FabIndia Lip Butter Review

FabIndia Lip Butter

I went on the company sponsored site to Goa towards the end of Feb (I know the next thing you are thinking is “what a cool company”..Ohh yea sure it is!!) Well coming to the point and as usual no matter how many days you start packing in advance, you always tend to forget something (turns out that this time I left one of the most essential things – my Maybelline baby lip balm).The moment I realized it (which was exactly 5 minutes after leaving my place but sadly all the roads near my place are one ways and I wouldn’t have taken a chance with the cab turning back) I was under depression. My lips start chapping whenever there is a seasonal change and come on, I was going from Delhi’s cold climate to Goa awesome but hot and humid climate.


Now you must be wondering why the heck I am making a lot of drama around it. Well ladies ! The road from my place to Airport is a highway with no shop in between. Plus my lips had already started drying by that time.

However to my good luck, I came across the Fab India store at the Airport and this lip balm and thanked Goa from all my heart !

Product features:

Price – Rs. 150 for 10 g

Ingredients : Sunflower oil,beeswax,cocabutter,glycerine,shea butter and coconut oil

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My experience with FabIndia Lip Butter

Like I said, I purchased it instantly and boy!! I was happy locating it.I applied it and breathed a sigh of relief.5 mins later I felt like applying it again. Another 5 mins same story and then again and again..till I realized what a dud it is.



My happiness vanished in 20 mins straight.Even my team noticed how frequently I was applying and reapplying.It does NOTHING..You apply it and its gone like it was never there in the first place.
The texture like you can see from the pics is buttery (well it is only what you see and like they say looks can be deceptive because the moment you take it on your finger tips its not at all buttery (What a shame for a lip butter).The fragrance is weird though trust be you will not complain about it because I have a lot of things to complain about it.

It’s a shame and a sheer wastage of 150 bucks.I had to borrow Vaseline from one of my team members to last me the journey to Goa and I bought my wonderful baby lips balm in Goa. Honestly I felt like throwing it because I know it is useless as a lip balm or anything else but saved it for the review so that all you beautiful girls out there can be saved from this sham!



Pros of FabIndia Lip Butter


Cons of FabIndia Lip Butter

• Does nothing
• No SPF
• Fragrance is weird



IMBB Rating:

Negative Negative Negative , Super Negative.

Will I buy it again or recommend FabIndia Lip Butter?

NOPE,Never again!!

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6 thoughts on “FabIndia Lip Butter Review

  1. It contains : Sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, glycerin, Shea butter and coconut oil *powder*
    All of them together.. *drool* still such a dud.. really sad *headbang*

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