FabIndia Body Spray in Tropical Rush Review

FabIndia Body Spray in Tropical Rush

Helloooo !

On my recent visit to FabIndia with my beloved mother I got this body spray. I have been using TBS’s body mist. Few days back Neha Di posted an article on how to save money on makeup so I promised myself not to purchase anything before finishing up any of my stuff. But after I tested this body spray I just couldn’t resist but buy it. This is my first product ever from FabIndia.


Price: Rs.165/-

Shelf life: 3 years

Packaging: The bottle is basic plastic spray bottle with a cap. It is sturdy though.



My Take on FabIndia Body Spray in Tropical Rush:

Frankly speaking I didn’t have high expectations at this price. I’m glad they had tester for the body spray. I tried wild rose one wrist and tropical rush on other. Then I just walked around in the, store helped my mother etc. After some time I sniffed both wrists and I found wild rose little overpowering. Tropical rush is very spring/summer fragrance as the name suggests. Just what I need when I feel gloomy. My mother also liked the fragrance. I kept sniffing my hand all the way back home. I swear I could get high on that fragrance (just kidding).


The texture is just like water, runny. But due to alcohol it’ll get absorbed. The colour of the spray is lime green. The staying power is moderate. When I had it on my wrist it, I could sniff it for one hour and then it slowly climbed the mild ladder. It doesn’t control sweat. I sprayed it after taking shower and went out with friends. The fragrance lingered for more than 2 hours and I was pretty happy with it.


Pros of FabIndia Body Spray in Tropical Rush:

• Affordable
• Refreshes my mood
• Travel friendly packaging
• Good staying power for the price
• Sweet fragrance, very tropical.
• The bottle can be re-used after finishing the body spray 😛

Cons of FabIndia Body Spray in Tropical Rush:

• Staying power could be better but at this price I’m not complaining. After all a lady wants a fragrance which will last long.

Do I recommend: Yes, but make sure you test it first before purchasing.

Will I repurchase: I am not sure. I’ll play and experiment with other fragrances too.

Rating : 4/5

Stay beautiful and be fearless ladies.

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  1. Areee waaah the name is sooo cute and refreshing in itself *happy dance* *happy dance* *pompom* *pompom* i have never tried their mists but i think now is the time *hifive* *hifive* *hifive*

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