Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review

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How are you all doing? I am still getting familiarized with the new page format of IMBB. It has been so many years and it’s taking some time to accommodate the page format in my mind. Last week, I did a great haul from Fabindia. I picked up some Kurtis, organic stuff for the kitchen and a body polish. I hadn’t seen the body polish before and wanted to give it a try. For me, all these years body polish was equivalent to the Body Shop Strawberry Body Polish. Let me get straight to the review of Fabindia Lemongrass Body Polish.

Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review

Price: Rs.450 for 200gm
Product Description and Ingredients:
Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review description and ingredients

My Experience with Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass:

Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review In hand

The sole reason why I picked up this was that I have kind of got addicted to the fragrance of lemongrass. I kind of get mesmerized by its fragrance. The body polish concept, as far as I remember, is new with Fabindia, or rather, I would say that this is the first body polish that I am trying out from Fabindia. Their packaging of all the existing products have changed too and most of the products looked like new launches to me.

Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review Information

Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass comes in a wide-mouthed glass bottle packaging which reminds me of a pickle bottle somehow. I am sure I am going to accumulate these jars, after the product gets over, to make my beautiful small jar collection in the kitchen. 🙂 Though the packaging is good for this kind of product, the risk of breakage is high, especially when your hands are moist or oily due to the usage of the product. Also, since there is a clear instruction of using a clean moist-free spatula to use the product, I have kept it on my kitchen shelf, only for the reason that there will be no moisture there, plus I can use a clean small spoon to scoop out the product into a smaller container (dedicated for ubtans and face packs) and take that container to the bathroom instead of the bottle. This way I can reduce the risk to zero.

Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review Top view

The jar has a tight lid which opens to a golden colored foil paper, I have retained the paper to avoid leakage that can further cause stickiness. The foil, once removed, instantly shoots the fragrance of the lemongrass. The product is white in color and looks coarse due to the presence of sea salt and cane sugar. One can easily see the oil floating on the top. While scooping out the product I make sure to mix the product a bit and then take out, that way I am taking a good combination of the product and not only the oil or the coarse stuff.

Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review Open lid

When applied on the moist skin, the oil gets absorbed well and the coarse stuff works well to remove the dead skin and dirt well. One is left with super shiny, soft and moisturized skin without the need to apply any moisturizer. I generally prefer to use this in the evenings during the weekends to relax, as the entire process gives a good massage to the body during the application. Also, I can wear my pajamas and t-shirts after a relaxing bath to avoid the risk of transfer of oil, if any, from my skin. It is suitable for all skin types; however, I avoid using it on my face.

Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review Product

As it is a combination of various oils, I think it will be apt for winters and monsoons, though it can be used in any season.

Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass Review Swatch

Pros of Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass:

• Mesmerizing lemongrass fragrance
• Suitable for all skin types
• Cleans and removes dead skin cells
• Leaves the skin shiny, soft and moisturized.
• Easily available
• Decently priced
• May easily last for 5-6 times

Cons of Fabindia Body Polish Lemongrass:

• Heavy glass packaging; not apt for traveling and may break
• One needs to keep a clean dry spatula handy to use it

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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