Best Face Pack For Dull and Pigmented Skin: Ask IMBB

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Meghna K. asks:


Which is the best face pack available for pigmented and dull skin. Please suggest. I am in the hostel and cannot depend on home made packs.

Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream
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Nurture Replenish Intensive Pigmentation Reducing Complex
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Aroma Magic Glossy Pack for Pigmented Skin
Jovees Ayurveda Anti Blemish Pigmentation Face Mask


16 thoughts on “Best Face Pack For Dull and Pigmented Skin: Ask IMBB

  1. u must try Dabur Uveda face packs! they r awesome! they come in red tubes,easy to use, good on pocket( rs.170 approx.) and awesome results! though the availability is an issue. i finished mine and now they r not stocking it anymore,god knows why 🙁 some SAs toh haven’t even heard of it! sigh 🙁

  2. Hi, havent heard of oxyglow vegpeel pack.just searched the whole website but nothing like that is there.Can you please tell from where did you buy it?

  3. Try.. Aroma Magic Glossy pack, Lotus Anti tan pack.. Lotus White Glow Scrub.. All are good..In fact buy all three.. u will not regret..

  4. oxyglow is a new brand ..i saw the promos of its facewash in the TV few months back. I bought Oxyglow veg peel from Big bazar. these are new brands and not available everywhere… if my review is posted then u will get to know abt it. Aroma glossy pack is good but if u stop using it, ur skin will get back to its usual self.

  5. Lush Brazened honey is good. While I myself am struggling to find a more long lasting solution, this one from Lush is pretty good for an instant pick me up

  6. Try the packs from khadi. They are pretty good. I have the rose orange pack, the neem tulsi pack and the uptan.
    I mix it with fab india’s rose water and use the pack twice a week. And the st. Ives whitening scrub once a week. I live in a hostel too…and yes it is difficult. But the khadi packs are good. Do try.

  7. Try nature essence bridal pack..its good n brightens up face n moisturizes too..:) have used dabur uveda radiance pack as well but its too thick n dries my face a bit…i got it from DMART.

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