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Sayani asks:

Hi Everyone,

I am facing this problem recently after I have switched to a regular CTM routine. As you might be knowing from my reviews of Kaya products, I am using their cleanser,toner,moisturiser and sunscreen for my skin care.  Now, the problem is after I finish my CTM routine, my skin after half an hour becomes oily. On this skin, when I apply the sunscreen, it becomes more oily and shades darker and starts sweating and I hate to step out with a face like this.

I have been skipping the sunscreen application for a few days but since its not a wise decision, thought of asking you what should I do?
Can I apply the sunscreen in the morning and after I reach office carry out my CTM routine? Or should I skip the moisturisation part?

Please help me on this, looking forward to some great suggestions from you.

Thanks in advance 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Face Getting Oily After CTM Routine: Ask IMBB

  1. I have the same problems with sun screens… what i have done now is picking up a day moisturiser with SPF, so that I can miss out on applying sunscreen separately. I am currently using, L’Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle and Firming Day Cream which has SPF 20.

  2. hey sayani… this is such a universal problem na? i suggest skipping moisturiser (since toner is adequate to provide hydration to oily skin in summers) and use sunscreen day lotion. my suggestion would olay white radiance day lotion. it is meant for combination oily skin. i am using it and loving it. it prevents tan and evens out skin tone. further, u can add a little cream/liquid medium/full coverage concealer to it and top it with a compact!! tada!! u r ready 🙂

  3. Hey Sayani, I have faced similar problems before.. What I do is I only apply serum I d morning n instead of a moisturiser I use a sunscreen… This has helped me:) but please do not skip a sunscreen… It is a crime! 😛

  4. the kaya products u use may be too moisturising for ur skin.skip the moisturiser wen applying sunscreen.try vichy fluid dry matte touch sunscreen and apply revlon touch and glow moisturising powder over it.it gives a matte effect.both these products have been reviewed on imbb.check them out.hope this helps 🙂

  5. Try the Lotus Herbals matte sunscreens. I personally love the gel one but the other, tinted one, is good at controlling oiliness too.

  6. I have the same skin as yours… I use a gel based sunscreen, which keeps my skin matte and moisturised…. I’m currently using lotus uv screen matte gel sunscreen spf 50, and I do not feel the need to use a separate moisturiser…
    you could also pick up a moisturiser with spf, like neutrogena…have tried that too, and it works well…though now i prefer a gel based sunscreen…
    PS: the total amount of time i spend directly under the sun in a day is about 2-3 minutes 😉 so I dont need to reapply too, as such…

  7. i too cant follow the regular ctm routine during summers..initially it makes my skin oily n then i get breakouts! i would suggest not to layer ur skin with so many products during this season…use a single light/ mild product. if needed skip moisturiser n go for a cool hydrating face mist! also if u use foundation go for an spf one 😀

  8. Hey thanks all for your time 🙂
    I think I will skip both kaya’s day cream and sunscreen for a while and try a mattefying sunscreen or a moisturiser with spf.

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