FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil Review

FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil Review

Hello Ladies,

How is everyone doing.  I am back with an eye product review.  On independence day, I went out with my friends, shopped at Spencer’s Plaza and had lunch from The Punjabi Dhaba on the Mount Road.  The food was sumptuous, awesome, lip smacking.  Chennaites craving for desi Punjabi food can step in once and you would love the food.  So, this is about how I spent the one day I had off.

FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil Review

Now, coming to what I shopped for.  I stepped into the FabIndia Store to buy a few essentials and unnecessary stuff as well.  I was looking for nice colourful earrings, and I found this kajal at the billing counter and wanted to try.  Though, I have not run out of kajals, it is no crime to have more than 3 kajal sticks 😉  Read on further to know more about the FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil.

Kajal 1

Product Description:

Made with nourishing almond oil, shea butter, beeswax and triphala, this kajal is ideal for everyday use. Its unique formulation enables smooth application without smudging.

Kajal 2


Octyldodecanol, Castor Oil, Carbon, Carnova Wax, Bees Wax, Almond Oil, Paraffin Wax, Petroleum Jelly, Cetyl Alcohol, Shea Butter, Microcrystalline Wax, Camphor, Triphala Extract (Amla, Harad, Bahera), Tocopheryl Acetate.

Kajal 3


Rs. 125 for 3 grams.

Kajal 4

My Take on FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil:

The first thing I liked about this kajal is the packing. It comes in a subtle brown cover, sort of triangularly shaped. The kajal stick sits inside the triangular case. The packing really gives a classy look and I liked it.  Like many other kajals in the market, this is twist up-and-down type and the cap is sturdy.  Now to speak about how it smells, it smells like camphor. It reminds me of the kajal which my mom and granny used to apply in their days, a very antique smell. This somehow makes me feel that its going to be safe on the eyes.

This kajal glides smoothly and hence you would have an easy application. I always prefer heavily-kohled eyes, so for me, a single swipe doesn’t give much color and the desired look. I need to swipe at least 3-4 times for that heavy look, but I will not complain about that and the color is not too intense.

Kajal 5

I wear the kajal at 6:30 in the morning and till 12 or 1 in the noon, I see no smudging, but after that, it smudges a little.  I use contact lenses and found this kajal very safe with contact lenses, I had no irritation. The kajal does not fade away.

Kajal 6

The difficult part is removing it from my eyes.  I am such a lazy girl, I never use an eye makeup remover regularly, though I have my own version ready with me. I wash my face and it never goes off fully and gives a raccoon eye look.  Probably proper usage of an eye makeup remover will help me.


What I Like about FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil:

  • Packaging, which is classy and new.
  • Camphor smell.
  • Glides on well.
  • Does not smudge much.
  • Contains camphor, triphala extract, shea butter, and almond oil, therefore, I think it is safe for eyes.
  • Does not irritate when applied on the waterline.

What I Did Not Like about FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil:

  • Nothing as such.

Do I Recommend FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil?


Will I Repurchase FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil?

Of course, I am getting one for my mom.

IMBB Rating:


Finally, its the classy packing that tempted me to pick this kajal and I do not regret buying this. A pretty decent one for Rs. 125 that contains almond oil extracts and the camphor aroma gives this kajal an antique feel.

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21 thoughts on “FabIndia Kajal with Almond Oil Review

  1. Herbal Kajal….wow sounds so good. You know you can make your own kajal with certain herbs and stuff but they would smudge badly 🙂

  2. I love kajal.. but it never stays on my eyes 🙁
    i’m still looking for some nice dark kajal that would stay atleast for a few hours without getting smudged…

  3. Sounds good 🙂 I can suggest a good substitute for eye-makeup remover. Apply coconut oil on the kajal and wait for a few minutes. Using your fingers rub off the kajal. This ensures 100% removal and is safe too 🙂

  4. i had seen this at the nearby fabindia store but they didnt have a tester so i didn’t buy it…
    You’ve written a great review.. I’ll definitely try this now 🙂

  5. kajal from fab india nice to hear and also it is working fine.happy happy.your eye brows are so thick.let me know the secret.i also want like it.

  6. Nice review.. have seen this always in d store, will pick up next time!
    Nd Rajani, there are fab india stores in commercial street, garuda mall, 1mg road. I think the one in 1 mg road is the largest.

  7. does this stay put even if one applies it thickly?? like a little outside the waterline too? really curious!! cuz i wear lenses too n always have to be careful about the oil from a kajal transferring onto the lenses 🙁 …im using Lakme Absolute Kajal right now, which AAAHHHmazing!! 🙂

  8. I also bought this kajal…. and found it well… smooth and gives a satisfaction that you r using a herbal product.tell me guys how to remove kajal from eyes.. be it fabindia kajal or lakme eyeconic..they doesn’t come out.. help

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