FabIndia Avocado Body Wash Review

Price: Rs.200

What FabIndia says: Enriched with moisturising Avocado butter, this rich creamy body wash retains moisture in your skin, leaving it soft and healthier.
fabindia avocado body wash
Ingredients: Water, Avocado Butter, SLES, Sodium Lactate, Polyquaternium 7, Glycerine, Cocoamidopropylbetaine.

My take: I haven’t used FabIndia beauty/skin care products at all, though I go there frequently for work wear, home stuff or for gifts for my friends abroad. This Avocado body wash was a gift for my birthday and it came right after I had finished my existing body wash. I’m really quite happy with it! Both the FabIndia Avocado Foot Cream and the FabIndia Avocado Shampoo have already been reviewed here.

Packaging: Comes in a handy flip top bottle. I like pump-style packaging better but no complaints about this either.

Fragrance: I don’t like strong fruity smells, and this has a strong, but luckily not too cloying, smell in the bottle. But once you apply, use and wash off, it leaves just a pleasant aroma that doesn’t assault your nose in any way.

Texture and performance: Unlike a lot of body washes I have used, this one doesn’t have a gel texture. It’s more lotion-y. It is not as rich or creamy as FabIndia claims, in fact it is a bit runny, but it really is extremely moisturizing (for me at least, I have dry-normal skin on my body, combi-oily skin on my face) which means my skin doesn’t thirst for a moisturizer immediately after a wash. I even commit the sin of omitting my moisturizer after this, if I am in a hurry, especially during the summer. If I did that during the monsoon or winter months (not that we have a winter), I would be punished! A small quantity is enough for the entire body.
body wash swatch
Here’s the lotion-y looking body wash (and my old-lady hands: note to self – that Nivea crème is so not working for your hands!)

The first time I had a bath with Avocado Body Wash, I noticed that my skin was visibly softer and smoother, (in fact I only just read the product claim now while typing this review) and looked cleaner and fresher somehow. It is loads better than the other washes I have been using.

Pros of FabIndia Avocado Body Wash

• Moisturizing effect that lasts for at least 2-3 hours
• Pleasant aroma
• Softens skin visibly
• Price – totally affordable and excellent value for money
• Did I mention moisturizing??!

Cons of FabIndia Avocado Body Wash

• Available only in Fabindias – so you can’t just toss a bottle into your basket the next time you are at the supermarket
• Because of the moisturizing effect, you are sometimes left with a slightly slippery feeling which makes you feel you haven’t washed off all the product.
(neither of these are really cons)

Would I purchase again: I would. Rarely does a product make you completely happy. As far as I am concerned it was a great introduction to Fabindia’s beauty segment. I would experiment with other washes from time to time though 🙂

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29 thoughts on “FabIndia Avocado Body Wash Review

  1. Excellent review Shai :yes: :yes: I am yet to use any of those FabIndia beauty products..will try out this one :woot: :woot: By the way..I love their silk kurtis and sarees! so ethnic and dignified :inlove:

      1. Trust me neither nivea crème or body lotions did the wonders for me that people claim. Blue,pack,is way too chip chip and white one …well did nothing for my body,as far as my face is considered i got those dry patches and blemishes…i quickly terminated using the product…you can though go for fabindia hand crème. It really is good. And as for body washes i bought the citrus lemon variant..it was a really amazing product…but couldn’t reap its goodness for long..my bhabhi took it.. She liked it soo much..but never fear I’ll buy the khus variant… I’ve been using khus soap ever since I parted ways with my body wash and it is also really good..but i really think that body washes are more effective costvise.. Its a summer flavour and the earthy smell is just wow!!!

    1. The only time you really need heavy duty moisturisation here in Kerala is during the monsoons… this works okay here even in the sultry summer…

  2. Shai, it’s reasonably priced :yes:
    I think all the body washed somehow leave you with that “slippery” feeling :haanji:
    Nice review :yes:

  3. never tried their body washes because i so relate to The Body Shop with body washes. So I end up forgetting about other brands. 😐 😐 I also have dry skin and I dare not skip moisturiser after bathing, my skin gets itchy. :(( I’ll check this one out pakka. :yes:

    1. My arms and legs are pretty dry….. and oily comby face. Forgot to mention that it has a few granules…very few…. not enough to be considered exfoliating though.

  4. Nice review. I am so in love with FabIndia Aloe protien shampoo, soaps, facial sprays and face n body scrubs that I am sure I will enjoy this one too. My love for FabIndia grows with every product I buy.

    1. I think there’s a Fabindia in Express Avenue and in Spencers. The fabindia website would give you a better idea.

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