FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash

FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash

Hey Girls,

I am reviewing the FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash today. I picked up this face wash along with some other skin care products and a few colourful handmade earrings from FabIndia.

FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash

What FabIndia Claims:

A face wash made from the extracts of the legendary seabuckthorn plant found in the higher altitudes of Himalayas. It leaves the skin soft and clean.

Benefits of Seabuckthorn in Cosmetics and Medicines:

Sea buckthorn is a plant found in Himalayas and the berries of the plant are rich in vitamins and nutrients which combats anti-ageing, malnourished skin and wrinkles and dryness. The sea buckthorn oil is used in healing skin injuries like sunburns and wounds.


Purified water,Triethanolyn lauryl sulphate,cocomidopro-pylbetaine,seabuckthorn pulp, disodium lauryl ether sulfoccinate,PEG7 glyceryl cocoate,glycein,sodium chloride,allantoin,EDTA,Methylchloroisothazolinole(Kathon CG).


Rs. 150 for 120 ml.

Shelf Life

18 months, though you can finish it off in a couple of weeks!


My Experience with FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash:

The face wash comes in an amber-coloured tube with a white flip-open cap.  The tube is the regular packing of FabIndia products except for the colour of the tube. The face wash is a honey-coloured semi-transparent fluid, which is runny in consistency.  A little amount of the product is good enough to get a nice lather and to cleanse the face.

The scent of the face wash is very mild, I am not able to figure out the exact smell. I have not smelled the seabuckthorn berries and the scent should be of the pulp of the berries. It is pleasant and I like it.


I usually use this face wash after I return from the office to clean away the traces of makeup. It thoroughly cleanses the face leaving it clean and dirt and sebum free. My skin feels fresh and smooth after the wash.  It does not strip essential moisture from the skin and does not make it look dry or cracked.  I think the seabuckthorn imparts nourishing properties.

Pros of FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash:

  • Cleanses dirt from the skin thoroughly.
  • Makes the skin soft, doesn’t dry out the skin.
  • Mild smell which is pleasant.
  • Lathers pretty well.
  • Reasonable priced.

Cons of FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash:

  • The list of tongue twisting chemical names in the ingredients.

Will I Repurchase FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash?


IMBB Rating:


I am very much satisfied with this face wash and I would recommend this product for all skin types as it helps in nourishing your skin and giving it a healthy and fresh look.

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20 thoughts on “FabIndia Seabuckthorn Face Wash

  1. Hi Rama, nice review, I just went to FabIndia nearby my place and they didn’t have any of the seabuckthorn products 🙁

  2. I have used this, and the results were not as good as you mentioned. It did not give a glow or clean feeling after usage. Leaves my skin oily and after an hour it feels like i never washed my face. Did not work for me 🙁 🙁

    1. Neha,u knw ryt ,hw chennai is these days..I was dreaming it wud rain after seeing the clouds nd breeze at 5..It was only a dream!!!!

    1. heysukanya yes,it does remove makeup..i dont wear heavy makeup..so the regular office wear makeup gets cleansed pretty good.

    1. I’ve tried honey frankincense and this seabuckthorn and I love both the face washes..I will try the tea tree one aswell.. 🙂

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