Face Mapping: Does the Position of Acne Mean Something?


Acne spotted on forehead can mean something different than acne over chin or cheeks. You skin reflects your internal health and hence analyzing pimples and the areas where they pop up is a very important thing to be considered. So, here we bring you an acne map and what your acne has to say!


1. Forehead acne
If you have acne on forehead, you should focus on 20-30 minutes of light exercise everyday. You should focus on eating healthy foods and chew them properly which further leads to proper digestion. You should focus on reducing sugar in your diet, and also check if your shampoo or conditioner is irritating your skin. People with acne on forehead should drink less of aerated or soda water and concentrate on drinking more water, which will help to flush out the toxins.

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2. Lip area zits
People with zits near lips should eat less spicy or fried food. Include more of fiber in your diet and also include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you constantly spot zits around the lip area, try to massage your stomach everyday with coconut oil in circular direction.

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3. On cheek areas 
People with acne on cheek areas should avoid fast and junk food and avoid eating tangy food. Also practice proper hygiene. Eat less sugar and take in more fresh air. If you sleep usually on one side, you must change your pillow as well as the pillow cover frequently. Try to maintain a normal daily routine and also keep a positive mood. The liver is the strongest from 1 to 3 AM; this is when you should be sleeping. The liver is weakest at 1 to 5 PM, so schedule difficult work for the morning. Try to detoxify your body as well as relax everyday for 15 minutes between your work.


5. Temples zits
People with temple zits should eat less of junk food and eat more of cooling foods like watermelon. Any food with more of water content in the fruit can help to cure the temple zits. You should try to reduce the amount of unhealthy fat in your diet and try to wear little of makeup. Eating something like cucumber and gourds can help to benefit your body.

6. Near eyes
Spotting acne anywhere near eyes points out lack of hydration. You should try to include water as much as you can and also include exercise in your daily routine. You should cut out alcohol and anything greasy in food. And cut down on aerated drinks, coffee and alcohol as these will cause further dehydration.

7. On nose
If you spot acne on nose, it means you are suffering from poor diet. Poor blood circulating and constantly suffering from bloating can also lead to acne over nose. You must try to include green leafy vegetables in your diet and add at least one green food in your daily routine. Eating a banana or an apple every morning can help to treat the problems.

8. Between brows
The area between the brows is to subject to breakout due to lack of sleep and dehydration in the body. This may also be due to irregular eating and sleeping habits. You must sleep on time and also try to avoid food late nights. Avoiding alcohol as well as smoking is a must in the process. Massage in between the brows for better blood circulation.

9. Chin and jaw acne
You must reduce the habit of eating before going to bed. You often encounter the problem of chin and jaw acne due to hormonal imbalance as well as kidney imbalance. Drink more of spearmint tea. Take a regular checkup for hormonal imbalances. Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables and also go for a daily walk for at least 15 minutes.


10. Ear acne 
The ears are also associated with the kidneys — breaking out here may signal dehydration. Make sure to drink more water throughout the day, and avoid consuming excess salt.

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