Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher Review

Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher

Another interesting product from Fabindia, I should say. I usually pick scrubs and face washes. What I generally won’t pick is a body polisher? I believe it holds well with most people. After picking the charcoal pack during my recent visit, I saw this body polisher tub. Though I have used body shop body polishers in the past, I have not used many body polishers. That again contains soap base. Ultimately, this one looked like a good option to try. Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher Product Description: The aromatic mixture of sea salt, black sesame and the therapeutic oils of pepper, cloves and ginger, exfoliates the skin and gives a rejuvenating effect.

Sodium Chloride, Sesame seeds, Sesame oil, Black pepper oil, Clover oil, Ginger oil

How to Use:

Mix with massage oil or yoghurt as per preferences to make it a paste. Rub in circular motions on hands, legs, back and neck. The oil and salt can be harsh on delicate skin. Avoid contact with cuts & wounds.

Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher  (4) Price: INR 250

Quantity: 100grams

My Take on Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher :

The product comes in a big tube. The first impression on the product was not that great. First time, I used the product directly with yoghurt. I felt the skin nourished other than that no big difference. Also, I felt the product little coarse. Next time, I grind that product and used it with yoghurt. This time it was even better. I felt a mild cooling sensation along with skin nourishment. On continuous usage (say 4 to 5 times a week), smaller pigmentations started to fade. Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher  (2) I became one tone fairer. I should say I appeared one tone fairer but it was not long lasting. It lasted for a day or 2. I have combination skin and this product suited me very well. I believe this will suit dry skin too but I highly doubt its usage on oily skin.

Pros of Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher :

  • Skin feels nourished
  • Makes skin look healthier
  • Herbal product
  • Gives an oil bath effect
  • Suits my skin
  • Non oily
  • Light texture
  • Cooling sensation

Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher  (3)

Cons of Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher :

  • May not suit oily skin.
  • Glowing effect is temporary.
  • Need to grind the powder for better effect.

I like this formula. I will continue to use this body polisher formula. This has shown the effect I wanted. All the ingredients used in the product are easily available. This one can be a good DIY recipe but in case you are lazy bum like me get one and see the result for yourself.

IMBB rating: 4/5

Definitely, for the oil bath effect at ease of usage.


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22 thoughts on “Fabindia Black Sesame and Salt Body Polisher Review

  1. never tried a body polisher before *haan ji* … will def try this… Btw how to use this?… I mean step by step process…

  2. I just got this home a week back! But for some strange reason i was a little skeptical about trying it. Now that it worked for you, i’ll give it a try. Nice Review fahveen *powder* .

  3. I have it too…bought it along with their Charcoal pack…was launched together….totally love it… *happydance* *happydance*

  4. saw this in their store,but was skeptical..no testers too..doubt if it wil suit my too oily skin.. *nababana*
    nice review fahveen *clap*

        1. I know thes eplacswere there is a fabindia store..
          Spencer plaza,EA,Besant Nagar,Anna Nagar,KK Nagar and one more i remember seeing opp to spencer plaza…

  5. I dint liked d charcoal pack i used it once only it smells yuck for me.. Apart frm neem tulsi scrub n tea tree toner n0thng else suited me of fabindia

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