FabIndia Body Spray – Valley of Flowers

FabIndia Body Spray – Valley of Flowers


INR 165/ 100 ml

I got this spray in my two part haul from Fabindia, one from Pondicherry and another from the store in Express avenue. I also got the other new that is the cuticle cream and rose body butter. This is my first body spray from them and I have mixed feelings for this one.
Fabindia Body Spray Valley of Flowers

For summers, I like to use some light sprays on the go and step out of the home with some perfume. BUt once outside, I like to spray light sprays , not deos but sprays like these which actually cool you down a bit, the fragrance is not overpowering and it stays on for a little time, you can spray very little, and then re-spray again when in the mood, but dont count on these to combat sweat or body odor but just as a breath of fresh air.
Fabindia body spray valley of flowers

The bottle is simple, and the cap could come off in your bag but would do no damage, it hasn’t leaked yet in my bag so no issues there and the spray nozzle looks alright too, I have been using it for 15 days now.
Fabindia body spray valley of flowers (4)
The fragrance is on the sweet floral side, but I find it to be little floral-fruity too, I am not fond of floral smells but this one is not powdery so its fine with me.Its more of a day wear I feel and you need to spray a lot, I dont know at least I do spray at least a five spritz and still the bottle deosnt even look 1/5th empty after 15 days. I use it post shower too and carry it around with me on weekends.
Fabindia body spray valley of flowers (2)
But the problem I find with these is that these dont last on me for more than 2 hours, lets say 1-2 hours, not more than that, I spray it on the skin directly and it feels very mild to smell and no stinging or irritation happens. So for me, this is like a cooling spray with some mild fragrance, which would last you 2 hours at the maximum. I think for the cost, it cant really work as perfume. Try it if you like floral light spray on the go, and you dont mind respraying them too. Dont expect anything wonderful out of them. They have some other musky and citrus stuff too, take your pick and try the testers at the store.

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  1. Me too loving the sprays for summers rather than using deos *pompom* *jalwa* nice review… never tried this *nababana* i am soooo happy with VS mists *happydance* that dint get a chance to try the other mists *headbang*

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