FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub Review


How are you all doing? Though it’s hot and humid everywhere, it’s raining cats and dogs every day in Bangalore. It has become a must to carry an umbrella and wear clothes keeping the rains in mind. Whether you’re cautious or not, the humidity and the rains do leave hair and skin in a mess. I had picked up the FabIndia’s Kesar and Chandan range some time back. The review of the FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Wash can be read HERE. Today, I will be reviewing the FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub for you all. Let’s get started.

FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub Review

Price: INR 390 for 100 g

My Experience with FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub:

I am a big fan of products that contain natural ingredients. To me, kesar, chandan and haldi go back to the days when Vicco Turmeric was the only beauty product that was largely advertised on TV for all kinds of skin issues. Also, since this range is new I had to try it. I had done a huge haul and was keen to try this one.

FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub Packaging

I generally use kesar in homemade packs that I make from the kitchen products and to find one in FabIndia excited me a lot. I have tried quite a few scrubs from FabIndia and have been quite happy with the results and could not miss picking up this one.

FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub Claims and Ingredients

Starting with the packaging, it’s a nice tub – a white colored one with a golden cap. There is a flat stopper once the screw-type golden cap is opened. I am quite a fan of these stoppers as they are just so apt for the travels; they prevent any kind of spillage or soiling of the cap. However, at home, since the tub is placed flat I remove the stopper and use only the screw-type golden cap.

FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub Directions

The main problem that I face with the tub type packing is how much product to pick to avoid wastage. Well, I always use a little spatula for these things to make sure the product remains hygienic too. The tub opens up to the mild fragrance of kesar and sandalwood. However, I feel the fragrance of the clay is more prominent.

FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub Texture

There are small granular particles which perform the scrubbing action and are darker in color as compared to the creamy texture of the scrub. Though the particles are small, one needs to be careful while scrubbing as they might hurt the sensitive skin a bit. The scrub does a beautiful job of cleansing the skin and removing impurities thoroughly.

Though my skin is a combination type it has become oilier than usual due to the crazy climatic conditions. And, this scrub sets the balance right by taking off the excess oil. The scrub leaves the skin soft and supple. Though it doesn’t make the skin dry after rinsing, I do feel the need to apply a moisturizer instantly.

FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub Swatch

All in all, it’s a decent scrub for everyday use. However, one should not expect anything extraordinary – like imparting of glow – due to the presence of kesar in it. It’s priced decently and is easily available across all FabIndia stores.

Pros of FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub:

• Affordable and easily available
• Has a mild fragrance of saffron and sandalwood
• Beautiful tub type packaging
• Travel-friendly
• Suitable mainly for oily skin
• Helps clear dead skin and excess oil
• Can be used every day

Cons of FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub:

• Nothing

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Recommend FabIndia Kesar and Chandan Face Scrub?

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