FabIndia Clove Acne Control Cream Review

Hey sweethearts. Days are so much short lately. The nights arrive too soon in winters and trust me I’m not cribbing about it. What do you prefer, a longer day or a longer night? Ok so before my laziness takes over let me pen down my review. 😉

Today I’m reviewing a product from a category that most ladies have been searching for since forever; acne control. Acne is disheartening and depressing so much as their spots are. When I bought seabuckthorn after bath oil, I also purchased an acne control cream from Fabindia. I wanted to analyze the products performance before coming to any conclusion and therefore, rested upon the idea of using it for some while. So, here’s my detailed review about this products performance.



Rs 150 for 50 ml

Shelf Life:

36 months



It has a smooth white colored gel based, creamy texture, which glides on the skin with ease.

Product Claims and Ingredients:


My Experience with Fabindia Clove Acne Control Cream:

I don’t have frequent acne breakouts, but I do have a few stubborn acne spots from past years, which just refuse to vanish. Therefore, I keep picking up products that claim to get oneself a flawless skin. One such product I purchased was an acne control cream from Fabindia. I have combination skin and my cheek area is usually a little drier and that’s where I have a few spots. It can be hidden by using a nice coverage foundation, but I never quit trying to naturally eradicate them completely.


Fabindia clove acne control cream has kind of tub packaging like most of Fabindia’s creamy products. A plastic tub with a screw cap and a tight fitted partition in between. I usually use it before going to bed, so that the product can perform its duty in the night while I’m asleep. I leave the cream overnight and wash my face first thing in the morning (yes, even before brushing my teeth). It’s advised to use it twice a day, but I use it just once.


The first time I applied it, I was quite skeptical about this product because the reaction was very strong. My eyes were watery, and the affected area where I applied the cream was burning and tingling. Truly speaking I was scared and concerned if it had reacted negatively on my skin. But, after rubbing it for a minute or two the burning sensation seemed to be cooling down and my skin felt better. Although, its strong clove smell still lingered 🙁 .  After some 5 minutes the cream got completely absorbed by my skin and it gave my skin a refreshed feel. It felt cool deep down my skin and I was relieved. The next morning after I washed my face with water, the skin felt dry on the area where I had applied the cream. After using it for 5-6 days my skin started to feel so dry that the skin almost became flaky. Also, the tub packaging is unhygienic and no spatula is provided. Therefore, I used an ice cream spoon to pick up the required quantity, so that no germs are transferred to the unused content.


I have used this cream for a fortnight and I am happy about it’s results as my spots have lightened. They haven’t completely vanished though. Pea size of the cream is required to apply and the quantity provided is fair in the price charged. I’m going to continue using this cream for some more while (until I’m bored of it). 😉

Word of caution: While rubbing the gel based cream on your skin, be gentle with the process. Don’t rub it harshly on your skin, as skin on the face is tender. It would create redness on the face if you’re not gentle with rubbing.

I would advise to do a patch test to see if the burning sensation can be tolerated by you or not. Especially people with sensitive skin.



Pros of FabIndia Clove Acne Control Cream:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Contains clove oil, tea tree oil and seabuckthorn oil.
  • It’s gel based.
  • Lightens the acne spots.
  • Travel friendly.
  • One jar will last for very long.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Contains natural ingredients.
  • Against animal testing.

Cons of FabIndia Clove Acne Control Cream:

  • Burns initially.
  • Strong clove like smell.
  • Needs patience to see the results.
  • Doesn’t get absorbed in the skin quickly.
  • Makes the skin dry after washing the face.
  • Tub packaging is unhygienic.

Would I repurchase FabIndia Clove Acne Control Cream?

No! The quantity provided is a lot and it would last me a few more months.

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7 thoughts on “FabIndia Clove Acne Control Cream Review

  1. I have the same problem Like u. i have some pimple marks on my cheek. Want to know is this cream suitable for Combination to oily skin. is it really helpful for fading pimple marks..

    1. It will need patience to see the results. It wont eradicate the marks completely, but it does surely fade them 🙂
      and yes, this cream will work well with combination and oily skin type 🙂

  2. I have acne problem. I have PCOS so it keeps coming every month at a particular time and its really frustrating. I have tried everything I could possibly do about it and then gave up trying. I was in fabindia to buy furniture when I saw this product and I thought well if I have tried so much let me give it a chance it wouldn’t harm the pocket as well. I was also scared when it burned so much after first few applications but got used to it now. I am quite satisfied with this product and have seen a lot of change. It really works ! I will strongly recommend this product!

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