the three fab bags i hav received, loved the JH products ,very much loved the palladio eye shadow and vert products,of the three bags the may and the june bags hav been my most favourite,oved the bright yellow and black bag of may & the lovely pink fabbag of june

  138. Heartily wishes to u Fab Bag Crew, you guys are simply awesome. You have bring smiles on the faces of every subscriber month after month for 2 years, and even mine too. *thankyou*
    I liked the March’14 Fab Bag the most as it was based on the theme of Women’s Day which you guys focus on every month. You make every month special for every women joined with your team. So this floral bag was my favorite.

  139. Hey guyz congratulations! !!!
    I heart july bag.. looks trendy, girly, smart and cute.. the products were perfect for my skin , without the hassle of running through malls or websites to find them.. what more, all these bags are perfectly handy to keep cosmetics in large handbags. Mine has made it super easy to find cosmetics in my clumsy handbags…
    ..cheers to your bright future! !! *powder* *hifive* *hihi*

  140. Congrats on completing 2 years *happy dance* ,

    The FABbest bag is the Feb 14 bag for sure, what with its super chic look and the FABulous red and black Tartan FABric.
    It is the stuff FABles are made of. I dont Know how you guys keep FABricating such nice surprises which are not at all FABles but are real and great gifts!!!
    And your Blog makes you super AfFABle.

    It is so Smart and elegant. These bags have been creating a lot of buzz and I have been following it for some time now, Have to say I really want to subscribe for it soon. *happydance*
    Keep up the FABular work guys.


  141. Each Bag has a special look & feel attached to it & yet beautiful in there own way.

    Each bag holds goodness to infuse confidence in every woman about her looks & appearance; be it the cross knits or flora or strips or plain or be it my favourite, yellow & black with FAB BAG embossed on it. So the contents & collections are all fantastic collectibles, at hardly any cost.

    Yellow & Black a stand-out colour combination, which just mentions it all FAB (is the stuff inside this) BAG, no other distracting elements. For me, it justifies the concept, we all buy the goodies & the add on attraction are these FAB BAGS which hold all the goodness & goodies πŸ™‚

  142. Heartiest Congratulations to FabBag just not for the Anniversary but coming as a boom and adding beauty to every women’s life. This little magic bag which comes at such an affordable range has made a difference every month. Its like gifting your own self a pouch full of surprises and taking good care of your skin. AUGUST’14 Orange FabBag is my latest delight. Products were excellent surprises and worked like magic on my skin.I am a proud owner of this cute Gift bag gifted to myself!

  143. I loved June 14 bag. Its deep pink color facinated me, and since it was my first fabbag, I was just mesmerised by it…

  144. *hihi*!!!! I found the *announce* MARCH 2014 FAB BAG *jai ho* to be the cutest because floral prints mostly give a perfect girlie *thankyou*

  145. MARCH’14 FAB BAG.
    the floral print and different colors makes it the cutest amongst all.
    congratulations for the 2 year completion.
    happiiieee 2nd πŸ˜€

  146. I love all my fab bags coz of the feeling i get…Wow…My gift is here… n that excitement of opening n exploring the beauty products.Beyond everything is that happiness that you are sharing with all the members.

  147. …… contd *clap* Feeling and makes me feel happy!!!!!! It looks perfect when you see it in your drawer!!!! It gives a baby kind of feelong YAAYYYYY!!! *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*

  148. Hi Fab bag!!! *pompom*

    Wish you a very very very Happieee Anniversary.. *woot* …Wishh you mroe and more success in the future to come..:):)): *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*
    I personally loved the August Fab bag… *thankyou* ..
    It was my first Fab Bag and I must say it was just awesome..
    I loved the orange colour as its funky and in line with the trend on.. *pompom* as colours like orange n neon are also in trend now..:):):)
    The best thing about this bag is that, all the products were SLS and Paraben free and were natural….These products am sure would suit every skin type and would cause no harm or rashes to the skin.Would like to thank fab bag for putting in a lot of thought process behind each of these six bags which are themed and are the best…:):) *thankyou*
    AUGUST FAB BAG was just:
    A- Awesome (for the bag itself) *pompom*
    U- Unbelievable (for the products) *pigtail*
    G-Gorgeous (for the lipstick and the eye liner) *preen*
    U- Unimaginable (for the paraben and SLS free products) *preen*
    S- Splendid (for the bright colour chosen) *pompom* *drool*
    T-Trendy. (Overall)
    In a nut shell August bag was really an august- meaning eminent..:):) *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

  149. Congratulations Fab Bag team! Am so happy to be a party of this beautiful and fashionable family πŸ˜‰ while I love all the fab bags and I have special love for the June bag which was my first, I admire the team’s effort in choosing these bags for us and I love the February bag. I think it’s very colourful and stylish and quite attractive as a travel kit. I would love to get that bag some day!

  150. Congrats and happy bday fab bag……september month is special to me also coz me, my husband and my fav’ fab bag all born on september only .my fav fab bag was purpul one(july) , royal color and my dav color too, product was really good as asorted for me only that not only save my time in shopping but money too .so all d best fab bag.

  151. Hi, hearty congratulation to FAB BAG for turning 2.. i have recently subscribed FAB BAG and have loved all the product to the core. Personally i love the June & August AFB BAg, becoz both the colors are very bold and bright and i have loved both the bags.

    Congratulations once again πŸ˜€ would be eagerly waiting for the september surprise *woot* πŸ˜€

  152. Congrats Fab Bag!! thank god u guys came up with this idea otherwise i would have missed on some really fabulous products.. *happy dance* ..well isn’t it true that all the Fab Bags we have received till date were awesome… i found jun’14 and Jul 14 as my favorites… not only the products were awesome but the bag was beautiful too…i literally had a *duel* with my mum for the June’14 one… obviously i ordered one for her too…. and as july is my B’day month i gifted one to myself and i am glad that i did *clap* *shy* as i received Deborah Milano lipstick *preen* …not only i am in love with it infact i am addicted and i ordered one “Men Fab Bag” *happydance* for my husband as well for August…it was his b’day so what cud be a better one….

  153. hi,
    Lvd d cocept f fabbag and i find d cutest fabbag s May’14. Frst f all its in ma favrt colors black n yellow and I can carry it likec ma travlng kit also< n being a single mother i can keep ma childs care also.
    Happy to hv u…… πŸ™‚

  154. Congratulations Fab Bag πŸ™‚ It’s a brilliant idea, with a lot of personalisation put into it !! It definitely is a FabBag. Subscribed to mine last month, couldn’t resist, with all the wonderful reviews I read. Personally I think the May 14 bag is the best. Its got the right amount of spunk in it. Yellow and Black being a brilliant combination of two strong colours. All the best, and I’m sure you”l have many more years to celebrate . *pompom*

  155. In my opinion, the AUG’14 Fab bag is cutest as the color is warm and welcoming as though it’s been waiting to see you! Fab bag reader, been reading this stuff for sometime, hopefully I should order it some day.


  156. My “Punny” FAB BAG Judging Spree

    Febrile with enthusiasm, I checked out Feb
    But checks were not my style
    Marched left and right to decide on March
    But other bags were more worthwhile
    April bag was missing because
    Of April Fool’s Day, I guess
    But I may forgive the loss as the sunny May bag
    Chased away my distress
    Far from jejune was the cute June bag
    With its woven texture red
    D’you lie that you are not a dull gal
    To the plain July bag I said
    Then I moved to the august company
    Of the most elegant of the bags
    The August bag looked an expensive purse
    That in regal orange beauty did not lag
    I also found the stuff in it best so far
    All natural products in the loot
    With the looks and the content in the August bag
    It’s the cutest FAB BAG to boot!

  157. My favorite is the August FAB BAG, and I have more than one reason to choose it. As orange signifies vibrancy, energy, warmth and amusement, I was equally amused to receive the pouch. Also I opened it to find my desired products within. Oh! Did I forget to mention, orange is also my favorite color. And by the way August is my birth month, hence without a second thought August FAB BAG it is. By the way, Congratulations on your 2nd birthday.

  158. 2 years of FAB products and exceptional service! *thankyou*

    and yay! Vineeta mentioned me! *pompom*

    My absolute favorite is the August Bag… cuter than an orange-tutu-wearing-baby, the premium leather feel, the spot-on colour, and the uber-hot FAB BAG metal tag – what’s not to love?!

    *jai ho* sooooo much love!

  159. Congratulation to the team!! kudos to you. *hifive*

    I would say i like the June ’14 FAB BAG. Pink is the colour for me. Thank you *clap*

  160. Congratulations Fab Bag team! Am so happy to be a party of this beautiful and fashionable family πŸ˜‰ while I love all the fab bags and I have special love for the June bag which was my first, I admire the team’s effort in choosing these bags for us and I love the February bag. I think it’s very colourful and stylish and quite attractive as a travel kit. I would love to get that bag some day! wish you guys good luck and hope there are many more years of celebrations!

  161. Hey Guys….wish you a very 2nd happy anniversary *pompom* ….well my fav bag is the one i subscribed for the first time and that is July’14 bag…as the saying goes first impression is the best impression *happydance* ….you guys swept me off my feet with the lovely products and i loved the bag…the Purple… *puchhi*

  162. Hey FB, Happy 2nd Anniversary, Seems a bunch of smart people are a part of Fab Bag and with their creative ideas they are spreading happiness…..Gud Luck Team…..lots of Luv :* :*
    My favourite fab bag is June 2014 as it is very feminine and pretty πŸ™‚ and also August 2014 for its colour and refreshing look πŸ™‚

  163. The Au Natural August fabbag is my favorite.my first or many bags, it had me surprised and was all packed in a soothing orange.. So lovely!

  164. Hi,

    Hearty congrats for your achievement *pompom* *pompom* . I have used the fab bag products and it was awesome *thankyou* and it is always an eager waiting for the next month bags *hifive* . I love May 14 bag .The yellow and black combination is always the best one.

    Thanks Jeba

  165. Congratulations Fab bag πŸ™‚
    I love the august fab bag! As it was all natural ..making skin feel good :D..And how can i forgot to say about the cute orange bag..i love the orange colour <3 Happiness comes in Orange πŸ˜‰
    All natural All Fab
    Loved it

  166. Dear Fab Bag team,

    Heartiest congratulations for the wonderful journey & completing two years.

    This is my first review as I am a new member but nevertheless the last one. taking a look at your website, your amazing products , your bag ( which is always in my handbag wherever I go) , all this has become a part of my daily routine now & trust me this is actually true. I feel so proud to be a part of the ‘Fab community’ now even just by looking at your website everyday. Going short of the words to explain for how I feel now. lots n lots of love & best wishes for the future assignments *preen* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  167. I had to literally scroll for more than a minute to write my statement about fabbag here: *haan ji* all the ladies in one voice loves what fabbag has to offer in surprise every month. Fabbag has been my love at first sight kinda *preen* . Happy Anniversary *powder* . August month’s fabbag has been the very best of the two bags I have received. Bring in on to me!! *ghost* *ghost*

  168. Well to begin with I’m a big fan of your bags! The excitement begins even before receiving my bag each month. My honest opinion would be that all of the bags look so trendy in their own way and I wouldnt trade mine for any other as I have been loving both the bags and the goodies that come with it. Oh well to make one good pick it would definitely be the June bag. Which girl wouldn’t want a cool red bag? It’s so chick and ever in. Kisses.
    Ps: Happy anniversary Fab bag! To many more years to come! !

  169. Happy birthday to Fab Bag and congrats to the whole team.

    I would love to have aug’14 bag because its my birthday month and this bag is very classy and sober. Orange is new pink. It makes a different impression altogether. Love it

  170. Hey congratulation!!!!

    I really regret that I’m just 2 fab bags old….but its better late then never….
    Im more than satisfied with what i got out of those 2 bags… Given a choice,…i would say June’14 bag looks great…just because..its vibrant…trendy.

  171. First of all heartiest congratulations!!! *clap* *clap* *clap*
    Not just that the company completed 2 years of its being, it had to do so and it will complete many more years but because the way u connect to the people it seems as if u really care.. I still remember that filling of form.. even i came to know about many things about my taste that day as I never paid so much attention… and it was soo touching.. So a big thankyou.. *haan ji*

    Now coming to the cutest of the bags.. Well of all of them are adorable but my personal favourite is certainly the august one.. It is not just cute but beautiful and sexy..
    The orange is giving it the required brightness and cuteness.. and since it is more on the bronze side it looks sooooper sexy and attractive.. and all this makes it veryyy beautiful..
    I personally would love to carry it everywhere..
    In fact it is a perfect partner for a modern woman, who is beautiful and sexy like it but at the same time brainy and competent in every field, the way this bag is not just beautiful but soo useful and efficient also!!

  172. Congratulations on your 2nd birthday.
    My favourite is the August FAB BAG, and I have more than one reason to choose it. As orange signifies vibrancy, energy, warmth and amusement, I was equally amused to receive the pouch. Also I opened it to find my desired products within. Oh! Did I forget to mention, orange is also my favourite colour. And by the way August is my birth month, hence without a second thought August FAB BAG it is.

  173. My favorite is d May bag.. I think thats d cutest of all coz my favorite colors are yellow and black and when I looked at the may bag which is in the combination of both my favorite colors it absolutely made mi think this bag was especially designed for mi n it also luks bold , cute, classy ,sexy and totally adorable . so I feel the may bag is the cutest.. Congrats fabbag team for coming up with such a innovative idea . I have just ordered my first bag I am yet to receive it .once I receive it I’ll use it and update you guys on my experience with the fabbag. If I love it I ll do a yearly subscription as well. Congrats u guys keep rocking!!

  174. Congratulations Fab Bag!

    I totally loved JUNE’14 bag. *happydance* it’s the cutest ever criss-cross bag in pink. It has a look just like picmic basket.

  175. FAB BAG Congrats on your 2nd Anniversary πŸ™‚
    I loved the March Bag …It was beautiful floral bag, totally in sync with the spring trend
    Chic and cute <3

  176. First of all, congratulations to the FabBag team. September is my birthday month too πŸ˜€

    Although I love all the bags, my favourite one is the March 2014 bag because its so colourful and funky. Just what I love. Flower power. Its really cool.

  177. Hi!

    I love the March fab Bag because just like I feel a certain freshness and elation within me when I see and/or touch flowers, I feel the same when I recv. my fab Bag! So, for me this flowery pattern reflects the joy the Fab Bag gives us!


    I love the Aug’14 FABBAG. Why? Because it sits pretty on my dressing table like a bag full of sunshine. PLus it contains the best lipstick shade ever, a shade so beautiful and bold, I was a little scared to buy it for myself. But since I got it in the FABBAG, I wear it to work every day πŸ™‚

  179. I love march’14 fab bag because of the floral design…flowers and women share a special connection from time immemorial…so…the floral print itself provides a freshness and elegant look to the bag..:* keep going team fabbag..

  180. First of all i would like to congratulate the fab bag team for completing 2 yeard such a feeling that do call for celebration. πŸ˜€ and before letting you know the bag i love i would like to tell a small story when i got to know the thing about fabbag may be a month before i was so hamused by the idea that was forced to think how beautifully creative minded women are here on in this planet. I registered myself read the experiences share by people.. I must say loads of happy customers.. Was aweed by the products that can more certainly be there in the fab bag.. Eagerly wanting to order that bag and get all 12 months goodies but dont know where i stopped and could nt order that.. Today i see an opportunity to win a one month bag nd then be a permanent member after loving it this i am sure of… *specs* Frankly i love every bag but just to choose one i like the aug bag tangy orange is the new black.. Just so fabulous.. And perfectly Matches the color of the month… Best wishes once again and keep doing the good work… *happy dance* *haan ji*

  181. Love the August fabbag for its intrinsic value. The loveliest products, all of which I now carry around on my travels, The shower gel, body lotion, Nysaa hand lotion, eye liner and lip gloss. What more could a girl possibly need on the go. I travel a lot and this bag was like the perfect companion. Thanks so much, fabbag team πŸ™‚

  182. Congratulations to the FABBAG team..2 years..!
    I had joined the fabbag in july and was so glad and excited to receive my 1st fab bag..
    have used all the products and they are AMAZING..!!!!!
    and then received the 2nd fab bag and it was MORE AMAZING thn the previous one..So AUGUST Fab bag(soooo cute orange fabbag)..with the theme and the products it couldn’t hav got better..I love my products to be natural and to get the natural theme Fabbag was superb..ALL the products be it lip gloss,eye pencil,hand cream,body lotion and body bath gel..loved them all.. :):)
    Thanku fabbag team for all the beautiful products and the fab bag..thanku so much to the fab bag team for such an amazing and beautiful job..<3 <3

  183. Wowwwwwwwwwwww… Fab bag…
    the May fab looks cool. Its stylish and perfectly complements the hot summer May month.
    the bag seems to be designed just perfect for the Indian summers when sun is at its peak.
    the bag is ultra chick, you can even carry it around.

  184. March! It’s springtime and the daises and wild flowers are in bloom!
    Love to send this one to my teenage grand daughters.
    It’s fresh, young and pretty!

  185. I have been following this blog for so long yet this is the first time I am writing. Congratulations fab bag! You guys have brought joy to so many ppl including me! I love the august 14 bag. I love to live naturally and a bag with natural goodies is the best advanced birthday gift I can get. My birthday is around the corner n it is so exciting to know that we share the same birthday month! Even I’d I don’t win this I would like to congratulate whoever does and also thank fab bag for a win-win great concept. *happydance*

  186. Hi You Fab Guys
    I love the concept of the Fab bag and the Bags are all soo good. Infact each bag has a different personality. Infact one look at the bag brings one word to the mind. e.g Feb was quintessentially Brit, March was Cheery, May was Bright , June was cutesy, July was Royal, August was Glam. Such a difficult choice. But if have a gun to my head I’ll go with the July Bag. Its pretty, simple, regal and looks rich. Love it. Honestly the excitement begins with the sneak peek of the bag , I can barely wait to get my hands on it. Keep up the good work guys. And I’m sure we have such creative girls in the Fab Fan Club, you could ask them to design fab bags and choose them by a vox pop. Just adds more fun and excitement….Wat??

  187. congraxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx fab bag
    amazing work amaing products love each of them totallly
    i love the june 14 bag the most

  188. I love the multicolored flowered one because it reminds me of the rainbow – all the colors a woman should be adorned in, depending on her mood.

  189. Congratulations. *woot* *woot*

    March,14 is the prettiest of all because I love floral print. It looks so girly and chic. πŸ˜€

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  190. I just loved the August ’14 bag! It was a one of the reasons I subscribed for the august fab bag! ;). It’s not yellow and it’s not orange! It’s just the perfect mix. Very classy! I carried it for a weekend getaway and my friends asked where I got it! I was super happy so this one is totally a winner for me!

  191. Hey ppl!!! *pompom*
    Hearty congratulationssss to you guys on completing 24 months of awesommnesss!!! *whistle* i feel so sad that i came to join the club so so late…. september 2014 being my 2nd month of fabness.. *hihi* but im so glad at the same time, that i actually came to know of you guys!!!
    The day I saw yer advertisement on Fb, i was like, WhhhhAAaaaaatttt!! *woot* something like this can exist!!!! and i wasnt sure if the products will be that good… as you charge so damn less! (Don’t u have families guys!!!) ha ha! But the day i received my first Aug Fab bag…. to my surprise and happiness…. it was great…. *happy dance* *happy dance*
    The kind of girl i am… i am never sure wat products to buy… in the process, i end up buying things which don’t work for me… but what you offered here was a solution to my post pubertal problems!!! ha ha! So thank you guys for sucha lovely concept and deals! i wish to continue with the subscriptions! cuz living without my FABBAG, is like living without chocolates!!!!
    P.S. I love chocolates *drool*

    Ohhhhh! i forgot to mention the cutest bag…. i guess i will go with the August Bag; It’s Orange! Its Natural! It’s cute! and It’s my first!!!!
    *thankyou* *thankyou* so much! keep up the good work!

    Much Love Fab Bag!

  192. Every month around 21st excitement sets in because the boring tail end of month brings in a surprise.. A bag of joy..!! Just like blooming flowers in the garden refresh the soul, so did the floral print of March 2014 Fab Bag. It super cute and refreshing and my favourite for many reasons… Being a passionate gardener i now carry my little garden everywhere and the vibrant flowers cheer up a drab sunny site visit.. As an added bonus it goes well with a lot of my colored handbags as i am a matching freak and i love the feel of the material.. It is low maintenance and super cute.. I had waited very impatiently to hold this one in my hands when i saw the design revealed online.. It was a perfect complement to the spring season!! #purelove *happy dance*

  193. First of all, congratulations fabbag team!!! *clap* i like the june14 fabbag. The criss cross design is lovely yet elegant, and who can resist that design if it is in red !!!

  194. Congratulation fabbag..

    Your idea was indeed a great one, we really come across very good products through fabbag thank you so much..

    Its really difficult to choose one all you fabbags are just fab… i think i would go for june and august ones.. june because it was my first bag n liked all the products in it.. and august because orange color was looking simply fab and products were all very natural which were perfect for my skin..

    *thankyou* fabbag and keep me loaded with all beauty goodies *pompom*

  195. Hey TEAM FABBAG…
    congratualations…. n a bug hug *clap* *clap*
    In your endeavour to bring smile,dat content feeling by making it all d more easier to deal wid d beauty regime,we all thank u. *thankyou*
    I wish you have d most busiest work days ahead πŸ˜€
    Wid d everyday growing fabbag members….. *happydance*
    My fav is d july fabbag.
    To be honest i was disappointed wid d first fabbag when i got it. But d appreciated response from ur team made me use d product… n voila….i just cant express u d feeling of trying some new colors beautifully. Thank u for introducing me to colors,shades dat i wud never had d gut to try! Haha….
    July bag just stole my breadth away.
    Thank u so much….
    This note is to tell u how imp team fabbag n d fabbag goofies ,are in my life now.
    Happy times together….
    *thankyou* *thankyou*

  196. Heyyyy congrats!!!
    One of my friend told me abt u guys and I ve just rcvd my 1st ever FABBAG n I’m loving it πŸ™‚
    I felt so so special to rcv it.
    The august orange chic bag.. Voila
    I was looking for a hand cream and brownie points for ur team..
    Tada a hand cream in my bag *hifive*
    Awesome job guys
    Wishing u all happily ever after *preen*


    To be exact, I fell in love with Fab Bag, ever since Rati ji wrote about the fabulous FAB BAG on Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog(IMBB). I immediately checked out the website and registered with it. I was amazed when they took care of each and every individual signing up for the Bag with a careful elaborate questionnaire about their likes. The site itself is vast and has a HUGE haul of products that we generally don’t find in regular shops.

    Now coming to the Bags of six previous months, I think it is heart breaking to decide which one is the best. The Bag colour itself is sooo adorable and not to forget soooo travel friendly, I think FAB BAG is a MUST for every make up enthusiast. I personally fell in love with FEBRUARY, JUNE & JULY month bags.
    FEB — My favourate Cetaphil face wash and the FAB BAG colour!! WOW!! The checkered look!! It reminded me of my wonderful School days!!
    JUNE — Again my favourate FAB BAG color!!!, Chap Stick!! I never had one!!! VOTRE MICRODERMABRASION GEL!!!!!!!!

    As Ms. Vineeta was saying, that they don’t believe we’ve even scratched the surface yet! and if this is just the tip of the ice burg, I am dieing to find out how much more FABBB this would be when they venture further towards the journey to the bottom of neverland!!
    Thank you!!!! πŸ™‚

  198. Hi,
    Heartiest congratulations to FAB BAG on completing two successful years. *jai ho* . I have been with Fabbag since June’14 andd let me tell you I initially planned on just one but here iam with already three Fab bags with me and intend to subscribe for the year long subscription.
    Now coming on my favourite FAB BAG of the lot, it definetely will be the Feb’14 red plaid one. I love my reds and the pattern used on the bag is also my absolute favourite, love plaids *powder* .
    Thank You *thankyou* FAB BAG for all the awesome products and I as a member wish you all the best and hope our association is for keeps. *puchhi*

  199. I really like the March Fab Bag and I feel its the most cutest since it has colorful flowers on it which are highlighted due to the black background. πŸ™‚ I wish you all the best and I am sure you will keep rocking as FABBAG is a very unusual concept… *pompom*

  200. Congrats Fab Bag *pompom* , I absolutely love love your products!! I used to look at ipsy in US and wonder when will they start one here in India. You guys are wonderful!! Love all your products and looking forward to more awesome stuff(secret wish for innisfree products *haan ji* )

    I personally love your August Natural bag, with a subtle print and orange colour. Love..LOVE this bag. Keep up the good work and keep surprising us…


  201. First of all a very Happy Anniversary to the glorious FabBag! IMBB and FabBag have definitely created a revolution to the online industry of beauty and fashion! When you see everyone raving about it, you sure do understand that there is something special about this fabulous bag.

    I am fairly new to this blog and love writing and sharing my experience with this lovely family! I have never received a FabBag, but intend to subscribe to it immediately. I love the motive behind this creative idea to bring beauty products straight to a girls home and end up winning a place in her heart.

    I absolutely adore the June’14 Bag. Personally it seems so classy due to its elegant woven design. Reminds me of one of my favourite brands- Bottega Veneta! I have a clutch that looks similar to it intact. Despite the classy look, its so fun and flirty and reminds me of SUMMER! the reddish organgeish colour describes the fun summer so well. It is the colour we all start applying on our hands and feet as the summer time approaches. And it would stand out totally inside your hand bag and you know its right there when you glance over it. So this one will definitely be a hands down winner for me. xx

  202. June Bag .. The amazing ping criss cross design bag is close to my heart as it was my first Fag Bag … Love it .. Love Fag Bag .. Congrats on completion of 2 years guys …

  203. If I got to pick a winner then it definitely has to be the amazing JUNE BAG. On opening that bag I was so shocked because I felt as if all the products were specially chosen for me. Each and every product was so fantastic. And what can I say about the color, the bag still catches my eyes every time I enter the room.I loved showing it off in front of my girlfriends and they even liked it so much that they ordered one for themselves too πŸ˜€ Thank you for that amazing gift and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! May you have many more anniversaries to come. Keep being FABULOUS πŸ˜€

  204. Congratulations FabBag!

    I find the June’14 bag to be the most attractive one. I really wish I could go back in time and have ordered it for myself as my b’day gift, yes I am a June born. It is so pretty and chic that I can carry it as a clutch when going out.

    Best wishes

  205. Heartiest congratulations – your success is very well deserved!

    I would say the July ’14 Fab bag is the cutest – not just because it was my first, or because the products in it were fantastic. It was the sight of the bag itself – the majesty of royal purple (or aubergine, in my pedantic moods), the diffused shine and the understated, classy texture – that stole my heart. The bag is a vision of elegance – the perfect blend of power, beauty and dynamism. My travel pouches have been abandoned in its favour. Quaint, cute, adorable…any number of positive adjectives may be used for the July ’14 bag, and they would all be accurate.

  206. June Bag .. The amazing pink crisscross design bag is close to my heart as it was my first Fag Bag … Love it .. Love Fag Bag .. Congrats on completion of 2 years guys …

  207. Thankyou so much Fabbag for introducing fabulous products!! My first subscription was in May’14. I really can not thank you for sending the products of all types and best of quality.. Although all the bags are of super quality, the one close to me is July’14 and August’14 bags as I mostly prefer skin care products over make up products.. Loved the products love your bags… Love the way u care for the customers…

  208. Heartiest congrats for completing 2 years…. *woot* ….it is really nice to be associated with you guys…I must appreciate your communication process and time as its too quick…But offcourse there is a long way to go,so all the best for it,I will continue to be a part of this fab family.
    Yes all the featured bags are vety nice. But I personally liked June bag because of both the bag which was different & the products in it…I loved your palladio range… *thankyou*
    Have a great time ahead….

  209. Happy anniversary fab bag.I love the march bag it’s so cute the floral print was amazing it’s very girly and I luv the June bag it’s very trendy n cool. *thankyou* for this beautiful giveaway.

  210. Hi! Congratulations to Fab bag for completing 2 truly fab years! πŸ˜€
    I like the March ’14 bag the most coz its just too attractive!

  211. I adored the JUNE fab bag coz it was my first fab bag n since then it’s become my first love. My June bag came in a pretty pink colour filled with lots of TLC n of course amazing beauty goodies. Many many congratulations to entire fab bag team on the 2nd anniversary. Wish u lots more to celebrate.
    Keep making us glam n beautiful.

  212. Hey guys congratulations on ur second anniversary. I really love and adore the august 2014 fab bag as it consists of all natural products, and since i love and care for my skin, u guys gave my a bonus on my second fab bag, which is the august 2014 bag. *thankyou* i also love the colour of this bag as its unique *haan ji* totally love u guys for creating this website *puchhi* *pompom*

  213. Hey guys congratulations on ur second anniversary. I really love and adore the august 2014 fab bag as it consists of all natural products, and since i love and care for my skin so much, u guys gave me a bonus on my second fab bag, which is the august 2014 bag. *thankyou* i also love the colour of this bag as its unique *haan ji* totally love u guys for creating this website *puchhi* *pompom*

  214. I just LOVED the August Fab bag..The Mascara with those soft brushes was the most excellent thing EVER *drool* The Eyebrow and eye pencil-Amazing!!!! *happydance* and the hand lotion,shower gel and bathing gel was super amazing.I just loved how the entire bag was created keeping in mind to keep it natural and simple.The best thing about any Fab Bag? That it’s never fails to surprise me!!!! I mean,The joy of finding out what’s inside is purely a bliss.Thank You for offering such a beautiful bag of Happiness!! Congatulations on your 2nd anniversary Fab Bag!!!! *clap* *happy dance* Can’t wait to receive my september bag soon!
    Loads of Love and Luck
    *thankyou* *happydance*

  215. Congratulations to the Fab Bag team on their second anniversary. I’ve been a secret admirer of all your bags ever since I read their reviews on IMBB. I do hope to own a Fab Bag one day. *drool* I really liked the July ’14 bag. The purple shade makes the bag look classy and chic.

    *thankyou* IMBB team for letting me participate in this lovely giveaway.

  216. A big congo to fabbag… My favorite bag is the june bag… I had got this bag and i had given it to my best friend on her birthday… The smile on her face was worth it. Who wouldnt want their best friend to be happy!? Well yeah that’s the reason why june fabbag has to be my favorite.

  217. Wish you a very Happy and a successful birthday πŸ™‚
    I hope you celebrate more and more like this in the future.

    All the Fab Bags look distinct and beautiful, however my favortite is the June’14 red bag. It had a lot of character and style to it !

    Thanks for this give-away opportunity πŸ™‚

  218. Hearty congratulation on your 2nd anniversary. My favourite fab bag is July 2014. luv the colour and the products n the special care tht you take keeping my skin requirements in mind. Your products are bang on and fulfil all my beauty requirements *thankyou*

  219. Hi Girls,
    Heartiest congratulation on completing two wonderful years of spreading happiness across the womenfolk of this country. Keep the good work going, and keep setting this example of high standards for all to see. I take this opportunity to wish you far more success than you have anticipated for.

    Regarding my favorite fag bag of the given six, in terms of design of kit bag, August’s is my personal favorite as it is quite classy with striking burnt orange textured color tone. I must admit that I hardly possess any of the nine-odd pretty bags that I have received so far, as my relatives keep their eyes on the next one arriving for themselves, apart from ogling at the super products inside them. July’s bag comes a very close second.
    Well, in terms of the products inside each of these six bags, August again wins all hands down. All the products which I received in August were literally my birthday presents. Super special. Thank you to the angels who packed my bag.
    Celebrating with you this month, and always! Cheers.

  220. I love d july fab bag firstly coz it’s my bday month n secondly coz the bag totally matched my outfit.
    on d whole the july fabbag looks royal n super chic. A whole new twist set aside from d classic black *haan ji*

  221. Congratulations Fab Bag you are 24 months old! *pompom*
    now about the pretty bags…. personally i am not a big fan of pink, but the June ’14 bag hit a spot close to the heart. You see, a lot of years ago when I was just a tad older than Fab bag is today, I had one of those plush dolls with a hat, which soon graduated to a ragitty anne thanks to the user’s over-attachment and lack of knowledge of proper use of anything (this was inevitable given that I was barely 5). However, the doll has nothing to do with this post, but the hat, that was a pink weave much like the June’14 bag.
    I haven’t had the doll for many years now, but memories have always been there somewhere. The pic of June bag reminded me of some of them. so even if i don’t win anything thanks for that.

  222. Congratulations FABBAG!

    If i were to pick the cutest bag, I would pick March, 14 bag.
    Well, because cute to me means bright girly colors, lot of life and vibrancy, pretty patterns.
    All the other bags are nice, elegant and classy, but March is the “Cute” πŸ™‚

  223. well..first of all congratulations to Fab bag for completing 2 years *hifive* *hifive* *hifive* and it is such a nice concept anyone could think of providing samples worth 499 to all the beauty lovers. *clap* i just cant tell how helpful this concept has been to me in choosing right products. *happydance* well coming to the contest,i actually like all the bags but if i have to choose one, i would vote for March 2014 *pompom* .It is so flowery and my personal favorite black color which makes it all girly and wit right stuff in to it..i used this bag for keeping my makeup .well a lot many colors into it the way fab bag adds colors to our life by personalizing our fab bag..love ya fab bag.. *puchhi*

  224. A big Congratulations to Fag Bag for completing it’s amazing two Years..!! *pompom* *pompom* You are a wonderful job from the last two year, i.e., bringing smile on the face of all the beautiful ladies.. *preen* I really loved reading the post, came to know so much about it.. πŸ™‚ The FAB Bag which I loved the most was of the July edition. *woot* It was the 1st Fab Bag of my life. It was my birthday month and my bestie gifted it to me. *happy dance* I was jumping with happiness because I was thinking to order it from a long time but everytime postpone this idea due to one or the other reason *silence* . I told my bestie infinite times that how much I would love to try this bag. As we always say that best friend exactly know what we want, so did my friend. πŸ˜› She made my birthday even more special by gifting me this awesome blossom gift. *duh* *duh* I loved every product inside it. I totally loved Iraya Massage cream, I have even ordered it’s full size; Bio Bloom’s Oil was Cleanser was fantastic, it has actually helped me with my dandruff issue; Vivel’s Body lotion was so light and refreshing, good option for summers. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I don’t use lipsticks and lip liners, so I gave Deborah Ilrossetto’s Lip Stick and Lip Liner to my mum and she liked it very much. πŸ™‚ It makes her even more beautiful. *preen* overall My first encounter with Fag Bag was so Fabulous that now I am thinking to subscribe for the whole year subscription and get some great discount too. πŸ˜› I really appreciete this idea of proving such great brands and different products in a single bag, keeping everyone’s needs in mind. Though I have used only single bag yet, I never misses to read every months review on IMBB and I must say that it’s product never fails to impress me. *hihi* *hihi* Apart from the useful products, it also gives a pretty and adorable bag, which we can use in number of ways. In short, It is a FABULOUS bag which surprises it’s subscribers every month with the variety and the excellent products it provides. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It is like the red bag of Santa Clause, for which everyone waits and whose goodies always brings a pleasant smile on everyone’s faces. *puchhi* *puchhi*

  225. Congratulations on completing two successful years… Started subscribing Fabbag from March-2014 after a review on Femina..Loved the bag completely and the products too.. started experimenting with makeup and even before that was a silent reader of IMBB.. I follow most of the posts and take tips from IMBB..love both Fabbag and IMBB for keeping us updated.. u are like a friend for advice on products and makeup…

    Thank You and my favourite bag is March and the July one…
    Wish Fabbag many more successful years ahead…Keep going and get us more goodies to pamper ourselves…

  226. Hi allz!! I joined Fab Bag in July, 14 and has got two bags till date… I really loved the bags and the products… i am always excited to look forward for my next bag… the products are amazing and are totally as per my skin and likes… i really loved this wonderful idea *happy dance* … hats off to you… I loved the August Fab Bag design and look alot…….Its one of my fav colour and it has leather finish which makes it more adorable… I wish to get June’s Fab Bag too… Simply loving it…

    Many Many hearty congratulations on your 2nd Anniversary!!!! *happydance* *happydance* I am so glad to be a part of fab bag family… and wish to continue my assocation further…. for ever…
    Hope there are much more to come………. *hihi*

  227. First of all.. Congratulations to the team for making it through 2 years.

    I think the July 2014 bag was the best. For me, it was my first fab bag and it really had the “Royal” look down. Also, it is my favorite colour.

    I think this concept is awesome. Although it has been only 2 months since I joined, I am already addicted to it.. cant wait to see what I get in the next bag.

  228. Hi !

    I love the June 14′ Fab bag and the following are the reasons as to why I love it so much :

    1) June being my birthday month, I’ve a natural inclination towards anything that is remotely close to June ! πŸ˜€

    2) The pattern on the bag looks extremely chic, which makes a strong fashion statement, wherever it is carried. The idea behind a fab bag is to make a statement through it’s products and help the women move around with elan by making them happy and confident about themselves. The June fab bag also exuberates the same and hence, it is my favourite fab bag ! πŸ˜€

  229. *hihi* *happydance* *happy dance* *jai ho*
    Congrats guys…. its a pleasure to b associated wid u guys…
    I luv my august bag the most and find it the cutest as tht ws all natural and the products wr so cute and the orange colour of the bag…. wooohooooooo….. cutest for me….

  230. I love the June 14′ Fab bag and the following are the reasons as to why I love it so much :

    1) June being my birthday month, I’ve a natural inclination towards anything that is remotely close to June ! πŸ˜€

    2) The pattern on the bag looks extremely chic, which makes a strong fashion statement, wherever it is carried. The idea behind a fab bag is to make a statement through it’s products and help the women move around with elan by making them happy and confident about themselves. The June fab bag also exuberates the same and hence, it is my favourite fab bag ! πŸ˜€

  231. *hihi* *happydance* *happy dance* *jai ho*
    Congrats guys…. its a pleasure to b associated wid u guys…
    I luv my august bag the most and find it the cutest as tht ws all natural and the products wr so cute and the orange colour of the bag…. wooohooooooo….. cutest for me…. luv u guys….

  232. I really loved the June Fab bag. The dexterous criss cross made it look extremely classy. And to top it all it was pink in colour. Pink colour is every girls favourite colour. I not only like the bag but also liked the products inside it. Thank you guys.

  233. I found the June fab bag the cutest of all, the color pink itself define XX chromosomes.. and if notice it is the most different of all.. with white chain.. white threading.. the quilt affect makes it look super rich!!
    It’s my personal favorite as it was the first bag coming to our house πŸ˜‰

    Love it!!

  234. First of all a big congratulations for such an amazing year you guys had. Hope you get more success and offer “us” such great surprises.
    Well coming on to which bag I liked the most, the March Fab bag. First of all the bag, it itself is so so so cute the floral print…totally loved it. And the best thing is the products in it…Thalgo, Naked and Sally hansen…These are few of my favourite brands. *happydance* *pigtail* I am totally in love with this bag because it has all the essentials from face to toe which can make my skin hair body look so beautiful….keep it up guys…I mean I really don’t know how you guys manage to give such amazing surprises to us all. *preen* πŸ˜›

  235. I remember growing up and always asking my mum to dress me up in anything yellow. For some reason I had this notion I would get more friends if I had a yellow item. And it worked (at least most of the time πŸ˜› πŸ˜› This of course got me a fourth name among my friends β€˜mama yellow yellow’ which is a Swahili word for β€˜yellow yellow woman’. *hihi*

    Appetite stimulator, most attention getting colour, the colour of warmth, concentration enhancer, great communicator, increases metabolism…. you name it. So why do I love the May ’14 bag???? Simple, the colour YELLOW stands out as usual.



  236. First of all, a very happy wala anniversary to FAB BAG!!! I wish I could subscribe for FAB BAG right now but I have to wait till I get a job. *waiting* *waiting* *waiting*

    I like the March, ’14 one. The bright colors on black are so gorgeous. I wish I could have one.

  237. Love ur bags and the products. My fav pic is august bag. The orange one wwhch is very vibrant. Exactly like how i am. All d best to hit a decade n

  238. Based solely on the looks, and not the products, I find it a little bit tough to choose from the pink and the lavender coloured bags of June and July ’14. Both are my favourite colours actually!! But if I had to choose one, I would choose lavender, I don’t know why!!!

  239. Many congratulations to the fab team of fab bag on the fabulous completion of 2 years….way to go….good luck…

    I find the June fab bag to be the cutest and really fab in every aspect – color, design, quality, material etc etc… and not to forget the surprise package – products inside it which act like an icing on the cake….

    Thanks alot for this wonderful service….

  240. Hey congratzzz nd thanks for this lovely bags.
    i lov d aug bag Coz its vry chic nd all d productsvr really
    Useful nd gud.

  241. Hi Fab Bag,

    Fab Bag first of all you dont need to ask anybody of us about which Fab Bag is the best. Each is the best for you all I am sure since you people put an equal effort in customizing each one of these small bags for each one of us for each and every month *puchhi* *puchhi* . Lots of kisses for all of the crew members and everybody whose efforts go a long way in sending us these beautiful Beauty Kits ranging from you yourself to even the Blue Dart without whom I dont think these bags would reach us on time.

    *announce* Nextly I would like to make a public announcement of being CRAZY *happy dance* MENTAL *happydance* MAD *ghost* fan of yours. From being a ZERO MAKEUP Person you have changed me to One of the person who carry my little Fab Bag with me everytime I step out of my House. rofl
    Anyhow for me JUNE FAB BAG 2014 would be something that I would remember for the rest of my life. *thankyou* You Know WHYYYYY?? Because thats the Bag that connected me to you. That made me close to your Family and because FIRST IS ALWAYS SPECIAL. I am sure the 1st Fab Bag that you would have sent would be the most special for you since it gave BIRTH TO YOU. JUst like that June FAB BAG’14 was the Bag with which I established a relation, a connection with you and TRUST ME it would continue forever now till I Die and would pass on to my generations before dying… *powder* *preen* *thankyou* *oye balle*

    Love you GUYSSSS…..
    Trucks full of Kisses and Hugs… *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*
    Kirti Garg.

  242. A very Happy Birthday to you Fab Bag! *pompom*

    Coming home to a FAB BAG at my doorstep always makes my day a little brighter and I have always been very pleased with my subscription bags, product orders, customer service, and all the fabulous extras FAB BAG puts out there for all of us beauty addicts.

    Their website is full of beauty and fashion tips. Did you get a bold option in your FAB BAG and you’re not sure how to use it? Odds are, you can probably find a tip for it on their website.

    Every month I receive these beautiful sample products. Sometime I get more but I don’t think I have ever received less than 4 products. Mostly the samples are small in size, some are deluxe, and occasionally you get a full size. For the price of the box, it is definitely a good value. It is a great way to discover luxury brands and try before you buy. I have met many of my beauty soul mate products through FAB BAG.

    I love FAB BAG as a way to try new stuff. I have gotten a mixture of full size and deluxe sample size items to try. In every box, there is at least one product that I love. I have found my new favorite make up, new favorite lip balm, new favorite facial scrub and new favorite body lotion all in my tenure with them. I have also learned that silver eyeliner can be fun as well as long lasting, and about new brands that are fabulous that I wouldn’t otherwise know about.

    I nominate the April FAB BAG :THE ‘GIRL ON THE GO’ BAG πŸ™‚ I am a working girl who is on the move all the time so its perfect as it is packed with essentials designed to save you time and precious space. And make room for that extra pair of totally impractical shoes in your suitcase when you have to leave town. *thankyou*

  243. OMG!!! many many congratulations for the sucessfull two years FABBAG !! *hifive*

    *thankyou* for this wonderful idea of the beauty goodies for us at our doorsteps. *pompom*

    I always wait with all the excitement for my fab bag to come πŸ˜€

    Well, Its really difficult to choose one bag from all *scared* but yeah i love my August Fabbag the most !! *duh* *nails* *happy dance*

    FABBAG is simply the best !!!! *jai ho*

  244. Feb, July and Aug seem fun. Now only if I am a lucky winner I could try it out personally. ;p

    May aint Bad either. Damn its tough choosing one. πŸ˜€

  245. Congratulations Fabbag !! *happy dance* I must admit even though I somtimes don’t like the products in the bag, i love the surprise concept which Vineeta has come up with. It is pretty exciting to get a surprise bag in a price which is affordable by all. My favourite bags were definitely – July & August. July fab bag cz of the rich sophisticated dark purple shade and August fabbag coz of its absolute spry orange colour. I really look forward to more such jazz colours and designs. All the best !! *thankyou*

  246. Many Congrats to team Fabbag on your fab Anniversary and wishing you’ll many many…more πŸ™‚
    Regarding the cutest, all the 6 bags look supercool and trendy and yet the Aug’14 with it’s warm gold-orange shade and divine texture was not just a delight to behold but also to hold a lot of delights…it’s the cutest!!

  247. Hi, I like the March’14 Fab bag as the cute flowers make you feel fresh and are perfect way to symbolize Holi (colors) and spring season too.

  248. Dear Fab Bag team,

    Heartfelt wishes for my favorite team who never failed me with their awesome bags! September is also my birth month so we both celebrate it together! Happy Anniversary! Keep on spreading the joy!
    I loved the design of the June 2014 bag the most! The colour reminds me of candies, so now, such a pretty pink pop, meant to carry along on holidays! To top it the crisscross design is oh so trendy!! Totally Candy Crush! <3

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Much love xo

  249. Hearty Congratulations Fab Bag *happy dance*
    You guys are doing an aammmazing job and I have never been disappointed with the products I have recieved till now *nails* *pigtail*
    It is sooooo hard to choose just one out of these 6 Fab Bags *scared* I realllly loved
    AUGUST ’14 Fab bag… regal orange beauty did not lag
    I also found the stuff in it best so far
    All natural products in the loot
    With the looks and the content in the August bag… ultra chic and the products were so tempting…the bag was bold and beautifully vibrant..
    It’s the cutest FAB BAG to boot!
    It showed you guys work really hard on every Fab bag and that’s what I absolutely love about you guys! You guys make every fab bag subscription,worth it! *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *happydance* *happy dance* *happydance* *happy dance* *happydance* *happy dance*

  250. Many many congratulations on ur 2nd anniversary.
    March fab bag just love it, so vibrant so colorful perfectly matched d holi month. Keep up the awesome bags

  251. Congratulations fabbag.. *puchhi*
    Proud of you both for coming out with an idea like this and your effort has helped in completing these many months. I subscribed last month and I liked it a lot.
    I like march month bag which is flowery, girly and trendy.

  252. Congratulation FabBag πŸ˜›
    I am following you since last one and half year so far its fantastic journey.
    I will pick Aug 14 bag its golden orange color is very looks trendy, rice and stylish.

  253. Hey team fabbag!!
    Congratulations and celebrations *whistle* *hifive* *hihi* as you turn 2 this september. I love the March’14 Fabbag the most because it is exactly like me, cheerful, springy, happy and full of colors!! I am planning to order my firat 3 month subscription as soon as I get a job *hihi* this one is in my wish list from so long! Loved ur idea so much… flourish and all the best to you…

  254. Dear FABBAG

    My favourite is the Feb 14 Bag. It was my first bag and it opened to me a new world of beauty and care in a “never before” way. To me the red and black checks represents the blending of awareness and availability of products i never really knew about. That bag brought to me a new identity, and continues to be a reason to wait and smile as every new month is born.
    There may be many decisions that i regret about, but the one to stay connected to the FABBAG family is one of the best ones i ever made.
    So, Yes, it is the FEB 14 bag for me as that is one which started it all .

  255. Oh yah FAb BAg!! You have turned two..and I have turned two month old for my fab bag subscription!! I love the August 2014 fab bag as it has got a bold look to it and it totally suits my street style. I use it as a purse when I go out and to store my makeup when travelling..

  256. Heartiest congratulations to the team fab bag !!! I am just a 2 month old member bt it feels as if I hv known u long by the way you guys have taken care of my beauty needs. Fab bag is great. It travels wid me everywhere I go.

    I love the May 2014 fab bag as it makes a very proud statement of what you guys are upto.. making us feel fabulous thru a bag!! Kudos to the great work.. just keep surprising!

  257. Congratulations FabBag πŸ™‚ for having come a long way.
    Personally, I love my August FabBag the most because of its SLS and Paraben-free products.
    I got Kronokare and Nyassa skincare products, Palladio Mascara and NYX eyeliner pencil.
    I am in love with all the products. All products are fantabulous. πŸ˜€
    The color of the bag is Orange. It is stylish and different.
    Thumbs up for the bag and the theme πŸ˜€
    *thankyou* so much!!!!

  258. The August Bag… the bright orange bag… my mom had the subscription since a year and I have seen all her bags till date… i was really waiting for my first bag which was of August.. The things in it were really what I wanted..

    But it was my favorite because it was my !st bag … !!! *happy dance* *nails*

  259. Congrats Fab Bag for #FABANNIVERSARY *hifive* … I have come across Fab bag a month ago,.. *preen* and have not made any fab bag products into my bag. I’m very confused *shy* which one to grab,.. so have not made any of those into my bag,.. I hope in the near future I will own a Fab Bag with the products I always wanted to have. I loved the Yellow and Black Fab Bag with the Fab Bag written on it.. I can show off this bag to my friends and make them jealous,… *drool* *pompom* Simply awesome fab bag,.. keep rocking,.. Have a blast,… *thankyou*

  260. Hi team

    Heartiest Congratulations for completing two years..
    I have so far taken two Fab Bags June and July 2014
    I really liked the June bag coz of its beautiful pink color and the criss-cross design.
    Also the fabbag tag is sideways so my little one can not remove it how far she tries.. whereas in the July bag she tries to remove the Fab bag tag and i m afraid the bag might tear due to this.
    I would advice the tagging to be done sideways as in the June bag coz our little ones play with these bags when we keep it out while doing makeup and they might get injured while plucking on the metal tag..

  261. Congratulations Fabbag !! *woot* I must admit even though I somtimes don’t like the products in the bag, i love the surprise concept which Vineeta has come up with. It is pretty exciting to get a surprise bag in a price which is affordable by all. My favourite bags were definitely – July & August. July fab bag cz of the rich sophisticated dark purple shade and August fabbag coz of its absolute spry orange colour. I really look forward to more such jazz colours and designs. All the best !! *duh* *thankyou*

  262. Congratulations fab…for your anniversary…
    Well I personally liked the Aug bag…coz this color is my favourite colour….

  263. Many congratulations to the whole team!

    My favourite is definitely the June bag. Actually it reminds me of my childhood days as my mom used to have the same criss-cross pattern pink tote bag. She says they were quite in at that time. Cute memories!

  264. Congrats Fab bag for completing two years.. The most stylish bag is Feb with the check pattern and my favourite is Aug 14..this tangy orange n its lovely texture sets it apart making it the cutest of the lot. Thank you for all the lovely goodies n fabbag along with it.

  265. I first time bought the august fab bag n I loved it so much bcoz when my family saw all d things in d bag they took all of them……my daughter took both the eyeliners,my son took alphonso lotion as he is very fond of mangoes n my hubby took d shower gel n body lotion by saying that these r very gud…….I ws left with d empty bag…..bt I luved it bcoz my family was very happy n dey luved it……. *thankyou* fab bag fr that lovely moment of my family….

  266. I loved the july fab bag.. To be honest bcoz it was my first fab bag and I was super excited aftr rcvng it.. The eyeshade and primer were wad got me jumping.. Plus the gel was fab.. I wl be using it again as it was prfct fr mr oilt skin… You guys really paid concern to the questionnaire I answered it made ne feel special… My subscription ends ths mnth bt u am gng in fr year sbscrptn nw.. I luvd ur prdcts in aug fabbag too as they. Tool me closer to nature.. Luv u guys thr selecting the prdcts and creating that FAB BAG…

  267. My favourite fab bag would be without doubt the JUNE 2014 bag. Its pinkish- reddish colour is lovely and so is the material. Needless to say it took my breath away! I even started imagining a lip and nail colour in a similar shade!

  268. I really liked the June 2014 bag. It looks like Bottega Veneta clutch with its woven details which all celebs carry!! What else do you need when it looks like some celeb is carrying it. I love it!!!!

  269. Congrats team Fab-bag for your fab Anniversary and wishing you’ll many many…more!! Regarding the cutest bag, all six of them look supercool and trendy, yet the Aug’14 with it’s orange-gold shade and chic texture was not just a delight to behold but also to hold a lot of delights…clearly my cutest!! *thankyou*

  270. I got my first fabbag in aug14. I had never before used such hi-end make up products, and the price is equivalent to getting most of the items free.. i m hooked to fabbag frm now on….

  271. Congrats FABBAG on second anniversary! My daughter visited me in April-May and ever since trying to convince me to join this and order fab bag, I was a bit reluctant about the products, then she ordered without telling me- my first bag on my birthday month May- now I am using all the things and wonder how I could stay without them. Thanx to all the team, I know it will be difficult to read all the lengthy reviews. Keep it up the good job and wish you all the success!

  272. Congratulations to Fab Bag!!!!

    Fab Crew’s hard work always brings smile on my face. You follow beauty & make up trends, understand me without knowing me (Consumer Profiling), premium brands and quality products all comes in well thought and designed bag.

    I must confess that all bags are FAB & the products inside the bag are Super Fab!
    I never had addiction to make-up pouches… Now I am addicted… Despite having 5 Fab Bags with me, I DON’T SHARE πŸ™‚

    The one sent in the month of Aug’14 is superb and amazing. I have seen other beauty subscription companies who pack trial packs in a colored card board boxes. Waste of money and increasing garbage at home.

    The Aug Fab bag is the cutest because the leather finish looks premium and the tangerine color is amazingly hot! I like the metal logo of Fab Bag on it… The size is perfect to keep my daily make-up & beauty products. Slides in my back pack so easily… And, I love when someone says can you give me this bag since you have many….. I proudly say β€œIt is different & unique”.

    All the best!!!


  273. Hi,

    This was the first time I have received for August 2014 and I like the bag…..even its colour πŸ™‚ :)and products

  274. I love March 2014 bag, reason being…i love colours and it has all the colours in it..its vibrant,its cheerful,its beautiful and it has beautiful flowers all over it ..what more we need? πŸ™‚ *thankyou*

  275. Congratulations to the team of fab bag, innovative concept, every month I am waiting excitedly to see whats in store this month, I liked the July ’14 bag very much for it was the royal collection and the bag had awesome stuff inside..also the bag symbolises royal πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  276. First of all hearty congratulations to you & your team on completing 2 wonderful years.
    I loved your story right from conception of the idea to actually putting it into practice. I totally agree with you at times it’s very difficult to get our hands on certain beauty products and your fab bags have made it much easier for us to have them no matter where we are. Once again wishing you the best for all your future endeavours. Here’s to creating confident & beautful ladies.

    I like the Feb 2014 fab bag as the colour represents boldness and strength to me.

  277. FAB BAG-Congratulations for successful two years*pucchi* “”””” *preen* Your Brand is formed primarily, not by what your company says about itself but what the company does”””” *preen*

    I always read reviews of products which I cant afford.. *headbang* but Fab bag made it possible . I just cannot compare any of it with the another one.. they all are amazing and so close to me
    But I have to choose then it has to be mar’14 the floral design..
    Thank you *thankyou* Fab Bag! for getting both beauty products and a fabulous bag

  278. June 2014 bag is the cutest hands down…its pink,girly in every way,crochet is used and its pretty,Honestly after the bags of the months which the jun bag followed the bag was suddenly something new,no longer a plain looking bag but something created with care and design to suit the theme-getaway gorgeous,the contents were gorgeous too,it made me think of subscribing again,what is cuter than pink in a girl’s life and it changed my mind about subscribing well..again..:) πŸ™‚

  279. June 2014 bag is the cutest hands down…its pink,girly in every way,crochet is used and its pretty,Honestly after the bags of the months which the jun bag followed the bag was suddenly something new,no longer a plain looking bag but something created with care and design to suit the theme-getaway gorgeous,the contents were gorgeous too,it made me think of subscribing again,what is cuter than pink in a girl’s life and it changed my mind about subscribing well..again..:) πŸ™‚

  280. Congratulations n celebrations to our 2 year old fab bag!!!
    Well all the bags look awesome having some awesomeness in them hidden but my favourite one is the March’14 bag, coz flowers from anyone makes you smile and that is what this bag has….love it…muah…Thanks for making women feel special…

  281. Big big congoo…. Mny mny hppi returns of da day…! πŸ™‚
    I cnt choose frm them… All rvjst best…fab… Awesome frm outside and inside too..m sure…!! Ol d’e bst participants!

  282. Congratulations Fab Bag.
    Fab bag has given a lot of Beauty products
    Some with shine and some with glitter
    The March bag is the one most exuberant
    With vibrant color, print, flowers….. Totally Flamboyant

  283. The JUNE’14 FAB BAG totally had me. From the colour of the bag..to its texture.. to the products..there..bang on!!
    It was like you guys had scanned my mind before sending that lovely bag, of which my late-to-join-fabbag-friends are sooo jealous πŸ˜› lol..the yummy scrub, the rice powder went straight up to my list of must have products. The idea of receiving the FAB BAG keeps me excited the whole month..especially after the revelation of the upcoming bag near the 14th of every month. Looking forward to more surprises..all the very best FAB BAG team! You guys totally rocked during the last two years and I,for one, am sure of the same in the future. Awesome job you’ve been doing!:)β™₯β™₯

    lots of love:)

  284. First of all… Congratulations FABBAG for completing 2 amazing years . *happydance*
    I am so glad that I found this amazing subscribtion of monthly bags. *jalwa*
    I always had to search for products I need and sometimes it’s just not available when I want .. *ughhh* *scared* but not anymore … Thanks to u guys *thankyou* … It’s so easy now to get all the things at one place and discover new products too … *hifive*
    Well, I liked aug’14 FABBAG so much because it’s very feminine and elegant … Colour is really vibrant and my fav too… *clap* and aug’14 FABBAG is my second bag but feels like I have got it for very first time … *powder*
    Congratulations again guys … Hope u guys will be completing 100 years
    And I will keep on getting ur bags … Collection of FABBAG *happy dance*

  285. Hi guys! Congratulations on turning 2!

    I was introduced to FabBag while browsing online, and when I learned about the concept, I found it simply irresistible. I wanted to get my hands one of the bags as soon as possible, and that is when I instantly signed up for a 6 month subscription. I waited eagerly for my first bag to arrive (June 2014) and I went crazy for the diverse range of samples you guys had sent me.
    Now, every month I impatiently wait for your bag of fabulous goodies to reach my doorstep, and carefully open the bag with bated breath to see what surprise I will find in there!
    I have received 3 Fabbag’s till now, but my favourite would be the gorgeous royal purple one for July 2014. The colour was so sophisticated and glamorous but moreover, It had a superb range of samples and I enjoyed using every single one of them. My favourites were the yummy fruit masks by “I Love’ and the Beauty UK duo shadow and eye pencil which is SO AMAZING!
    Also, recently, I introduced my cousin sister, who resides in Jaipur to FabBag! As I was describing the concept to her, her eyes widened and immediately as I stopped talking, she rushed to her laptop and booked a 6 month subscription to FabBag. It was then I realized how truly awesome your concept is! She has also recently received her first FabBag (August 2014) and is over the moon with the goodies inside it.
    So, guys congratulations on completing 2 years! Wishing you millions and millions of more happy customers and fans. From one September baby to another, CHEERS!

  286. Hello Fab bag team!

    A biggggggggggggggggggggggggg shoutout to the wonderful team for your success.
    uummmmmmmmmmmm I love May’14 & June ’14 bags the reason being….

    May’14 because it has bag bag written in bold letters and i am pretty sure every gal wud love to flaunt it the word itself suggests that its a fabulous bag. *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

    & secondly June’14 because pink is every girls fav color and so is mine *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* .

    I am looking forward to see your people succeed more and more in your life… So i wish you most & more.

    PS. I may sound selfish *secret* but I am dying to get a M.A.C ruby woo lipstick in my bag ….fingers crossed.

    Wish you a very Happy anniversary fab bag…. Stay beautiful stay fabulous……..
    TIA & LOVE

  287. Hearty Congratulations Fab Bag *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* Well True Passionate Work will always ends up with success….. Congratulations Once Again.. Whhooo forget about my bag…. Im in Love with my July’14 Fab bag.. becoz thats my First FAB BAG *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* I saved my July’14 safely in my Locker becoz i love that Bag That Much.. The Color of Purpose Bag(the color associated with my Crown Chakra) Reminds me my Purpose and i love it… Other than i love the Feb’14 Bag…. Becoz its too cute,trendy and adorable…

  288. Hi, I love my first fab bag , yup , June 14 fab bag. First of all it was my first fabbag and I was all excited to receive it. I love the touch of pink and designer touch in it. Was very happy with all the products and still am everytime I receive one. Thank you fabbag team.

  289. Congrats FAB BAG for the wonderful success. I loved the March one because my mother is using it from the day she has seen it. She’s carrying it along with her where ever she is going. She keeps her mobile, house keys and glasses in it. *puchhi*

  290. Heartiest congratulations for the success of fab bag to u n all the lady subscribers.
    A women can understand the women needs.In this competitive world of skincare and cosmetics its really difficult to select the best.You cannot afford to buy the full package at a heavy price n later not liking it.well I subscribed fab bag in July 2014 for three months so tried 3 fab bags and its really hard to choose which one is best.you know women are never satisfied they crave more,they want more.so all the fab bags are dear to me.can’t be partial haan.will subscribe more bcoz I love surprises and pampering.

  291. It’s no easy task to pick a favorite from these lovely bags.
    Having said that, if I really have to pick one, it would be the July bag…
    It’s feminine,fabulous, classy and chic!

    Thank you fab bag for being a partner in our pursuit of beauty and wellness!

  292. Hey Guys…I loved July’s Fab Bag…it was completely in sync with the theme of the month and fab bag team did a great job by sending really “royal” products my way (I mean everybody’s way) :D….Love the concept and Love Fab Bag!!! Keep Rocking…Best wishes for many more successful years!

  293. I love the February Fab bag…It has my most favourite colours red and black..!!! And ya congrats you guys..hope you reach a million members:)


    I love the AUG’14 Fab Bag!! That was my first Fab Bag!! Orange is the color we associate with the SUN.. which reminds to me to always look on the brighter side.I carry all my necessities in it now. Thank You Fab Bag!!

  295. Hey congrats fab bag for completing 2 yrs of sucess..i just wish u guys keep bringing the smile on all the gals lyk u bring on me..my bro subscribe for fab bag for me as a surprise n i must say it ws amazing surprise he gave me..
    Now coming to the personal favourite i loved the march subscription the bag was amazing n d content too..loved each n every product of that month..

  296. Woah. Congratulations fab bag..
    I always have loved ur idea of beuaty subscription service that was limited tot he forgein countries.only..
    Well.if I had to choose I would say tha march fab bag was the cutest and prettiest of.all to me.. as march is the season of blooms and soring and the theme correctly matched with print of floral bag in march.. black base really made the flowers in vibrant colors pop .. looked so spring.like and a treat to eyes
    Much loveβ™‘

  297. Congrats fab bag!!
    The fab bags definitely brings happiness on our face every month. I really like the feb14 fab bag because of the check print and red colour as this print and red colour are one of my favourites. So its a perfect combo for me

  298. First of all so many congratulations to the team and to vineeta that fab bag has completed it 2 FABoulous years πŸ™‚
    So I love aug 14 Fab bag because it has all of my fav things.
    Firstly it was all natural πŸ™‚
    Secondly i love YELLOW color
    Thirdly I love glitter which i got inside it..
    And i got so many full products..
    I SO LOVE AUGUST “natural” full of FABiness bag ..


  299. Hey guys!!!.. Congratulations Fabbag Team on your second anniversary!!. *pompom* *whistle* Really Really this is an awesome concept and thank you for bringing this forward, because without you all I wouldn’t have got a chance to try these products which have added a glow to my skin, shade to my lips and sparkle to my eyes. *thankyou*

    The cutest one of all the above Fabbag’s is the JUNE FAB BAG. It takes me back to my childhood days;when from room walls to curtain cloth, the barbie dress to barbie bed, from my shirt to dress, Everything used to be Pink! Pink isn’t just a color it is attitude! *hifive*

  300. Hi Fabbag Team,
    Congratulations on completing two wonderful years. I wish you go much further with your venture and put smiles on the faces of millions of us girls (and boys).
    As for the favourite fabbag, I must say it is the March one. It was gifted to me by my sister. I opt for it because it is my birth month fabbag, full of flowers which I love, and when I see my 3 year old daughter fighting over it that it is hers, keeps her (my) lipsticks in it and walks away…I cannot think of more cuteness!

  301. My favourite one is the March 2014 one..It is so vibrant .It is so colourful and stylish and floral is ‘IN’ these days.

  302. *jalwa* Congratulation to the FAB BAG & team!! *pompom* *pompom*
    I loved the August Fab Bag design and look so much *preen*…….Its one of my fav colour and it has leather finish which makes it more peaceful… … *thankyou*
    *pompom* *pompom*

  303. I came to know about fabbag in july 14 through IMBB.So I missed the june 14 fabbag πŸ™
    July bag was good but I like the june bag the most (I wish I could get that now) because It was too chic and the colour *drool*
    In love with the june bag *happy dance*

  304. *jalwa* Congratulation to the FAB BAG & team!! *pompom* *pompom*
    I loved the August Fab Bag design and look so much *preen* …….Its one of my fav colour and it has leather finish which makes it more peaceful… … *thankyou*
    *pompom* *pompom*

  305. cngratulationssss FAB BAG….
    FAB BAG woww..its the best thing ever happened to me *thankyou* *happy dance* …
    After subscribing the 6month package of fab bag..i stay super excited of its arrival *happy dance* *happydance* and when i receive it i go crazy to see it what r the best of the products for me…n i lved all of the product i received so far by now from fab bag… *powder* …i really liked the collection of products n global brands…and bout the free samples they r always good to have them… *happydance* .
    its tough to select one bag outta all these coz all r super cute bags wth amazing collection of skin care and cosmetics…the march ’14 bag is more of cute than all..i found all of the products usefull,…wish to receive the september bag soon :*

  306. *woot* *woot* When it comes to Fab Bag, I have always adored it. It comes packed with so much of happiness *preen* that I just can’t have enough of it. While it is impossible to pick one single favorite, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I have a little soft corner for the May ’14 edition. *oye balle*
    The dazzling yellow and the superbly stylish bag, not to forget the brilliant contents inside makes it one of my top favorites. *duh* *duh* *duh*
    Merely gazing at the bag makes me ache to have one because awesomeness just got all the more awesomer. Fab Bag is a delight for every single person who craves for cosmetics and all things girly.
    *clap* *clap* *clap*

  307. Congratulations FabBag team on ur 2nd anniversary..u always surprise your users with d products dat might suit dem best…the best part i like about you is the way you take detail information about an individual’s preferences and accordingly take utmost care to provide d best suitable high quality products to them. And that is what making you guys fab among us. πŸ™‚ And now after reading dis post,came to know that vineetha & kaushik are IIM alumniΒ Β made me feel more closer to d brand. A trust is developed after reading her message which reveals d person behind this major initiative is more concerned whether her customers are satisfied or not… n im pretty excited to participate in this contest.
    I am not a great poet dat I can right few rhythmic lines for you, but yes; whatever I said above comes directly from my heart.
    Thanks Rati and Sanjeevji for introducing us to FabBag and bringing across their message to us which assures no fake in d site.
    Among the 6 fab bags, i find JUNE,14 fab bag d cutest…  its soo girly..n looks really cut. I can co-ordinate all my essentials inside this bag hassle free. And it goes well with our outfits

  308. Hi Team Fabbag…

    Congrats on completing 2 awesome years of spreading beauty to all … I liked the July fab bag most as it was my first fab bag n loved it completely … The color is my fvrt … N the products given were also good … With explanatory cards on usage … U guys are doing a fab job at fab bag …. Everything about FABBAG IS FABULOUS….


  309. Congratulations to the Fabbag team and ofcourse “us” (the happy fabbaggers ;)) for Fabulous bag’s second anniversary :*
    Well i love the Feb and March Fabbag just for their cute and childish looks but i love the other ones too.. After all they all are Fab πŸ™‚
    Mmmmwaaaaaaaaah Fabbag :* :*

  310. Well I really love the June’14 fabbag as it is a classy bag in the elegant red color which complements the design really well and I would love to carry it with me whwn I travel as a cosmetic bag πŸ˜€ *blush*

  311. Hello fab people!
    First of all thank you for creating this special monthly happiness for us. Well , since you asked.. I find the march bag the cutest! All the fab bags are fab but when it comes to cuteness it’s the floral bag I’m awestruck with. The other bags are classy and chic but MARCH bag is the CUTEST! Why is it cute? Florals are always girly and cute.

  312. I absolutely love the pink (JUNE) fab bag. *woot* I think its sleek, quirky and fab all at the same time. I think its the most unique of the lot. I really appreciate the thought you put in even in the bags.My roomie ordered 3 fab bags (Jul-Sep) but gifted them to me. Unfortunately i missed this beautiful pink one. Congratulations on ur second year! Wish you all the luck and love. xoxo Nyhna

  313. I came to know about fabbag in july 14 through IMBB.So I missed the june 14 fabbag πŸ™
    July bag was good but I like the june bag the most (I wish I could get that now) because It was too chic and the colour *drool*
    In love with the june bag *happy dance*

  314. *jalwa* Congratulation to the FAB BAG & team!! *pompom* *pompom*
    I loved the August Fab Bag design and look so much *preen* …….Its one of my fav colour and it has leather finish which makes it more peaceful… … *thankyou*
    *pompom* *pompom*…………………

  315. Hi Vineeta

    Hearty Congratulations to u first of all ur idea n secondly for this whole journey. Wish u much more success in the coming years. My favt is the March’14 bag… the one with flowers on it. Needless to say flowers r a girls favt thing (after diamond ofcourse *drool* ). It has black which is my fat color and again with the flowers on it… gives me a lively n fresh feeling. Its a perfect example of a girly bag *drool* The colorful flowers help in keeping u in refreshing every time u see it *powder*

  316. Hi,

    Congratulation… *woot* *preen* ,

    i just received the aug FAG BAG, & i really loved that *thankyou*

    i loved the feb FAB BAG as its vety attractive… *happydance* *happydance*

  317. I Think The june Fab Bag Was The Cutest.its Pink!!.honestly The bags For Months that came Before Were Good But When The June One Came It Looked Like Someone Had Put A Lot Of Thought In The design .crochet criss Cross.its Purely Alot Of Thought Put In Fr The Theme-getaway Gorgeous With The gorgeous Contents Too.and What Color Can Be Cuter In A Girls life Than Pink.n Tht Made me resubscribe.:D.so Its Was definitely Cute To Me.

  318. June’14 fab bag was awesome it’s has all the essentials I could expects for this horrible summer. I loves the bag as now this pink pouch is must carry travel essential.
    It’s was a perfect gift to my frnd as she was visiting Rajasthan.
    It’s feels great to b part of fab bag family as it like gifting something good each month to myself❀️❀️❀️

    Most importantly congratulations on successful compelation of two year…

  319. It’s mere coincidence that I got my life’s first FabBag today when I came home from work (actually the bag originally belongs to my darling sister but i have all the rights to call it mine πŸ˜€ ) and now I got to knw that it’s their second anniversary. I am already happy that I will be getting their anniversary goodies in the September FabBag *drool* Happy Anniversary FabBag! I obviously like the August beautiful orange FabBag for obvious reasons that it’s the first Fabbag, which is a combo of elegance and cuteness.

  320. Its so hard to choose one fab bag… But I have to say I loved the beautiful pink woven June fab bag… I loved every product … And congrats on two years!!!

  321. I loved the March Fab Bag, loved the cute little flowers in myriad colours. The bright flowers on a black background give a very happy and lively effect and u can carry it as a fun bag for a girls day out or for a fun beach party too.


    I joined 6 months back and truly it has been the most wonderful thing. Getting WOW products at a very unaffordable price and getting it Month on Month πŸ™‚ the products are so good. It gives me sooooooooooooo much happiness and the curiosity surges as soon as the bag reaches me.

    I usually receive it in my office, and from the moment its in my hand to the time i reach home to open it, i get sooo tempted to open it, at times have even opened it in office washrooms πŸ˜€

    I super loved the July bag- royal purple one. the products so good, everything as if checked with me before sending. Kudos to the team. You people are doing amazing job bringing so much smiles on the faces of women. Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  323. I love the July fab bag! Its a very classy print and matches with any black item in your wardrobe! It seems like the ideal makeup bag for women. Plus, it reminds me of Rati’s black top and purple skirt combo. Kudos to you FabBag!

  324. Supah dupah challenging … but I think I know which one I like most.

    I started my subscription in June 2014. While that bag will always be special, I think the August bag (the orange one), was almost like sunshine on a cold winter day. After a terrible day at work, what made me smile, laugh and jump with joy, was the goodness inside my personal source of sunshine. *woot* *pompom* What more could I have asked for – shower gel, body lotion, supah sexy lip colour, kajal and a hand cream – and that too “au naturel” – my personal spa and salon! *powder*

    I have not just used the products to pamper myself, but I have gone so far as to even taste a few. *drool* Just coz they smell sooooooooooo delicious. *happy dance* *happydance*

    A huge shout out *clap* *announce* to all of you at FabBag for being super awesome and for actually reading the forms we fill out (so you can send it exactly what we need).

    *thankyou* for being splendid and for bringing great stuff to us month after month.

    Lots of luv,

  325. Congratulations Fab Bag.

    I subscribed last month only to give it a try. since i have never been into makeup and stuff, i thought this is the best option for me to start.

    I liked my first Fab Bag for August’14. nice color and good and quality stuff.

    I hope that my makeup kit will transform now with stuff i never knew and tried. *blush*

    Cheers! *pompom*

  326. Congrats to fab bag for completing 2 years….YAY!!! *clap* *happy dance* *pompom* SO AMAZINGGG! My first fab bag was July 2014, and it was so cool! I was waiting to receive my August bag, and that didn’t disappoint either! *nails* Now I just can’t wait for my September bag, and I’m already planning to renew my subscription to fab bag. *thankyou* Thank you for bringing such quality products to us in the cutest bags ever!
    And now coming to my fave bag, it HAS to be August, coz that was the classiest bag of all, and AUG was my BIRTHDAY MONTH! *powder* *nails*

    So yeah, AUGUST does it for me. And u guys keep up the good work, love it!! *thankyou* *puchhi*

  327. Firstly, congratulations to The FabBag Team for pioneering this awesome concept of mystery beauty boxes in India! Simply awesome concept. Who doesn’t love trying new, luxurious things every month for a steal? And who doesn’t absolutely love SURPRISES!!!

    I think the July ’14 was an absolutely gorgeous bag! Royal purple! Absolutely the cutest. Totally stole my heart! Purple being my absolute favourite and of course the glazed diagonal lines truly make it shine. Use it as my portable vanity bag even now!
    A truly Royal Affair!!

    Thank You FabBag for revolutionising the low budget-luxury beauty market in India

  328. First of all congratulations !! May you have many more successful years ahead . It’s very very hard to choose one. And I have all of them. I am using each one of them right now.one in my gym bag , one for my eyeliners etc etc . I am absolutely in love with the orange fab bag which is the latest . August 2014. Plus I love the products we got in august bag .

  329. Love the July Purple bag…Ofcourse it requires oodles of charisma to carry off purple & it symbolises independence, creativity, mystery, and magic. 4 qualities every woman should have & just the touch of FAB BAG oomph stuff to create a sensational persona..

    Congratulations FAB BAG team !!!!

  330. Congratukations to the entire fab bag team! From my first vellvette box to a year of fab bags, I adored the floral march bag. There are two reasons its my fav, one is the material, this is a soft yet waterproof material and secondly the flowers. I think no girl can have enough of floral prints and ever since this bag came it has accomoanied me daily carrying my essential beauty products safely in my purse.

  331. Hi Fab Bag Crew,
    My hearty congratulations to you first !! πŸ™‚
    My choice is for March 14′ Fab bag simply because its totally girly with its floral prints and my favourite black color on the background.

    It is the reall FAB bag πŸ˜‰ comparing to the other colors and designs:)

  332. My favourite would be may14 fab bag!
    It is simply elegant and its vibrant colors are totally attractive and mesmerising.
    It is making the bag a lot faboulous:)

  333. My favourite is Aug 14 Fab bag.Not only because of the outer beauty but also because of the products that came along with it πŸ™‚
    This Fab bag is so gorgeous to take around even to parties!

  334. Wow… 2 yrs…. Wish you many more in the coming years….
    I’m a new member of this wonderful family and loving all the goodies (thoughtful and lovingly chosen ) for me and all the other members…. So it’s a big *thankyou*
    I loved the August Fab bag… It’s simply exotic, with all natural products…. Taking care of my skin and making my eyes more beautiful… Ready to shine in the world….. *preen*

  335. OMG!!! I am so happy and excited for you FabBag!! Congratulations on achieving this and a hearty thank you from me and all the other girls for providing us with wonderful products monthly! I really love the way the March ’14 FabBag looks! Since I have subscribed I am having the most wonderful and joyful experience with u guys! I’d love to wish u all the best with the coming years and I am sure that FabBag will stay for many years!

    Thank you xD xD <3 <3

  336. Congratulations to the Fab bag team in the second anniversary! May you have many more to enjoy. I think its a sweet giveaway. I find the floral bag the cutest as it reminds me of spring. It brings with it a kind of illusion of spring and flowers blossoming everywhere. And the thought of beautiful goodies inside the bag makes it even more desirable. The bag appeals to the senses in an instant because of its floral design and aura..Moreover it is travel friendly and can easily accommodate all the beauty essentials in itself in a single go. My heart is melting just at the thought of just touching it , leave alone posessing it.

  337. First of all heartiest congratulations to Fab Bag..
    Okay so im gonna keep my comment sweet and simple.
    I love all the bags because the name says it all ‘FAB’ but my most favourite and the cutest one is May subscription bag.. It reminds me of Spongebob Squarepants :D..
    I mean who hates Spongebob or who doesnt find him cute?
    Keep rocking fab bag πŸ™‚ xx

  338. For me, all bags are special but my personal favorite is Purplle.Royal yet cute. *woot* . I have seen Vellvette.com growing into fab bag, from women’s to needs of both sexes. It has involved all its fans to come together and have fun. Lots of contests, e magazines, DIY tips, premium brand samples, superb customer service, innovative ideas have all made it a BIG success. I wish fab bag a very happy birthday and my hats off to the mind behind this. May U keep on showering funn. all your fans for years to come and May this venture blossom in full bloom. All the Best Fab bag. Keep it up Vineet and Kaushik!!! *hifive*

  339. Congratulations on completing 2 years!! My favourite would be August Fabbag! It was my first fabbag and still it’s already a favourite. The orange colour is also so refreshing! *pompom* Thank you for considering the questionnaire I filled and sending products I can actually use πŸ˜€ *thankyou*
    Wish you many more successful years to come!

  340. Although I haven’t experienced fab bag as yet as I have just subscribed fab bag after reading Rati’s review on Aug fab bag, and later have been through many more reviews…..all this makes me feel its gonna be fun and I am super duper excited to recieve my first bag in sept…..congratulations to fab bag for completing two years and coming up with such a fantabulous concept…..!!

  341. I love march ’14 bag the most because florals are in trend. This bag perks up my mood and looks so fresh and inviting. The most exciting thing about floral prints is that it is colourful, lovely and full of freshness and life……. πŸ™‚

  342. Congratulations! I have loved most and hated some of the goodies that you have sent. I must say, June bag is my favourite ! Some of the stuff in it has actually converted me to switch brands and I am loving it! The design of the bag was fabulous and I carry it when ever I travel and I travel often. My friends abroad have asked me where I got such a cute bag! I tell them it’s a fab secret

  343. June looks the cutest of all…. Because it is my favorite month of the year (because of my birthday) and also the color is hot pinkish red and who wouldn’t love that! BTW, great blog!

  344. Being a proud customer of Fab Bag from last 15 months first of all i would Love to Congratulation dear Team & Myself as well. Thank you for introducing us with lot of international brands in a very budget way. Though i love all the Cute Little Fab Bags but as here i need to choose among these 6-7 bags so i would love to choose Feb 14 Fab bag. I got amazing products in that bag & look wise i will go for July months bag. Hope to get lucky with my Favorite FabBag. Fingers Crossed. #AnniversaryGiveAway

  345. HEARTY CONGRATS…..I LOVE MARCH’14…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    It’s floral print is awesome….superb with black background….and it’s girlish look… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  346. HEARTY CONGRATS…..I LOVE MARCH’14…. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    It’s floral print is awesome….superb with black background….and it’s girlish look… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Loved it *thankyou*

  347. First of all congrats on your 2nd Anniversary. This is my 1st one with you. It’s been exactly a year since I signed up with you and I’ve loved each and every bag. Best surprises every month, rushing to open the bag to see what I’ve got this time.

    *scared* > *pompom* > *happy dance* (My reaction every month :p)

    For me its has to be the purple one (hands down), July ’14. Purple is my colour (more like my obsession). I just love anything and everything to do with purple.

    P.s. The brightness of the Orange (August ’14) also makes me happy!

  348. hey there.. congo on ur sucess.. i actually have not got any of ur bags yet but i got to know about 5 days back and i feel that u have an awsm business. the part i loved was the questions that u ask so that u can send us the products of our choice. m actually planning to place order and i know i will love it.

    i loved the august fabbag bcoz thats the month of my birthday and i feel thats a bag that will go with all the other stuff and it fits with all kind of personalities of the people. a funky or a subtle or a corporate kinde of a person. so thats my view.

    may ur sucess never end… love ur products…

  349. Congratulations FABBAG!!
    I loved the pretty pink criss-cross June Bag the most.
    But April bag holds a special place as it was my first bag. I was so excited when i booked it ans then when I came from office and saw it. Almond face pack won my heart. After I used it my skin felt so smooth like silk and the face pack smells wonderful. This is one product that I am looking forward to seeing again. Another lovely product was for shiny lips the I Love… Lip Shine in Strawberry! I was so happy with the contents that I took 3 months membership and extended it again in August. Looking forward to more wonderful surprises. Thanks Fab Bag crew.

  350. Congratulations FABBAG!!
    I loved the pretty pink criss-cross June Bag the most.
    But April bag holds a special place as it was my first bag. I was so excited when I booked it and then when I came from office and saw it. Almond face pack won my heart. After I used it my skin felt so smooth like silk and the face pack smells wonderful. This is one product that I am looking forward to seeing again. Another lovely product was for shiny lips the I Love… Lip Shine in Strawberry! I was so happy with the contents that I took 3 months membership and extended it again in August. Looking forward to more wonderful surprises. Thanks Fab Bag crew.

  351. Hey guys!

    Congratulations on your anniversary! *clap* What can I say? Fab bag is completely FAB!!! Its always sooo exciting to get a fabulous bag every month *happy dance* *happy dance* I love all the bags I have received so far…but guess the August bag steals the show…love the textured orange….lovely! the quality of the bag is great…and guess goes with the saffron of the Independence day! The products are luxurious are pampering no end *announce* can’t stop bragging!

    Congratulations on the fab idea and the fab product that you have.

    Wish you many many more anniversaries *pompom*

  352. Heyyy i like the may,14 fab bag as its more classy than the rest, its color coordinated and just a pretty attractive fab and also it more over looks like a beauty bag which it should look like:*

  353. Congratulations FabBag!!!!

    I really love all these bags and all the goodies that came with these. But my favorite has to be the
    July’14 bag as ‘Royal Purple’ is my absolute favorite colour.

  354. I loooovvveeeeddddd the July ’14 Bag. *jai ho* *happydance* *drool* since my name starts with ‘J’.. my birth month is July.. n I love black n purple both the colours. They are the prominent colors in my wardrobe. Love the awesome idea of Fab bag. True genius. Hats off. Even the products offered are true to the name “fab” *clap* .

  355. The June 2014 Fabbag is high on its Cuteness Quotient among all. The Quilted emphasis on the bags makes it a statement bag. Red as a colour is always heavy and stands out of rest. Personal suggestion a little emphasis on every month subscription bag’s detailing, likewise done in June 2014 beauty box will allure more audience to give it a try. I came across this business idea through this column, so i am thankful to Rati.
    Good luck Vineeta and team. Looking forward to see more and want to give it a try.

    Thank you.

  356. Happy anniversary Fab bag..!
    For me the feb 14 bag is the cutest… Unique and attractive..
    A perfect bag for a girlie girls stuff!
    The attractive design wil surely catch everyones attention..
    Definitely somethin i wud love to carry in my bag.. *drool*

  357. Congratulations, Fabbag team! You have created a rage. Indian girls now await their monthly dose of beauty from you. I have subscribed from June this year and love all three bags I have received so far. The one I liked best was the July bag. Thanks and best wishes to tens and hundreds of such anniversaries in the future

  358. I absolutely love the June 14 Fab bag.
    Although the reasons for loving Fab bag in general are umpteen but I specifically love the June 14 Fab Bag most is because that is the time when I came across Fab Bag and their amazing services and equally fabulous collection of products. Further, I’m absolutely stunned by the design of June 14 bag, the color, design, texture, everything is just simply superb.
    And what I think makes it all the more special, is, that as a whole it reflects the ideology behind Fab Bag, i.e., Beauty personified for the today’s woman…
    *pigtail* *powder* *pompom* *preen*

  359. I find march’14 the cutest of all the fab bags listed above because it is a cute n cheery floral print which reminds me of the cute gestures that many of my students make in school to wish me, their teacher, a good day by gifting a fresh n colourful flower πŸ˜€ and what girl doesn’t like flowers??!!! isn’t it??

  360. i love the august bag because it contains natural product and i love nyx products its amazing…..and the bag color is also so elegant i love the style and combination of products………..:-* :-* <3

  361. Many many congratulations to FABBAG.
    When I first came to know about this unique idea I was very much attracted and amused towards this product. Being from a very small town it was always a dream to own and use world known brands, and FABBAG turned this dream into reality.
    And I finally did my subscription this AUGUST. So, my favourite FABBAG was of AUGUST. I loved it because it was all herbal and now I know that every month I will be pampered by some UHHHMAZING PRODUCTS by you……
    Thank You

  362. Though the August bag was my first *happydance*
    It’s the July Bag that caught my eye *jalwa*

    It’s just not too light
    but not too bright
    Not very dark
    but stands out like a spark
    It’s so cool
    and makes me drool *drool*

    I could have taken it anywhere and everywhere

    How I wish I had subscribed earlier *waaa*
    all those lovely bags could have made such a cute collection

    I feel, better now than never ….
    so yay… am happy *happydance*

    *thankyou* fabbag

  363. Heyyy! Congratulations the fab bag turned two!!!! *clap* every bag delivers joy and happiness! My fav is the June’14 bag because I love red, red is bold, red is me!!! *preen*

  364. hello all
    first of all , many many many congratulations to FABABG. i just came to know about this superb thing called FABBAG last july only and ordered it instantly. First subscribed it for 1 month and then finding a cute royal bag with fab goodies , i went on subscribing for next three months and referring it to others too (not as referral service but mouth publicity with colleagues and cousins).
    I really love my second FABBAG also.
    but my favourite is july bag – a sweet , royal and sober purple fabbag that is filled with superb goodies and guess what , it came at perfect timing when i was going on a day trip . It just relieved me of stress of packing my comb, lipbalm, sunscreen etc while travelling.love you FABBAG for this πŸ™‚ *thankyou*

    Eagerly waiting for September FABABG………….
    And yes wishing FABBAG team and crew a very very successful years ahead ……………..

  365. Congratulations Fab Bag!!!!! My favorites are June
    14 and July 14th, they are the cutest. I have the
    July 14th bag and I store my makeup stuff in these
    bags. The best thing is that these bags are of
    pretty good quality, the fab bag logo is also too
    good! I had a very good experience with the Fab
    bag people – the july bag particularly!

  366. I loved the july fab bag <3 full of exiting surprises for skin care plus its look *announce* :*, Its girly color and style was amazing *thankyou* Totally loved it <3

  367. Kudos Fab Bag! Wish you many many more successful years ahead with us in tow!
    Really love the way Vineeta Singh has penned her thoughts!

    Though I love all the bags, the March Fab Bag is a winner for me. Its my Birthday month bag and I love it! The colourful floral pattern is so in tandem with the Spring season that arrives every March. Flowers in bloom and bright colors everywhere, this what this bag screams *happydance*

  368. Congratulations to FabBag on turning 2…. πŸ˜€ *happydance*
    I’ve received 4 bags so far n I’ve loved all of them. So tough to compare. All of them had cosmetic product n lotions. So I’ll choose a bag it’s color it wud be July bag it’s purple color was so cute coz loved all products.

  369. Fab bag is a grl mush have ol those products r awsum it seems as if fab bag new watz n our heart wat we need n gives it to us really….i hv recieved 2 of dm hv dne ma hole yr subscrptn coz dey r sooo obvious that …. cant b resistef d natural products d brand name gives us ol dat royal feel d products quality z so hud dat u feel like u hv atlast got wat u deserve sooo lucky 2 b vth fab bag so satisfied the extra products make us feel d xtra care fab bag is givn us vch no body does n ds world nowadays vch makes m sooo atached 2 u ma fab bag olll d products rawsum vch i hv got uptil nw as if ma list z getin fild b d the products beinh similar 2 wat ma skin wants it makes both ma body n me fall n love vth fab bag again n again love u fab bag n do kerp cumin 2 me coz ma body n me v both r addcted 2 u

  370. It’s June ’14 for me cos this is the bag which held me back to this site
    I found this bag so attractive especially the colour which made me check this site n believe me I got stuck to dis site wanting not to go back….n finally I placed my first order last month I.e august 14
    I like this bag cos it’s attractive(cos i got attracted to it )n d design of this bag makes it look classy ..i think this bag can also be carried as wallet which can go well with ne outfit whether it is indian or Western…I jus love it
    All credit goes to dis pinky pinky cutie cutie FAB BAG

  371. Hey….I loved the orange color bag coz it’s super stylish and luks very sexy.its very appealing and adds the extra oomph.its high on style and it one wud wana give it a second look.

  372. I have not been a cosmetic products fan so far. However I tried my first fab bag in the month of june and fell in love with it.. *powder* . I loved the August fab bag as it is all natural and paraben free and can be used without any second thought. *haan ji* . Thanks you fab bag! *happydance*

  373. Congrats fabbag….had amazing 8 months wd u…… i like the march 2014 bag…its one of the cutest bags….the beautiful floral print reminds me of my childhood….how i usedto love floral prinnts…n it matches my 2nd year bday outfit as well….close to my heart….will alwayz cherish march fab bag….amazing job there!!!!

  374. Congrats fabbag….had amazing 8 months wd u…… i like the march 2014 bag…its one of the cutest bags….the beautiful floral print reminds me of my childhood….how i usedto love floral prinnts…n it matches my 2nd year bday outfit as well….close to my heart….will alwayz cherish march fab bag….amazing job there!!!!<3β™‘β™‘β™‘

  375. Congratulations FAB BAG on completion of 2 years..

    I like the August bag coz this is my first FAB BAG!!! I loved the color orange … I wish I had come across FAB BAG concept way earlier πŸ™

  376. Firstly congratulations to FabFab for completing 2 years !
    I hope FabBag turns out to be the Product of the Decade.
    I especially love the Black and Yellow May FabBag because of it’s color combination – Black n Yellow – very classy – very timeless – subtle – down to earth – does it get any better !?!
    I would love to own it & would feel priviledged to win this.
    Kudos to the FabBag team once again !!

  377. I love the MARCH-14 fab bag *thankyou*
    It’s so colorful, flowery and lively. This is the one i use the most as it’s so refreshing just like the products i receive inside fab bag…….

  378. Wow. 2 years! Congrats fab bag! I find the june ’14 bag the best because from its gorgeous coral color, to its elegant design, to full value for money, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  379. Congratulation fab bag for completing 2 years. I am a new subscriber and I am glad that I became a part of it.
    My favourite fab bag is the AUGUST’14 Fab Bag. It is my second bag. It looks very cool, the yellow orange textured bag is somewhere inspired to the skin of an orange. The theme was all natural. So the bag also looked so fresh and natural. I am definitely going to use it to store my makeup stuff. And the products were amazing, all were natural and I absolutely loved all of them. Looked like the fab bag team personally picked up all the 5 products for me. Good job !!

    Im so happy for u guys! Good work and keep it
    I live the may 14 fab bagβ™₯
    I hope I win it!
    Thank you:)

  381. Congratulations FabBag!! Happy birthday! I have had 3 bags till now and they were just wow! Thank you πŸ™‚
    My favorite is Feb’14 it looks so classy!!

  382. Happie wala budday FabBag!!! Celebrations Celebrations Celebrations!! Love ❀ personally there is no reason to love any fab bag lesser than the other! I simply love love love the July fab bag! I got the most amazing products in it. It was like tailor made for me! The bag was a beautiful purple! It is my favourite colour!! N its so classy! N its so useful. I no longer need to buy cosmetic pouches! I can use a different one each day! Love u fab bag!!!

  383. Hieee!! Congrats team Fab Bag for 2 Fabulous years of awesomeness. I absolutely LOVED the July Fab Bag because of its gorgeous texture and unusual colour. Content wise Fab Bag just keeps getting better so I cant pick!!!! I totally love the cosmetics and the fact that there are loads of organic products for us to try. Each bag is carefully personalised, so we only get what we like πŸ˜€ Many more years (and bags) to come πŸ˜€

    Keep rocking ! *puchhi*

    Loads of love

  384. Woohoooo *pompom* *clap* Congratulations team “FABBAG” …..Its clear that u have had a very successful 2 years looking at the comments that you have received within a day *shock* Am sure you are going to have a tough time selecting a winner but still trying my luck *scared* πŸ˜€ Which girl wouldn’t love to get that Giveaway bag *drool*

    My favourite is the July 14 Bag . The lovely colour and the stuff I got in them …..completely loved it and still love it . It has found a permanent place in my office bag and I carry it with so much pride all through the office floor when I go for touch up *devil* . It holds a lot of my stuff even my comb *woot* I loveeee it πŸ˜›

    Not to forget all the ones displayed , the Aug bag is a stunner which I use when I go out …the colour is so refreshing *happydance*

    Looking forward to many more beautiful bags and amazing surprises inside it *happy dance* Not to forget I would be super elated to get the #giveaway bag *devil* *devil* *devil*

  385. My birthday falls in Jun and I was especially happy to receive the prettiest bag that month. The pink bag has a beautiful interwoven design, that is sure to grab eye-balls anywhere I take it.

  386. Hi a very big congratulations. . *powder* wow an amdavadi initiative rocks..!! the june 14 bag is simple yet lovely and elegant..β™‘β™₯

  387. Congratulations. You guys always bring a smile. The august one because it’s so Summerish and the things I got were purrrrfect! God bless you guys and keep up the good work.

  388. I lived the violet-ish pinkish bag coz it looks classy and elegant which is totally my style *pompom*
    Thank you so much fab bag for the giveaway.. *thankyou*
    Im subscribing back again this month and hope to get awesome products… *drool* *drool*

  389. Wooohoooo *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* Congratulations team “FABBAG” . Its clear by the number of comments within 24 hours that you have had an amazing 2 years sending products and making all us beautiful ladies happy πŸ˜› *happydance*

    The competition for the giveaway bag looks tough but still trying my luck as who wouldn’t love to own it *drool* *drool* *drool*

    My most favorite among the all the listed favourite bags is the Aug 14 Bag *jai ho* Its so sturdy and it is so close to me that I finished all the products within a month and it has found a place for itself in my office bag πŸ˜€ . The pride with which I carry it all through the cubicles in my floor for my touch up *devil* ha ha , I cannot describe it *devil* *devil*

    My happy moments are when other ladies try to take a sneak peak at my bag and I have a proud grin rofl My another favourite is the Aug 14 Bag , the lively and refreshing orange bag which I carry these days when I go out . You guys have made my life so simple and refreshing .

    I swear by the FABBAG anyday *drool* *drool* *drool* Love you guys and yeah I would like to have a #giveaway bag *devil* *devil* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

  390. First off, congratulations! And celebrations! Happy Anniversary Fabbag! You just have made my life simply awesome! Every month I wait eagerly for that gorgeous bag of happiness to arrive!! I got my mum and sis alao hooked as well! I adored the June’14 Fab Bag! Firstly it’s Pink (which is my fav colour) and second, I loved the knotted look! Super classy and super awesome! It had some amazing products!! I had to literally wrestle my mum for the bag πŸ˜€ Thank you so much u lovely ladies at Fab Bag u rock!!

  391. I find June’14 bag the cutest because it is so elegant. Its style would never be out of fashion or you wouldn’t get bored of its design. It attracts the attention and makes one stare at it. I just love it and just want to touch. The more I see it, the more I want to touch and feel it.

  392. Wooohoooo *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* Congratulations team β€œFABBAG” . Its clear by the number of comments within 24 hours that you have had an amazing 2 years sending products and making all us beautiful ladies happy πŸ˜› *happydance*

    The competition for the giveaway bag looks tough but still trying my luck as who wouldn’t love to own it *drool* *drool* *drool*

    My most favorite among the all the listed favourite bags is the July 14 Bag *jai ho* Its so sturdy and it is so close to me that I finished all the products within a month and it has found a place for itself in my office bag πŸ˜€ . The pride with which I carry it all through the cubicles in my floor for my touch up *devil* ha ha , I cannot describe it *devil* *devil*

    My happy moments are when other ladies try to take a sneak peak at my bag and I have a proud grin rofl My another favourite is the Aug 14 Bag , the lively stunner and refreshing orange bag which I carry these days when I go out . You guys have made my life so simple and refreshing .

    I swear by the FABBAG anyday *drool* *drool* *drool* Love you guys and yeah I would like to have a #giveaway bag *devil* *devil* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance* *happydance*

  393. I like MARCH 2014 Fab Bag, because the bag contains

    1) Thalgo Masque Cryodetox – This is a fresh and cool gel which helps in improving the complexion of the skin. It contains the necessary elements which help in providing a fairer looking and a glowing skin.

    2) Portico Spa Verbena Hydrating Body Wash – Luxury Spa Brand, Portico, available across Hyatt Hotels globally, has an organic Verbena line that is natural, aromatic and refreshingly citrusy. Apply this body wash to feel instantly refreshed.

    3) Flormar Revolution Lipstick – Revolution is their premium lipstick containing shea butter, cocoa, olives, a super pigment and easy 8 hr staying power.

    4) Natio Renew Lines And Wrinkles Day Cream SPF 15 – Creamy vitamin-rich moisturiser to help smooth and firm skin for a more youthful appearance. Natural actives and sun filters help deeply hydrate and protect against wrinkles and discolourations. Plant extracts: Plant Peptides plump, firm and improve elasticity. Moringa Butter, Hyaluronate and Argan moisturise. Fennel rejuvenates.

    5) Blush

    This 5 amazing & expensive beauty care products in one bag is as dreamed surprised. *pompom*

    Thank You For The Giveaway
    Fingerzzz Crozzed

  394. Hey

    I love the super chic fab bag and wait for it every month.I loved the August fab bag for its vibrant orange and the dashing red lipstick it haf.Also found the hand cream super cool and have started using them regularly.

    Congrats on ur anniversary and keep up the fabbagulous collection.

  395. I say this with much pride and affection that I’ve been a subscriber of this wonderful box/ bag of joy for most parts of these two years. Many, many congratulatios to the fabbag family on completing these brilliant two years. I have to give it you guys, the few times
    I’ve been disappointed with my bags, you guys have always come back bigger and better. Kudos to that.
    Now to choose between these six bags, I think I’m going to have to go with the July ’14 bag. Why? Because it’s majestic in it’s simplicity. The colour is rich with a wee bit of lustre. It’s simple and classy. Plus I absolutely loved the stuff inside so I might be just a little bit biased πŸ˜‰

  396. From the first pink tissue-lined little black box to the last kick-ass pleathery pouch, fab bags have gotten a little bit better each month… That is hard to do …I know. I sell shoes and my shoes get better …but not every month…. I need to learn from yall…

    I’m not a makeup person, I’m not a cute things person, I’m not even much of a gifts person…or at least that’s what I used to think before I got fab bag fever …getting the little bag each month literally makes me giggle with laughter … makes my mom worry a little… makes my whole house smell wonderful with me rubbing on and spraying things hehe

    So, without more ado … i vote for the pink chataai … the soft pink crosshatch… all the bags have been cute …but that was the first one that was cute with a hint of class… I’m traveling to Paris this month and I’ll be takin’ ma fab bag with me…

  397. Two years down the line!! wow….
    A big Congratulations ladies πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ *clap* *pompom* *woot* *happy dance*
    Rati thanks a tonne for the blog firstly…. Whenever was doubtful to purchase a new product,
    used to simply visit IMBB. And used to give me the right reviews. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*
    And Fabbag, though I missed purchasing the bags due to some or the other reason.
    Thanks a tonne for the wonderful initiative.. πŸ˜€ *happy dance*
    My favourites are March, Feb and June bag.
    Couldn’t really choose.. sorry… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    March because of its ultimate girly feel, Feb coz its classy red an checks
    & June because of its beautiful pink… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Thanks again….

  398. Congrats congrats n heartiest of congratulations. And many many many successful years ahead.
    I am happy tht u guys came up wid this amazing idea n brought so many guides n awesome bags to us which make us women feel like spl and Princess. Thanks fabbag.
    I simply luved March ’14 n July ’14 bags. Flowery lovely. N d red is so vibrant, lively and awesome.
    Keep up d gud work guys n we all luv u a lot *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  399. OMG guys! Fab bag has been such a revolutionary breath of fresh air for us divas πŸ˜‰
    I am going to choose the March 2014 bag because that was the first bag I ever saw on my sister’s desk and when I peeked inside after taking in all those lovely floral prints that were singing for spring, I whooped in joy at the beautiful eyeshadow pallete *drool*
    That was when I decided to get my own fab bags each month and be fabulous always πŸ˜€

    Also a huge bear hug for that start up questionnaire :”) so many brownie points for that, ladies *haan ji* *preen*
    I am in for this glamathon for LIFE!!
    Ps : that lovely little floral pouch has been on so many vacations πŸ˜€ stylish and comfy πŸ˜€

  400. The august bag …..the look and the way it appeals your eyes makes it so cute n classic at the same time. The whole look gives a feeling of warmness and satisfaction .
    Colour and the work on the fab bag August is simply the cutest ! β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯
    Me and my mother finds your effort in creating such fabulous bags each month truly amazing. Please continue to surprise us !
    Loads of love

  401. Hi all… First of all congratulations to Fab bag *hifive* . wish lots n lots of happy anniversaries *clap* . My choice is May’14 fab bag. Colours are so young and attractive like our Fab bag’s content. And the words are printed on it boldly, FAB BAG which says on its own that “this is Fab bag – the fabulous bag anyone and everyone MUST have”.

  402. Many many manyyy congrats FAB BAG!
    I just recently got to know about you guys and gosh I feel I have missed so many goodies already..
    Anyways I have ordered now!! Yayyy!!
    I love love love the feb 14 and June 14 bag esp June one bcoz of its coral red deep rich color..

  403. congratulations to the fab bag family *happydance*
    i’m already in love with the ”fab bags” and i believe that the august ’14 fab bag is the cutest not jst because of the color but of what it has inside it *happy dance* . A fab bag is special coz of what it has inside it and august bag is full of natural goodies *clap* . Being with natural things makes it more healthier for all the beauties around and i salute the fab bag team. *thankyou*

  404. Congratulations team Fab Bag on your second anniversary. I wish you all many more happy years of service.
    As far as my choice for best Fab Bag goes, I must say it has been quite a tough competition between the three bags of June, July and August with each bag bringing forth more promises than the one before. But alas! Since I must nominate only one, judging by its look as well as contents, I am in love with the June Fab Bag. Its sweet pink colour and stylish crosshatch pattern has simply made me go head over heels. *jalwa* It makes the bubbly girl inside me speak out *announce* and I heart it! *happydance* *happydance*

  405. The jully fab bag the purple one.Its really stylish and fashionable.It looks so attractive from outside only.Its colour and texture hooks ur eyes on it.And when you open it wow!inside there are as usual wonerful and the most amazing products.I just admire it and love it.I guess its a double bonanza!!And i found it the cutest among all the bags.

  406. Congrats on turning two @Fabbag *happydance* *clap* … For me my firstever Fabbag i.e. June14 Fabbag was the cutest πŸ˜€ i was very excited to open it which was very nicely packed and the product were useful for me which made me twice as happy to have been ordered it πŸ™‚ … hence i subscribed for more months.hope to get exciting products… cheers πŸ™‚

  407. Hello,
    My favorite fabbag is the June one cause it’s color is fab, texture is fab , design is fab and June’s collection was also fab!!!

  408. Congratulations fabbag.

    In my. Opinion feb14 bag is d cutest as it is verry stylish elegant n sexy
    N eyecatcher amost oll
    I wont mind carrying it as a handbag on my small market trips

  409. Happy Anniversary Fab Bag Team.
    Amongst all the amazing bags your team has sent me over the last months, I absolutely love and adore the August Fab Bag. The color is vibrant orange and it is just FABulous. the products in this pretty bag are every girl’s dream. An all natural Paraben and SLS free KronoKare Duo (lotion+bodywash), which pampers the skin and leaves it feeling fresh and moisturized, and the fragrance relaxes the nerves and soothes the mind. The hand cream moisturizes and softens my hands. The Lip gloss with its beautiful sheen gives me a glamorous pout . The Eye Liner just dazzles and highlights my eyes and all in all the August FabBag builds up my style quotient, making me feel like a pampered princess.

  410. oh! congrats FAB BAG (our very own VELLVETTE). My association with FAB BAG is since May 2013… though I find all of their bags r cute , but among them the ” JULY ’14 FAB BAG” is the cutest one. Reasons are :1. quality of the fabric
    2. embossed criss cross pattern
    3.sober Mauve color and..
    4.cutest metallic logo which was 1st introduced in July
    till now this is my fav FAB BAG

  411. Hearty Congratulations Fab Bag
    You guys are doing an amazing job and I have never been disappointed with the products I have received till now..
    It is so hard to choose just one out of these 6 Fab Bags. I really loved the August’14 bag.! It was a orange bag which is such an adorable color. I felt super special to receive products that suited my skin type perfectly! That really shows you guys work really hard on every Fab bag and that’s what I absolutely love about you guys! You guys make every fab bag subscription,worth it! Thank you for making our life so much easier.
    AUGUST FAB BAG meant this to me-
    A- Awesome
    U- Unbelievable
    U- Unique
    S- Special

  412. All the six bags are pretty… just like you guys… just like us, women in general.
    And it is very hard to choose just one. Nevertheless, I like the red and black checkered Feb ’14 bag the best. It’s bright, vibrant, and all around stylish… but then so are all your bags and products.
    We women sometimes have the tendency to feel insecure and we do need just a little bit of encouragement from time to time.
    So I thank You guys for giving us that extra push, for becoming our mood-lifter and for understanding how much we love surprises.
    More than that, Hats-off to you, guys, for the “Fab” job you all are doing. It is a daunting enterprise, having to guess, select and choose those more-than-perfect products that we might like, want or need and we realize that it’s not always a cake walk. We appreciate your hard work and for making us feel worth it.
    Thank You πŸ™‚

  413. Congratulations on th beautiful 2 years, wishing you great years ahead!!
    Love at first sight! Does not only happn with tat one person, it happens with things too! Tats wat I felt when I saw th June’14 bag. Pink (one of my favorite color) with th self crisis cross print was such a delight.

  414. Congratulations to the entire team for this successful venture. It takes huge efforts to reach this stage. I wish you goodluck for future.
    I like the June Fab bag. I like the vibrant pink color. It looks very classy.

  415. Congratulations the FabBag Team for completing two years!!! Yayyyiee!!
    And so, let me tell you I discontinued for the last two months but could not resist anymore and booked my subscription again..The curiosity..the feeling to make it mine has left me with counting the days to receive my Fab Bag just in the right month as I share my Birthday Month with My Fab Bag…Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
    So, now for the contest..my Favorite would be the July’14 one..as it looks so exquisite in its own way..!!Purple is the color of sophistication and I totally adore it with all my zeal!! Yohooooooooooooo!! Waiting to grab it in my hands soon!! Once again Congratulations to the Fab Team for the amazing bag full of beautiful surprises delivered at our doorstep each month!! Lots of love and wish you many many more years to come!! And Rati, You are Fab Woman using the Fab Bag!!
    All the best guys!!!!!!! Let’s applaud and wish the Fab Team for the wonderful creation!! You guys Rockkkk!!!!!! <3

  416. Hey!
    I loved your august fab bag because the bag was also awesome amd so were the stuff inside it. Lived the lipgloss whivh you’ll gave me. Would love to have more of thede lipstivks amd glosses and things i love in my future fab bags too. Thank you so muvh for making my 3 months awesome will be signing up for more too. I used to wait after 20th of every month the curiosity of what would come inside this new back used to kill me. Almost every time it used to be worth the wait. Thank you so much.

  417. For me, it’s the July FabBag, 2014. It was my first FabBag and my first bundle of joy in it’s purple encased awesomeness. The color of the bag was warm, comforting, yet that slight majestic..royalty, that comes with the purple color. The products inside the bag were the proof of care that the entire crew sends, personalizing each bag.

  418. August bag was the best . God. I loved the bag. I was really surprised to get ol amazing products . It was like a magical bag with goodies meant for me. I ve been a fan of NYX and wat i got in my bag was the eyeliner frm dis brand.#handsdown❀️Thaaaank you guys ❀️

  419. The cute lil pinki June bag is my fav as it was my first ever fab bag subscription gifted to me by a very special person so it was the best gift I could receive *oye balle* Muuuuaaaaahhhhhhhhh and kudos to the whole fab bag crew for coming up with a sweet lil surprise every month…….. Just can’t wait for the months ahead *happydance* love u guys

  420. I just love the June fab bag…Its awesome in texture and look…And very pinkk…just the way i like..The bag is such that it is great to carry it by itself and make a style statement..as well as a chic makeup bag.

  421. The cute lil pinki June bag is my fav as it was my first ever fab bag subscription gifted to me by a very special person so it was the best gift I could receive *oye balle* Muuuuaaaaahhhhhhhhh and kudos to the whole fab bag crew for coming up with sweet lil surprises every month…….. Just can’t wait for the months ahead *happydance* love u guys

  422. Firstly, I would like to Congratulate FabBag! *clap* *whistle* *puchhi* You guys are great! I wasn’t much into beauty and makeup but after seeing the FabBag site, I got excited and was curious to try this service. I started with 3 months subscription, I am happy & satisfied customer. I would recommend FabBag to all my girlfriends. Its hard to pick just 1 favorite bag. The bag which I loved the most is June 2014 FabBag ! The Cross design is simply “Wow”! I loved the goodies of that month. The color of the bag is adorable and the look is so unique. I flaunt that bag with pride. *clap* . The size of the bag is super cute. September is very special for me since its my Birthday month. Eagerly waiting to see what’s the surprise for me this month. Love you loads FabBag! *puchhi* Keep growing healthy & wealthy! All the best! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  423. I love the Aug 14 bag and what makes it all the more spcl is that this is particularly my bday month.going back the back the Aug bag was full of organic products that suited me very well….and awesome lipstick I was sent makes a perfect go to product fr my monotonous 9-5 job..bbg.it indeed adds a touch of panache to my prsonality……lastly heartiest congratulations on completing 2 yrs……yeapy

  424. Love the orange bag… The color itself gives u a feeling of freshness and the amazing products inside are icing on the cake. The orange also signifies the strength and the agility of the women and are mostly ignored and considered delicate. Orange is the color of today ‘so women strong and confident.
    All the best to Fab bag and company for surprising us with all the goodies each month *thankyou*

  425. I am new here bt nt to fab bag mom n masi r big fan
    The may one reminds me of taxis I really loveeeee d wow red of june n tangy orange of july
    N drse bags r actually so handy whyl travelling

  426. Hi to one and all from my dearest fab bag community. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    Loved the idea behind FABBBBBBB FAB BAG. It gives the Ultimate excitement and happiness to wait for it and then opening it and taking out the products one by one. I loved the July Fab bag. It’s My favourite. What a royal bag it is and how beautifully the fab bag crew caters to my wishes and needs. I loved all the products.. Good way of exposing us to international brands and the best products. U r doing an awesome job.. Keep it up *announce*

  427. Yay!!!! Congratulations fab bag on ur 2nd anniversary . . I m pretty excited wen I got my first fab bag . and to my surprise , I loved each and every product in it. Personally I like the august fabbag better coz the ochre colour is kinda cool .
    Fabulous work by ur team fab bag. Way to go guysss. Gud luck . πŸ™‚

  428. I love the Aug 2014 bag just because its an orange colour bag and my favourite colour is orange. So when I saw this couldn’t control to order one for me…

  429. All these months i have been procrastinating and postponing my fabbag subscription. I stuck to reading reviews and watching others post pictures of their fabulous goodies on your facebook page. This august you guys pushed it to an all new level with the chic orange bag. I was zapped by how stylish the bag looked. The herbal theme was a MAJOR BONUS! The offer was so irresistable that i immediately booked it without the least bit of hesistation. Im sure the next bag will be so much awesomer that itll hook me onto the annual subscription. Congratulations guys, you peeps are just getting better and better with each passing month! Kudos! Heres to many more fabbags!

  430. Congratulations on the second aniversary. . *drool*
    Honestly speaking i loved the march 14 bag because it is very girly and has floral prints on it. As i am very girly, not bold but kind of shy and girly and also i am in love with floral prints. And i guess girly and floral prints very much depicts the cute factor…thats wht march 14.

  431. Congratulatios…….. kudoos to u guys
    For me fab bag is always fab but the most cutest bag is the floral march bag as it marks the beginning of summer with colours and also the products in the bag were super exciting as they truly defined a woman’s beauty. The bag not only is cute but is also charming and tempting

  432. Congratulations. .. *announce* for makin all d women look grt n fab wit d fabbag for d past 24 months.. *nails* *powder* *preen* thanksss a ton.. N I feel the JULY BAG is d most fabulous of all.. The colour purple denotes royalty n a grt sense of style d shine of d stripes add to the look n makes it mre elegant.. I totally loved it.. Keep up the good wrk.. Hearty warm wishes.. LOVE. LOVE.LOVE.

  433. The cutest bag for me is of March, 2014. It symbolizes youth, vivaciousness, new beginnings, joy all packed in one…everything I wish to carry with me the whole year round, my entire life! I got this bag as a gift from a friend and I knew I wanted one every month all for myself! Thanks for the love Fabbag!

  434. August Fab Bag was the best!!
    Omg!! That was reaction when I first opened it…I just went mad…going gaga about the bag and stuff I got. Sharing it with my friends…telling them all.
    What a bag!! The August bag had everything what I needed…All natural…All amzingg…spicially the natural mascara. …I fell in love with that product. It’s surly in my next shopping list now.
    And apart from loving all the products that I got in my August Fab Bag…. I fell in love with the bag in which I got all the stuff..it’s my wonder make up office bag now….thanks Fab bag for making me feel beautiful.
    Super excited and can’t wait to see my September edition.

  435. you want me to select one among all those? You are not kidding, right? How can I do injustice to the rest of them? Can you…? *ghost* *ghost* *ghost*
    Yeah, that’s me and my whole story. I love you guys, I have learnt so much. I have got to experience things that i never thought i would. You are in a whole new level, a whole different world. I am among those girls that you wanted to give a new world to explore and I must say, you have succeeded.
    Okey, I would go for the Aug-14 bag. Because of the vibrant colour mixed with faux leather.. a totally killer combination to go for. Products you gave were amazing too, All Natural.
    Btw, Congratulationssssss… on your 2nd year…..
    *pompom* Happy Birthday… *pompom*

  436. I liked the Aug’14 bag most .i had subscribed the fab bag in the month of feb after seeing wonderful reviews for it….while eagerly waiting for the bag i had already made up my mind to subscribe it for the next three month .but was dissapointed to see the products and decided right away to change my mind….just hope that they send products according to questionair…

  437. I can’t pick one bag. Each bag is full of surprises and goodness. You introduced me to whole lot of new products. Fan bag gets better and better every month and I dont think I can get enough of fab bag. Congratulations on second anniversary . Hope fab bag gets older and we get younger using fan bag products

  438. First of all, A BIG CONGRATULATIONS *clap* to the fabulous THE FABBAG team on completing 2 years in giving happiness to lots nd lots of women and we all really go hubba hubba *happy dance* once in a month when we receive the bag..
    I subscribed to Fabbag in the month of June.. the concept of Fabbag was an instant hit at my home.. As June is my birthday month, i gifted myself with an annual subscription…its been 3 months post that however Fabbag has never disappointed me so far.. On every 20th, I constantly WhatsApp my mum whether the parcel has been delivered and my mum also loves all the products.. The bag or pouches themes, colors, products that suit our preferences, packing, logistics, all goes in showing the hard work and commitment of the beauty experts at Fabbag..
    My favourite bag amongst these would have to be JUNE 14..it was the cutest with the cutest color amongst all.. Pink.. And the criss cross texture of bag .. And the clean and clear goodies were like cherry on icing.. The amazing products I received in Jun bag are so far my most favorite and frequently used.. I also received the clinique lipstick free of cost on the annual subscription and it’s the perfect nude colour and suits every occasion..I loved the June bag so much that I have stored all my daily essentials in the cross like a boss bag and carry it in my purse daily.. People have shared positive feedback when I recommended Fabbag and they went on to become loyal members of this FAB WORLD.. once again would like to say *thankyou* and keep sharing the goodness and love as always!! CHEERS

  439. I think august 14 is really good.
    Its dearly special as it is my first fab bag! The products and the bag itself is such a beautiful thing!
    Kudos to the fab bag team for coming up with such a great idea!
    Thank u guys and congratulations!!!!!
    To more years of fab bags and all the beautiful women, cheers!

  440. Congratulations FabBag on completing 2 years. Happy Birthday. πŸ˜€ We all love your products that you send us in those cute bags. And your name just suits the bags fan bag which is really fabulous indeed. I love the floral fan bag. It really attractive and plesant and has a feminine touch to it. And I’m a floral baby coz I love everything that is floral and colourful and my never ending love fr flowers isthe reason why I love that bag. πŸ˜‰

  441. Big congratulations and kudos to team fab bag for successfully completing 2 years of making women feel and look beautiful. All bags are wonderful and I have my own pretty collection of them but the best bag for me is March 2014 black bag with flower prints as it portrays various colors in one look leading to imagination and visualization of just not the colors but also their smell, essence leaving a larger and complete impact

  442. I love may 2014 fab bag…the branding was perfect and i proudly flaunted it πŸ™‚ 7 of my friends subscribed to fabbag after they saw (may 14 bag-my first fab bag) with me. Bright and colourful fab bags are so much fun…i and my friends eagerly wait for the fab bag to arrive πŸ™‚

  443. *clap* Congratulations on ur second anniversary dear fab bag. *happydance* Youll have surely crossed a milestone and truly deserve an applause *clap*
    Well I must say my most most most favourite is the march14 bag. Well the biggest reason is that it was my birth month and 1st time I treated my self to something so unique and fabulous. Also im a perfect girly girl so the floral print of the bag just stole my heart. Whrn I opened ot I coudnt believe what I saw. A beautiful stud earing of swans was there inside with all the other goodies. And I cannot tell you how beautifully it matched with my birthday outfit. It was a coincidence but a brilliany one. Also the quality products that ul provided was outstanding compared to other such services. And the way you provide notes and messages for every occasion ( mothers day bag) and also for every product is quite interesting. *thankyou* for making my birthday perfect. To be frank I was relally worried as to what had I invested in, beacuse I dint wanna get disappointed on my birthday, but I must say fab bag changed my view toqards online shopping and experience. After my birth month bag if I loved any bag it was the mothers day special bag. I thank you from the bottom of my heart because I never saw my mom so happy and genuinely overwhelmed by all the goodies in the bag and also the beautiful mothers day card, all this for such reasonable price was outstanding. Thanks and congratulations once again. Well id like to say.. PHULLOO PHALO!! *hihi* *puchhi*

  444. Hello fab bag…first of all congratulations for anniversary and hope u celebrate more than 100 anniversaries. ..thnx 4 lovely giveaway. ..
    I like aug 14 …orange is very peppy color…its trendy n beautifully designed. ..hope 2 win dis giveaway

  445. Hello there fabbag! *clap* First of all Hearty Congratulations on completing 2 successful years! πŸ˜€ I think what you guys do is absolutely commendable! You make each girl feel so special with your services and your products! Who doesnt like being gifted a bag each month! Everyone loves presents and so do I! Its been just two months since I subscribed for my first fab bag! And I am so happy to have chosen to subscribe for the fabbag! πŸ˜€ I think thefabbag is just something I would have also wished for… out of our hectic lives we often dont get time to try on new things… at times we just wouldnt spend much on a product not knowing how good it might be! For with this subscription I was introduced to so many products and brands I probably wouldnt try! :’) So thanks a ton Fabbag! *happy dance* *thankyou*

    I personally love the August fabbag! Its classy, its beautiful and its natural! *powder* I think the fragrances work so well! They are an absolute beauty! *nails* Especially the Shea butter cream n the Kronocare products! They smell so good and work so well with my skin type! I heart the palladio mascara :’) *woot* it gives so much more volume to my lashes and makes my eyes look a lot more attractive n pretty! Geez! I can just go on and on! For the orange bag…. its class apart! Love it! And love you’ll! *clap* *haan ji*

    Ive recommended fabbag to each friend of mine n most of them have subscribed too! πŸ™‚ kudos to the entire fabbag team for all the efforts and hardwork! *announce* *announce* *clap* *pompom*

  446. Happy 2 years FAB BAG!
    I love the August’14 bag. The golden colour is so appealing. I carry it everytime I travel now! The colour just makes me happy. It has that royal look and when you open it , its full of beautiful products which make your regular days special.
    Fab Bag has been a revolution , I never trusted online beauty shopping,but after fab bag , I think my perception has changed.
    You guys have been awesome! I feel like a child when my bag comes and with all the excitement I open it to try the products.
    Even if I don’t win this contest , I think this contest is just a way in which I can thank you guys for your beautiful and fabulous bags which I wait for every month!

  447. I love the whole concept! It’s like a birthday every month where you know you’re going to get a fabulous gift!!
    The July ’14 bag was my favourite.. purple is just such a classy color and the products I got in that bag were just what I needed!! *thankyou* Congratulations on two years of this brilliant idea! Looking forward to many more years! Keep up the good work!! *clap* *clap* πŸ™‚

  448. i love d yellow n black…..its fab jus like “fab bag” n jus as chic as d products in every fab bagc ase
    i hve nly recd 2 bags as yet but in ust admit…
    once in 15days wldntb a bad deal….
    ur bags r wrth every single penny spent…
    i love urc oncept to ur products that cum in as surprises every month.
    d wait always seems long.

  449. I find July ’14 the cutest of all because they had my favourite red lipstick in that & also because my birthday falls in that month.. πŸ™‚

  450. Happy birthday Team Fab bag!

    Thank you for your hardwork in putting together everything and making my life easier.

    I sooooo love the March bag. For its floral print!


  451. Congratulations FABBAG… thanks a million for making me Fab too.. *preen* .. I love your July bag as ur was my first bag.. U also loved it for the color purple which is royal indeed… Keep up d good work and make us all more Fab.. *happy dance*

  452. I loved the july fab bag..its classy and elegant.. *haan ji*
    Im goona subscribe back to Fab Bag this month and hope to get great stuff in it *pompom*
    Thank you Fab Bag for this amazing giveaway *thankyou*

  453. Loved The june ,july and August bag……love the pink colour and orange somthing funky *haan ji* *haan ji* *drool* *drool* and purple was so cute… *puchhi*

  454. 24!!! OOh I seemed to have missed a lot… I love the June fabbag, The bag itself looks fab and the fact that it was my first fabbag makes it more special. *preen* . If time can be turn back I would love to get the March bag , it looks so cute and girly with the floral print. Thanks and congrats to the fab team . *thankyou* *clap*

  455. Hey FABBAG a hearty congratulations on completion of 2 years.

    The march 2014 bag is the cutest of all coz its soo flowery that seems so colorful just like meee…

  456. Congratulations Fab Bag… I have had the pleasure to shop with them once/twice ad really loved their services. Luxury delivered straight to your doorstep, that is.

    Love their June’14 bag. Very summery, very chic. Love the pattern. They fit everything so well. Very travel friendly indeed.
    * keeping my fingers crossed * πŸ˜€

  457. Phew!! Finally I got the comment box!! Well everyonr has written so amazingly above!! I just love this fab bag I know I haven’t purchased it yet but I make some savings so that I can get these for a whole year!!! Coming back to the which fab bag I love,as I m a gemini n my birthday is on 18th June I would go for the June fab bag! Its classy n chic and the bag itself makes me fall in love with yes!!!and yes looking at the cover I can judge what’s there inside *chudail* *preen*

  458. Heartiest Congratulations Guys!!! The cutest bag as per me wud be June & August… they r really cute…. im realky glad to hv come acress and experience fabbag… *hunterwali* *preen*

  459. Congratulations Fab Bag on your 2nd anniversary….May you have many successful years to come πŸ™‚ *clap*

    I found March’14 Fab bag the cutest of them all….it is one of the hottest colored bag i.e. black and the vibrant floral print is making it look trendy and feminine. Just like makeup complements the looks of a woman, similar ways this amazing floral design is adding a burst of prettiness to the bag. *woot* *drool*

  460. Hey.. The idea of the beauty kit is olways mouthwatering for any girly girl ..being 2 years old n these many lonnnnnnggggg lovely comments!! Wow u must b giving some quality products that r not n easy find for every citi’s cosmetics shop…. Well I hvnt ordered ny but if u talk about cute wat could be cuter than a LBB (lil black bag) printed with tiny flowers!!! So definitely the March ’14 LBB it is. *thankyou*

  461. I like june fabbag cuz it was full of suprises and my wants :D… I hope this time i b lucky as i never wins any contest :(… I realy wana win ds … I love u fabbag

  462. I had an emotional relationship with Fab bag. The surprise that it gives, added colour to my dull life. I somehow love the July fabbag because that was my last bag. I am not working anymore so I cant spend anymore money. I definitely loved the 6 months subscription time. *cry* *cry*

  463. Fab Bag never ceases to amaze us! They bring awesome bags with wonderful luxury brand contents at really affordable rates!! It’s quite difficult to choose between one of these bags as they look all very amazing but the one that I liked the most would have to be the August 2014 bag!! Love the design as well as the feel of the bag!

  464. Congrats team Fab Bag on this special achievement. *clap* *clap* *clap*
    Wish we all will get pampered by you for many more years to come. πŸ™‚
    I liked the August Fab Bag. The color brings an instant smile on my face. *thankyou*
    Also the very unique ginger variant shower gel and body lotion was a delight to see.
    Also, the Hand Cream, a must essential for all the pretty ladies out here makes me super duper happy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Keep rocking Team Fab Bag.
    Wish you success for many many more years to come..!! *pompom* *pompom*

  465. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just loved all the cab bags *pompom*
    *thankyou* thank you do much for starting such a fabulous “Cab bag” for all of us….I’m sure all the ladies would be feeling the same way….:):):):):):)
    I LOVE the MAY and the JUNE cab bag…….coz may fabbag s classy n sexy color combination and June bag s pretty pinkkkkkkk and cuteeeeee……..:):):):):):):) *happydance* *clap* *clap* …..
    Keep surprizing us ladies with such pretty goodies…… *happydance* *happydance*
    Thank you and congrats once again!!!!!!:*:*
    Love you guys

  466. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just loved all the fab bags *pompom*
    *thankyou* thank you do much for starting such a fabulous “Fab bag” for all of us….I’m sure all the ladies would be feeling the same way….:):):):):):)
    I LOVE the MAY and the JUNE fab bag…….coz may fabbag s classy n sexy color combination and June bag s pretty pinkkkkkkk and cuteeeeee……..:):):):):):):) *happydance* *clap* *clap* …..
    Keep surprizing us ladies with such pretty goodies…… *happydance* *happydance*
    Thank you and congrats once again!!!!!!:*:*
    Love you guys

  467. Congratulations Fab bag!!! on the 2 year milestone, and wish you many more such prospersous years to come!!!!

    I love the July 14 fab bag. Simplicity appeals to me big time and the colour yells sophistication.

  468. I’d never forget the July FabBag forever since it incredibly came to my hands on my 31st B’day (26th July) !! And it made my day a Fab Day! as it came out to be the only gift I got on my D Day! Will be forever thankful for bringing a smile and surprise – both which I love the most!

  469. Congratulations! I love the July ’14 Fab Bag, because its royal, elegant and chic. Just tge qualities I aspire for!

  470. Happy anniversary! You guys do a fabulous job. πŸ™‚

    It’s hard to choose one, but i must say I like the August 2014 as well as June 2014.
    August bag surfaces vibrancy, it’s bold & energetic. Since I’ve already subscribed to August bag collection I hope to win the June 2014 bag. As it is a dainty cute little bag with criss – cross pattern and would make its owner proud which is why I would love to own it!!! *happydance* *happydance*

  471. My friend subscribed the fab bag for us 3 months back, and when we received those we were like wowwwwwwwwwww! I am all eyes for the Aug’14 bag. Although I am too much in love with the May’14 bag (cos, it’s yellow :P) but August is by far my favorite as it is more or less like my birthday gift (yippeee). As of why that bag? Well, all fab bag goodies are super cool, but what we receive on our birth month is always special ain’t it?

  472. Congratulations! πŸ™‚

    I like the fact that you guys accept your flaws. The only reason I bought a FabBag was because I like the FAbBAG community as a whole. I didn’t like my bag much though. However, after reading what your co-founder has to say, I am going to give FAbBAG another shot! Thumbs up to your Orange Bag!

    Cheers! πŸ™‚

  473. It’s difficult to choose between them. I think the August fab bag stands out the most as it looks quite elegant and chic. Featuring the ‘it’ colour of our times, the burnt orange faux leather look definitely steals my heart!

  474. It is said that first love is something which cannot be forgotten. Same is the case with my first fab- bag, the cute orange colored bag full of stuff to make me feel good, the one I received in August, 2014. For me, orange is the color of warmth and happiness. Orange derives its warmth from the energy of red and cheerfulness of yellow. Similarly, it brought its own share of warmth in my life at a time when I was feeling low and depressed. I have not used other bags, so may be I am not in a position to comment, but still for me, my first fab bag will remain the best and cutest of all.

  475. Congratulations! Fabbag on completing 2 years. Kudos!
    Wot brought me the fabbag.com was my search of the Burt bees cutical cream, proud to say that fabbag was the only Indian online site to have this product.
    I liked the march”14 bag florals are always classy, elegant, cute, bright and never goes out of vogue. Each flower is unique and no two flowers are the same. That’s exactly how fabbag is unique and every bag is special.

  476. Hi FABBAG Team,

    Beautiful bags with amazing products inside.August bag was super cute with awesome products.I love carrying it in handbag daily with my various fabbag products.I am so pleased & appreciate the personalisation in designing the whole concept. Every time i open my fabbag, i found each product extremely useful. Lovely…..keep it up!

  477. Wowwwwww Hearty congratulations FabBag team! *clap* *clap* *clap* I’m always a fan of these cute, beautiful bags and they are my in bag makeup storage poches now πŸ˜€

    I so love the June 14 bag as it has the most cutest design and girly girly πŸ˜€
    I missed subscribing that month and I still repent for it whenever I happen to see this bag in any posts\ADs :'(

  478. Congrats team Fab Bag on 2nd anniversary
    Wish you success for many many more years to come..!!
    I liked the August Fab Bag. This colour is somewhat different from orange color and looks beautiful. *thankyou*
    I am fond of organic and herbal products. I was delighted to see all naturals. Like the very unique ginger variant shower gel and body lotion. Hand Cream, a must essential for all makes me happy.
    Keep going Fab Bag Team .
    Wish you success for many many more years to come..!!

  479. Dear FabBag,
    Congrats! I think you guys are truly fabulous. A colleague at work told me about it ( a guy and he didn’t really know how to see it πŸ™‚ ). I saw the June fab bag online and thought it was really classy. I have been receiving your bags since July and I absolutely love it! It’s awesome to get a gift every month even if you paid for it yourself πŸ˜€
    I loved the contents of the August bag, showed it one of my friends from Irelend and she loved both the bag and it’s contents. She is happy that she can get stuff here that she thought she wouldn’t be able to find in India.
    *thankyou* guys and all the best!

  480. Congratulations on bringing joy in a bag for two years!! *pompom* A very innovative initiative. Killing two birds at once. *hifive* With every subscription you are happy and I am even more happy πŸ˜€
    My favorite so far has been the bubbly pink June bag. Fell in love with the bag and also its contents. Mainly the eye shadow. It was my first experiment with eye shadow and it felt good. The royal gold of the august bag also charmed me πŸ™‚

    Anyway loads of hugs *happy dance* . Congratulations! πŸ™‚

  481. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary!!! *pompom*
    My fav is the June Bag…Luved the hand-woven like pattern and the classy look…
    Products inside the bag matched the classy looks outside πŸ™‚
    Way to go Guys!!! *clap*

  482. Hi FabBag,

    Happy Second Anniversary to you!

    The core idea of FabBag is absolutely brilliant!
    I love the August ’14 FabBag. It is vibrant and in line with my taste. The combination of orangy-yellow with the black zipper is very elegant and tasteful. The print on it also seems to have leather-like design which is uber classy. I can see myself carrying it everywhere I go!

  483. Happy Birthday FabBag!!! I loved the August bag cause it had my favorite lipstick shade. Also, you guys also stayed true to your claim for it being all Natural Bag. Keep up the good work. Lastly, wishing you all the very best. May there be many more Birthday’s to come!!!

  484. Happy second anniversary Fabbag *jai ho* its been a great journey for you and for us also. Because of you we could try various international brands in our everyday routine.. *thankyou* *thankyou* My favorite fabbag was of March i like bright cheerful colour, flower and it had want all i wanted so it was favourite bag…

  485. I like the Feb 14 bag as this one is an exact blend of awesome graphic print and a power packed color combination. Something that is describes the essence of the bold urban woman today. The graphic print makes it fit for multi purpose uses and also is a great vision. The most awesome of the bags in the given category!!
    good luck FABAGIANS!

  486. Hey! First things first, big congratulations to fab bag on completing two fabulous years! Wish you have many more fab years to celebrate with more and more fab customers and even more fab giveaways πŸ™‚

    I love all the fab bags that have been sent so far!
    If I have to pick the best I like out of the ones given here, I will go with the Handsome Orange August fab bag. Apart from the rich fabric and classy texture, the orange colour of this bag had my heart sold. The orange fab bag is hot, healthy, fruity, uninhibited, catchy, joyous, creative and powerful. It represents everything the brand fab bag stands for according to me. It is a perfect bag! Keep such great stuff coming. Cheers!

  487. OMG!! by the time i logged in to put in a comment i already see 550+ comments.. you can already see the popularity and liking of the fab bag from this.. Congratulations to the entire team for creating this cute little bag of joy..

    I love the june14 bag.. mainly because of its color pink.. very girly very me.. i also loved the texture and the look..

    Wish you all again a very happy birthday and hope to see many more bags in years to come πŸ™‚

  488. I absolutely loved June14 and Aug14 Fab bags. They are the ultimate choice for a travel makeup bag and can be taken around anywhere and everywhere. But out of the two, I feel the Aug14 bag is more trendy as you guys know, “Orange is the new black”. *pompom*
    And heartious congratulations to Fabbag for completing 2 years with a great idea. *duh* Good luck *haan ji* *thankyou*

  489. Hi Guys,

    Congratulations for completing 2 years of your success. *woot*

    Truly speaking, i have never been to your online store. But this time, the yellow and black May’14 bag caught my sight. The bag is the perfect in the sense: It clearly says fabbag.com + it is made of trendy and chic colors of the season and above all it’s feminine but not ultra-girlie. I won’t mind, infact i would love to carry this bag to the market instead of just keeping it for makeup palettes.

    here’s a rap from my side:

    fabbag.com da dekho aa gya zamana,
    makeup karke jaati baby, ni karti koi bahana,
    vella makeup, orange lipstic k liye sirf kamana,
    Rocking rocking keh-keh kar har ladka mera deewana,
    come on daddy, chill mom,
    I’ll tell wen i will be home,
    na roz ka kharcha, na koi bill,
    Har mahine ka hai makeup fill,
    all time deals, all time discounts,
    fabbag.com is in the town. πŸ™‚ Cheers guys. πŸ™‚ *clap* *clap* *clap*


    The August fab bag was a start of my awesome journey with you πŸ˜€
    my first fab bag and i just fell in love with the bag….such amazing products and that cute bag……. *happydance*

    amazing experience and i shall remain connected with you people *happydance*

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FAB BAG *hifive* *thankyou*

  491. Heartiest congratulations for your grand success…. *happy dance*

    I don’t know about the products that u guys sent from February to july but let me say the august fabbag(my first bag) is soo cool and amazing and the products are very use full to me i really love the packaging of the products… for the first time i have really put the bag to the good use….. the products are of high quality….the brands that are soooo costly which we may not be able to buy at the local stores are given at an affordable price…..
    In the august fabbag you’ve sent the palladio mascara which is made-up of natural ingredients it has taken a good care of my eyelashes … the nyx eye pencil is soo glittery and gorgeous….the kronokare shower gel and body lotion is soo fragrant and soothing….the nyaasa hand lotion is like a pamper for my hands …
    and who can forget the clinique eyeshadow pallet which you gave me as a free bee for 12 month subscription …..the colours are soooooo gorgeous…..
    that’s why we love you sooooo much *ghost*
    and we are eagerly waiting for my next september FabBag *drool*

  492. Congratulations Team Fab Bag! Fab Bag is truly a wonderful concept and brings smiles even to dull days. I loved The Aug’14 Fab Bag as it had all natural product range along with beautiful color cosmetics. I also tried your competitor ” My Envy Box” but that was quite unexciting as compared to FAB BAG. Following both the experiences, i chose to buy an year’s subscription for fab Bag.

  493. Happy second Anniversary and congratulations to the fabulous team of FAB BAG. *clap*
    My favorite Fab Bag is July’s since it’s my first one and hence memorable too. The classy bag came in beautiful lavender shade with rich texture that is best as a beauty pouch.
    The bag had some amazing stuffs but my favorite is the Flormor eye shadow in shades of pink and the Eye brow pencil which I also double as my lip liner :P.
    I am looking forward to many more such surprises from the team and try out some great products as well.
    Cheers!! *thankyou*

  494. Hello everyone,
    I liked the March Fab Bag the cutest, as the FAB BAG of March has colourful flowers just like spring brings with it fresh vibrant fresh colourful flowers and fills the whole environment with love and colours bringing joy in everybody’s life. Like wise the FAB BAG also brings variety of products to makes us more beautiful and the colourful bag adds to its beauty.

  495. Congrats fabbag for second Anniversary
    the concept of fabbag is very good. I recently came to know about fabbag and got my first fabbag and I really loved it.
    I loved the orange August ’14 fabbag my first FABBAG.

  496. Congratulations on ur 2nd anniversary! U’ll are doing a wonderful job and totally worth celebrating. I loved the jun’14 fab bag! The products every month are amazing but the pink weave bag of June was so cute! It looks elegant and chic…and is now my vanity bag for my lipers and liners!

  497. Hi.
    congratulations!!!!!! *announce* I am really very happy with all the fab bags i got till now,the best one i choose is the August one,with all the natural products as sweet as honey πŸ™‚ .the colour,texture of the bag is also as good as the products you have send in it.thanks a lot for giving us chance to enjoy such a huge variety of products at our doorstep,all so genuine *clap* .
    Thanks a lot.and yes,not only me ,my daughter too eagerly waits for it.
    Lots of Love

  498. Congrats Fab Bag on your second anniversary. I loved June’s bag *pompom* due to its design and vibrant colour. Would love to carry this type of a bag anywhere, everywhere and any time.

  499. Herez wishing u a very happy anniversary…. i have been a member for the past 11 months …. and have enjoyed all the products i have got n i simply luv all the bags as im collecting them too…. well my fav bag is the may 2014 bag as i luv the color yellow n it was the biggest bag till now:> now waiting for my next bag and kinda excited to c wat all is in store for this month

  500. I loved the July bag as it was my first one ,and frankly I never expected that type of goods in the bag.In fact I never thought that any website could offer such things for this less.I hope u keep continuing this

  501. Congratulations!!! *happy dance* I would give my choice to May’14 bag *preen* with its fab color combination. *headbang* It goes with the trend. So mah coice goes to it. rofl

  502. happy birthday fabbag πŸ™‚
    i like the March 14 bag the most (though each one of them is adorable and worth adding to my collection) because just looking at it brings a smile on my lips and a shine in my eyes, its so colorful that it makes its surroundings so vibrant and lively. so yes my pick is March 14.

    continue making our months special…
    luv to the whole crew.

  503. Every FabBag looks just fabulous and I feel like grabbing them all. But the best part is opening it to see all the surprise inside. August FabBag was my first and I just love it. It’s got an elegant orange colour and a very sophisticated look. It’s perfect for storing those makeup goodies and makes an excellent travelling kit.

    Being a first-timer, I am completely loving it and I just can’t wait for my forthcoming Fab Bags.

  504. First of all many many congratulation FAB BAG for completing 2 years. πŸ™‚
    I like the june’14 ‘s fab bag because it is red in color and the look is very cute & stylish too.

  505. I love the aug fab bag.orange coloured quite trendy.
    AS the aug fab bag is my first one its special to me.so I choose it.
    and congratulations to the whole fabbag team *thankyou*

  506. hi….I have recently subscribed for a fag bag subscription 3 days back and am waiting for my first ever fab bag. I hope I won’t be disappointed. For the contest I would like to say that I like the august fab bag the most as it looks very elegant as well as cute, can be used as a make up bag as well as a clutch with the pretty leather look yellow exterior. This bag would be liked by women of all age groups and serve a wider taste. It also looks of a very good quality and the metallic plate with fab bag written on it adds to its charm. Its a true fab bag!

  507. Happy Anniversary to the entire team of FabBag πŸ™‚
    Its indeed a pleasure to be associated with the idea of being beautiful.
    Thank you so much for the variety you are delivering to us.
    I love my birthday month bag, JULY’14.
    Best wishes.

  508. Till now I got the june n july’s fab bag in both I like june fab bag’s pouch because Of its nice pink shade n its design I love it .l carry my essentials in it with me always

  509. Biiig hearty congratulations to the team !! u guys are jus rocking …fantastic idea and a perfect execution …u did a splendid job…pat on ur back guys …
    my opinion ..hands down its may’14 ..black n Yello is the in-thing forever …wish u guys all the very best !!!!!!!!! hope to see many more anniversary celebrations ahead ….. rock onnnn !!!!!!!

  510. Heartiest congratulations Fabbag team. You rock. The best part about this place is that you get the best of brands together and cheers to Vineeta for the lovely idea that definitely brings a smile on the face of every woman who gets her Fab Bag. Here’s hoping that you have plenty of years ahead to celebrate milestone after milestone.

    My favorite is the August 2014 orange fab bag as orange is so chic and is the new black. The bright hue makes a big statement and definitely it is the color of the year! This bold, citrus hue is the perfect color for summer, and will stay hot into the fall. So it looks just awesome and guess what I feel the you guys at Fabbag are really classy and uber chic. Just love your awesome choices of bags and products. *powder*

    I have always dreaded products that are full on chemicals but the August bag was full-on herbal products. πŸ˜› *thankyou*

    Just the idea of receiving a gift that is so fabulous is something that makes me so excited… But guys the whole concept of such chic bags month after month is just so cool. Keep it up.

    F -Fabulous *happydance*
    A – Amazing *oye balle*
    B – Breathtaking *pompom*
    B – Bewitching *puchhi*
    A – Alluring *powder*
    G -Giveaway πŸ˜€

    That is what Fab bag is all about. Congratulations once again and wishing you a lifetime of success for a bright future ahead and may you give away loads of gifts every year. *clap* *clap* *clap*


  511. For Someone Like me who doesn’t even know M of Makeup FABBAG has now become like a personal stylist. All thanks to @ispritualist , My Bestie sistah for introducing me to FABBAG.

    With 3 more months to go for my Wedding in December, I have already got my 3 FAB BAGS and many more to go πŸ˜› I feel like I am all sorted. And I am sure to continue with it forever πŸ˜›

    On this 2nd Anniversary I wish FAB BAG an amazing journey forward of becoming a FAB Stylist for Girls like me who never knew what product is the best for them.

    Thanks for being part of my Makeover journey <3 lots of love, Arpita

  512. OMG its really amazing…

    I just got to knw tht The Fab bag is turning 2…and thts so Fab.. !!! *clap*

    First of all many many congratualations to all the fab bag team members… Speacially vinita for bringing up dis amazing idea of making every single gal more beautiful nd fab… Dis is so class apart..!! *preen*

    Many many congratulations guys…!!! U r doing excellent..!!

    All d fab bags r jst amazing… Using dis fab products is jst dream cum true..!!

    Bt i like d august fab bag.. Products r amazing..! Love them all..!!
    Love u fab bag..!! Muahhhh..!!!

  513. Hi
    Firstly heartiest congratulations!!!
    Undoubtedly Fab bag is one unusual and drool-worthy concept..Its a well thought out gift to today’s’ women who believe in beauty and glamour..
    Now coming to the cutest bag query and confusion, i somehow believe all the bags are equally cute. I am sure each one has been designed in the best possible way considering many factors and has definitely been turned out cute in its own way…I so much love all of them and will equally welcome them into my collection. And who said you cant have it all.. i love to have all the colors on the earth in all my possessions…Is it not a good idea to possess all the colors and use them according to the mood and situation? Well i believe in this and so does Fab Bag!!!
    Way to go Fab Bag Team!!!!

  514. Hiya bellas,

    I would personally like to thank the team of #ibmm for the fact that you’ll encouraged the idea of fab bag when it was in the initial phase of formation. I am so excited that an idea like the birch box or glossy box was accepted and is running so well in India. I was abroad for a few years and so dint know much about this service. However, now that I am back would love to go ahead and accept it with open arms.
    I have just started this subscription and am sure this will be as per my expectations. I cant even begin to tell how impatient I am for my first fab bag.
    Personally, as per the reviews I came across and my opinion I am awestruck by the July 2014 fab bag edition. It comes in a lovely purple color and I can think if more than one reason why I loved it.
    1. The color is a symbol of purity and royalty. Since a very long time purple has been seen an inseparable part of the royal european and roman families as well as a part of the daily attire of the pope.
    2. The bag is literally a fab bag as its name suggests as its quiet handy, travel friendly and easy to carry making it perfect for all age of women to carry, whether a working woman or a soccer mom busy in her daily errands.
    3. The overall look of the bag considering color, stitching, material, finishing is amazing and any girl wont think twice before making space for it in her tote.

    I would mind if this bag arrives again since I dint get this the first time that it was available. Waiting for this months fab bag impatiently. Always remember you have a pretty face and a prettier soul. Cheers. Love. *happydance*

  515. I got d first fab bag in August 14 and I was very excited to see all d things in d bag…..I ws very happy also because my family took all d things …..my daughter took both d eyeliners n my son ……as he vry fond of mangoes so he took d alphonso lotion ……n lastly my hubby took kronokare shower gel n body lotion saying that d fragrance is very nice……so I ws left with d empty bag….n dey said we’ll wait fr another one now……bt thnx a lot fab bag to give me such a beautiful moment of my life….. *thankyou*

  516. Hiiii IMBB and Fabbag creators *hihi*

    I first of all want to congratulate you people for being able to create an amazing bag of joyful products for women from all backgroundz. Be it a woman who’s rich and trendy or a woman who earns average but definitely likes to keep a track on all new products for her needs.

    With all such attractions., Fabbag was meant to be successful and I am sure it will have many more of such years of succession.

    Now, in order to win that beautiful bag of surprises I pick the Fabbag from March’14 because I love nature and natural too. *announce* . Also I find that flowers are the best way to represent women as they are as beautiful and delicate, I love the vibrant colors and not to forget the amazing products that would have been there. Also I think you people your mind choosing the bags, because it also depicts the colors of Holi.

    I wish you guys all the luck and also gud luck to myself to win one of those. *happy dance*

  517. Heeeeyyy *pompom* guys πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Maany Congratulations *announce* to you… Long way to go *clap* *clap*

    Thank you so much. I am very happy with all the bags+products I received. *happydance* *happydance*

    For me, the first bag (MAY) with fabulous YELLOW_BLACK combo is close to my heart and maa favv too *hihi*

    I carry this all the time with me…Yeah…I have it in right front of me… *preen* *powder* *poop*

    Love you guys soooooo much *puchhi* Waiting for many new..exciting…awesome products…cheerrrssss *duh* *duh*

  518. I will say the truth, I have never tried Fabbag but I would love to. I m actually in a dilema to subscribe or not I know the products in fabbag are always amazing and according to skin type but trying new products every month on my sensitive and oily skin makes me think twice. But I woule like yo congratulate fabbag coz you r making so many womem feel special and happy this indeed is a bag full of suprises.All d best fabbag and IMBB u both are epitome of strong and beautiful women.

  519. Iam a proud subcriber of Fab Bags since July. I must thank you guys for sending me such awesome products and making me feel so good about myself each single day.
    The June Fab Bag is probably the cutest makeup bag i have ever seen. The colour is so feminine and the texture so elegant. My only complain is that i dont own it *cry* .
    Keep up the Good Work Guys. Much Love.

  520. First of all Congratulations! I have been its part since past 6 months and i loved all of its bags.. But I specially liked cute cool June Pink jute weaved bag a lot.

    Have many more Happy Years ahead.

  521. Congratulations Team Fabbag on completing 2 years πŸ™‚ Wishing you many more successful years ahead πŸ™‚ *pompom*
    I like the March bag, since I love floral prints, they have this wonderful, inherent feminine quality about them plus floral prints are totally evergreen, I feel they never go out of trend/fashion πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  522. I loved the Aug 14 Fab bag as the color of the bag was different, not yellow, not mustard, not orange but a FABulous mix of these vivacious colors. Bright, trendy and cheerful! It brings a smile like every month a new FAB BAG does on the face of so many lovely ladies everywhere πŸ™‚

  523. Congragulation FABBAG….Be foreva…. *pompom*
    I loved mah July bag, which gave me alotss of comments between friends… *happydance*
    LOVE U FABBAG…. πŸ™‚

  524. Congratulations Fab Bag!! You all do such a wonderful job of surprising us all the time.. I really loved the June 2014 Bag… it had details in it.. I loved the knotted texture and the color was so apt for the season… it looked fresh and bright… I also loved it coz the things inside were also very apt and desired for that season!! πŸ™‚

  525. Hey Fab Bag.. Congratulations on your 2nd birthday.. Kudos to u.. *happydance*
    I am so in love with u for the surprises u give me every month.. I wait eagerly for them when the month begins..
    Personally so far I loved the June 2014 bag.. its so pretty n chik !!! Perfect colour for a girl !!! Loved the contents in it too..
    Have a blast and continue surprising us !!! *thankyou*

  526. Congrats FabBag! I remember getting so excited to receive that little black box and now these amazing bags! *jai ho*
    I love the yellow-black one! Because its simple yet cute and says ‘I got a FabBag and you don’t bitches!!!’ *devil* *devil* *devil* *devil*

  527. Brilliant job, you guys! Congratulations for having completed two years. I’ve been a member for exactly 1 year and 11 months then…gosh how time flies!
    As for the bags, I loved the June’14 and August ’14 ones – June for the awesome texture and August for the material and colour. Now only if you marry the two, it’d definitely be a match made in style heaven I say πŸ™‚
    My only concern is my 3rd grader son seems to love the June ’14 bag and refuses to part with it (using it to store his Crayolas currently which is a waste of my bag – a WASTE I tell you)!!!! Ermmm the June bag is his nomination and he seems to be horrified at why I’m even considering the Aug bag :D. Both of us are August born Leos so he’s mollified somewhat with that explanation *giggle

  528. Dear Veenita,
    first of all many many congrates on your 2nd Anniversary,
    I like Aug-14 Fabbag the most, because it is purely from nature, i remember my mother used to apply all natural product for skin & haircare for all of our sisters. It is 100% works, you remind me of my mother she is no more but I am sure you will take very good care for my skin & hair as mother . very exited to be member of your orgenisation. orange colour bag lovely to have.

  529. I loved the March Fab Ag as it is of floral print and it reminds me as if I am welcoming SPring always <3 *thankyou* *thankyou* πŸ™‚

  530. hi,
    fab bag is very nice and good innovation here we have all in one bag πŸ™‚ i oved it like any thing and husband also loved it. πŸ™‚ i am thank full to this site *thankyou*, i found all fab bags fantastic it is very tough to choose one becoz all are having a great and fantastic matarial, but if i have to choose then i will go with august one becose me and my husband both loved it ..but if i have a chance to say good to all that will be more helpful..
    thanks to fab bag for giving very good and new things.