FabIndia Haldi Chandan Soap-Free Face Cleansing Gel Review

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It’s been a while that I reviewed a new product. I purchased quite a few of them in January end but didn’t get time to review them. So here I am starting this month of February with my first product review.

I have oily skin and of late I have been suffering from acne .I have been on the lookout for products to make it better! I was just browsing the personal care section of Fab India the other day and this Soap-Free Cleansing Gel in Haldi Chandan caught my eyes! It is not specifically meant for acne, but since it claimed clarifying oily skin, I just grabbed it. Read below about my experience with the product.

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Rs.295 for 120 ml

Shelf Life:

36 months from the date of manufacturing.

Product Description:

A mildly fragrant, gentle soap free face cleanser.It helps soften and clarify oily skin by washing away dirt and impurities while retaining the natural moisture of the skin.

Ingredients and Directions for Use:
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The face wash comes in a regular tube-type packaging like any other Fab India Face Wash. It is made up of good quality opaque plastic with a matte texture.

Product Claim, Ingredient List, Directions for Use, Qty. and manufacturer’s details are printed in black on the back panel along with little more information. I like the packaging as it is quite sturdy which comes with a transparent flip – open cap. It’s a travel-friendly pack as the cap seals the gel from leaking out.
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My Take on FabIndia Haldi Chandan Soap- Free Face Cleansing Gel:

The face wash is a transparent gel, a little on the runny side. So you have to be careful while dispensing the product out as a very little amount is required to cleanse your face. A slightly hard press could end up in wastage of a lot of product.

Being a soap-free gel, it lathers a little less than any other face wash. It gets washed off easily with no slippery feeling behind. It leaves my skin baby soft and smooth. It doesn’t make my skin dry or itchy after wiping the water off. It leaves the skin squeaky clean and also removes light make up if you are being lazy at night to use a make-up remover. Another plus point is that it is Paraben and Sulphates free.

The face wash has a mild fragrance of chandan which is just so amazing that I feel like using this product again and again! The smell remains for some time after the wash. The product stands true to its claim of clarifying oily skin and still not leaving it dry. I only apply a light moisturizing cream after the wash which is more like a regular practice for me after washing my face.

FabIndia Haldi Chandan Facewash  (3)
It has also reduced my acne condition since the oil is nicely removed from the skin surface. I have been using this product from the past 10-15 days and my skin condition has already started improving.

Pros of FabIndia Haldi Chandan Soap- Free Face Cleansing Gel:

• Soap-free
• No Parabens and Sulphates
• Chandan fragrance
• Cleanses the oily skin without making it dry.
• Doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.
• Improves the skin condition.
• Leaves the skin baby soft after the wash.
• Removes makeup and leaves the skin dirt free.
• No animal testing done.

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Cons of FabIndia Haldi Chandan Soap- Free Face Cleansing Gel:

• A little runny texture which can lead to wastage of the product if not careful.
I couldn’t think of any other shortcomings of this Face wash!

IMBB Rating:


0.2 is less due to the runny texture.

Would I repurchase FabIndia Haldi Chandan Facewash?

Ofcourse yes! I am waiting for the product to get over, so that I can get my hands on it again.

Would I recommend FabIndia Haldi Chandan Facewash?

If you are looking for a soap-free face wash for oily skin in a small budget , then I would totally request you all to go and get it.

Thank you for reading and will come back with another review real soon!

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