Fabindia Almond and Coconut Body Butter Review

Fabindia Almond & Coconut Body Butter

With monsoons setting in, I know this may not really be the right time for a body butter review but we all know that Cleansing-Toning-Moisturizing is the basic rule of skincare which we follow through the year, just that the products we use may vary depending on the season but we do need a moisturizer through the year…

I picked up the fabindia body butter on a casual visit to a fabindia store since on swatching I found it good, the fragrance is yummy and the price was reasonable. Am I glad I picked it up?? Let us find out…. Fab India Almond and Coconut Body Butter What it claims : The emollient properties of this hydrating blend of oils and shea butter leaves the skin naturally healthy and supple.

Key Ingredients :

  • Water
  • Shea Butter
  • Sesame Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Vitamin E acetate
  • Allantoin
  • Glycerine
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil

Directions for use : Apply liberally & massage gently onto the skin as often as required.

Price : Rs. 175 for 100 ml. Use within 1.5 years of manufacturing. Natural ingredients may cloud or separate, though that does not affect the quality or efficiency of the product. Fab India Almond and Coconut Body Butter As you can see from the pictures above, this body butter comes in a glass tub so you need to dig your fingers to get hold of the cream. The consistency is on the heavier side, though not very heavy. It takes a long time to absorb hence leaves a very greasy feeling immediately after application. Because of this I tend to use this only during winters that too mostly during night time or when I am going to be spending the day at home, I have not dared to use this during summers, it being oily I cannot even think how I would feel in the humid Mumbai summers..

  • We all know that coconut oil is an excellent natural skin moisturizer and softner. Similarly Almond oil has been traditionally used by massage therapists for lubricating the skin during massage sessions.
  • Shea Butter…as we all know is an excellent moisturizer. It is extracted from the seed of the African Shea tree. It is also said to have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Vitamin E Acetate : It is believed that the acetate once absorbed into the skin, provides protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays
  • Allantoin : Is an excellent moisturizer, enhances the shedding of upper layers of dead skin cells, increases skin smoothness..

What I like about the FabIndia Almond and Coconut Body Butter

  • The Fragrance!! It smells yummy…infact one of the prime reason why I bought this body butter is its fragrance. Everytime I use this I keep on smelling my hands every few minutes, that’s how much I love the fragrance.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • A little goes a long way…you need very small quantity for your entire arm.
  • Fabindia is against animal testing. So you feel good every time you buy a fabIndia product.
  • The ingredient list is really attractive but again it is the same ingredients that cause the oiliness in the body butter

Fab India Almond and Coconut Body Butter Swatch What I dislike about the Fabindia Almond & Coconut Body Body Butter

  • As it must be evident from the ingredient list, since it has a couple of oils, it is greasy on application.
  • It takes a looong time to absorb and as I said above it is greasy (and I have normal skin!) so I mainly tend to use it during extreme winter days or during night time since I do not like a greasy feeling while I am working and travelling…none of us would…
  • This product is a big NO NO for people with oily skin
  • It comes in a tub so every time you use it you fear exposing the whole product to bacteria…I prefer creams & lotions in bottles rather than tubs.
  • The complete ingredient list is not mentioned

If it doesn’t even work for normal skin I am wondering for whom will this product work for? Maybe for people with extremely dry skin or during really harsh winters…But as we all know Mumbai winters are kind of mild so this definitely is not required for Mumbai winters.

Rating : :star: :star::star:

Would I recommend this to others and re-purchase for myself : NO. Though I love the fragrance I don’t think I would re-purchase this for myself. Its just too oily. There are much better body butters out in the market which smell equally yummy and deliver better results.

I don’t entirely regret buying this product since I know how to use it to finish it up but I hate to restrict the usage of my products like in this case I can only use it at night or when I am spending the entire day at home…

Have you used the Fabindia Almond and Coconut Body Butter ?

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20 thoughts on “Fabindia Almond and Coconut Body Butter Review

  1. You know HD, I was so tempted to buy these. Mainly because the price is alluring and especially when I compared the price to the Body’s Shop’s Body butters (rs 800)I was all the more convinced. Glad you wrote this review. Not buying them at all.

    I love the Fab India’s jars though. 🙂

    Money saved, Yay! 🙂

    1. the fragrance n the price were the exact reasons why I bght this…the jar is quite sturdy..I will keep it after the cream is over 🙂

  2. I think I’m gonna buy this. Was looking for something thick to soothe my super dry skin. HD, what exactly does it smell of? Coconuts? is it strong? I’m asking coz I have eczema and strong smells irritate my skin. Coconutty smells don’t however 🙂

    1. Hey Ame…no it doesnt really smell of coconut…its a sweet kind of smell…mixture of almond n coconut 😐 but not strong coconut smell

      1. um…I think I’m gonna buy this. Even in summer you won’t believe how dry my skin is. Think crumpled paper 😥 😥

        1. Oh dear…I think I am really blessed to have pretty normal skin….couple of my close friends have oily skin and knw the ‘hardships’ they face in skincare n makeup and I am sure super dry skin is as much a pain….

          Do let me know how u find this if you do try it out

  3. Hmmmmm…. A nice smeeling, affordable and super creamy body butter?????

    Yeah, i am gonna buy it!!!! I have super, super, ultra dry skin… My skin drinks up the Nivea creme for God’s sake….

    If only I got Fabindia at my place… Fabindia, r u listening!!!

    Nagpur can give you some really good business… Freakin come here already!!!

    1. Ohh…I am actually quite surprised that there are ppl out here who need such creamy body butter since I found it quite oily….if u have super dry skin you will love this!!

      Sad no fabindia there….are u thinking of coming to mumbai???? 😛

      Dont you think u shud plan a trip for ur wedding shpng …since there are couple of brands missing in nagpur

  4. I was in two minds about buying this butter when I went to buy fabindia’s depigmentation cream….but then i thoguht of trying the depigment first before going for another one….thanx for the review HD!!

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