FabIndia Almond and Walnut Face Scrub-Review

FabIndia Almond and Walnut Face Scrub-Review

Hello Everyone,

Today, I am going to review an Almond and Walnut Face Scrub from FabIndia. It was an impulse purchase because my mom always used to say that almonds when soaked and eaten are good for brains and when applied on the face helps in clearing the skin. They are said to be the powerhouse of nutrients among all nuts. Since, I could not get out time with the mortar and pestle work , I decided upon purchasing this face scrub. Read on to find out how it fared.

Fabindia Almond walnut face scrub

The FabIndia website description states that this face scrub is made with nourishing honey, almond oil and orange peel extract, and contains semolina that naturally exfoliates, leaving the skin supple, smooth and radiant. Deep cleanses without drying and keeps the skin moisturized.


Rs. 200 for 120 ml .

Key Ingredients:

Gum Xanthan, Allantoin, Vegetable Glycerine, Semolina (Sooji), Sodium PCA, Niacinamide, Honey, Orange Peel Extract, Almond Oil, Vitamin E.

fabindia walnut almond face scrub

Directions for use:

Moisten face and neck. Apply with fingertips and massage gently. Avoid eye area. Rinse well and pat dry. Follow with a moisturizer.


It comes in a flip open opaque, white tube. Nothing attractive about the packaging and the scrub is silver-ish in color with numerous black, brown and orange particles that impart a very light brown color to the scrub. The texture is creamy and very gentle although the granules might feel a little harsh on extremely sensitive skin.

 My experience with FabIndia Almond & Walnut Face Scrub:

fabindia almond walnut face scrub

I have used this scrub a couple of times and it’s very gentle on the skin. It cleans and does not dry out the skin keeping it moisturized as it claims. But it is not among  my favorites due to its scent. I find its scent really heavy for a product that claims to be containing so many natural elements i.e. almond oil, walnut scrub, orange peel, selmolina, honey etc. It is basically more chemical based and tends to leave a slightly whitish cast behind on my dusky skin tone.

Here is a swatch of it on my hand; you can see its silvery color and the minute scrub particles in it.

fabindia almond walnut face scrub 1

 Pros of FabIndia Almond & Walnut Face Scrub:

  1. The texture is creamy and very gentle on the skin
  2. Does not dry out the skin and keeps it moisturized.
  3. Cleans thoroughly.
  4. Travel friendly and hygienic packaging.

 Cons of FabIndia Almond & Walnut Face Scrub:

  • Is more chemical based than it states.
  • Contains Parabens.
  • The scent is very strong for a scrub.
  • Not suitable for those with dusky skin tones.

Overall, it’s a good face scrub and would suit others with normal or fair skin tones very well. I personally do not like its scent so shall be using it for my hands and feet. I prefer those with a slight flowery note or shall take some time out and reach for those home-made face scrubs.

Thank you all for reading and hope you liked the review. Look and feel happy always.

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10 thoughts on “FabIndia Almond and Walnut Face Scrub-Review

    1. Yes Abeer, I feel stupid for not having checked the ingredients before purchasing now will make do for hands and feet 🙂

    1. totally agree with Rati here ! am quite surprised by the “not suitable for dusky tones” ! :O
      I have heard good about their papaya scrub..try it ! and am currently using the neem tulsi scrub..worth buying.

      1. I was also out to get the neem and tulsi scrub but it was not available so picked this one and I just don’t like the smell of papaya. But isn’t the neem tulsi one for oily skin. If there is any other then please suggest. Even I wasn’t expecting that whitish thing from a scrub so checked its date too and its within use date. 🙁

  1. i am confused with this review..
    cant the whitish cast be removed by washing the face properly
    And there are scrubs suiting different skin tones.. but suiting different complexions.. i dont think i will get this one..

    1. Right anupama I did try washing my face with a cleanser and its not there, only with the scrub, my face looks like a tubelight. It said all skin types so got this one. Next time I will make certain to get something that’s appropriate for both tone and type.

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