The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector Review

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I do not have a lot of face marks or acne scars because acne, fortunately, is not my skin’s biggest concern. I do have other skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation and dark lips. I do get some stray, pesky pimples and to combat the leftover acne scars, I bought this product by The Face Shop. It comes with the right price tag and appears to work in long run with the regular application. Read on to know more about it.

The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector Review

Product Description:
The Face Shop’s Clean Face Spot Corrector is a new and improved formula engineered for those with oily or problem skin. If you have intermittent or localized problem areas, you’ll want to keep a tube of this spot corrector handy. With a targeted and easy to use applicator, the spot corrector helps you get a better handle on sebum secretion where you need it the most. Great for those with combination or oily skin.

The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector Description


My Experience with The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector:

The product comes in a small tube which is easy to squeeze and super easy to dispense tiny amount of product on the spots. The tube appears to be full of product, but I am sure it is half full of air which makes product dispensing easier. It is small, but I am sure it will last for a while especially for those who do not get acne often.

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The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector Packaging

This product has a gel-like consistency which is viscous, but spreads easily on skin and little quantity goes a long way. As per my personal experience and the online reviews, this product does seem to work effectively to reduce acne scars. It does not work overnight, but it started to show its potency after 2 weeks of regular use.

The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector Details

The packaging had ingredient list in Korean so had to do some online search to get its ingredients in English. It’s first two ingredients are water and alcohol, respectively. Other active ingredients are:
Glycerin: It is a very common base ingredient for skin care products and it helps to improve skin’s natural protection.
Lactic Acid: An AHA which helps in exfoliation and regeneration of skin.
Niacinamide: It improves the skin’s elasticity and reduces skin discoloration.
Portalaca Oleracea Extract: Has antiseptic and anti-flammatory properties.

The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector Tube

I like the ingredient list and it does seem to contain some useful ingredients which will be beneficial for skin in the long run. However, a user has to be mindful and not to use this product on an active, live acne and wait for it to dry out before using this product for scar reduction. I would also recommend to not use this product under makeup and apply it only as part of night care routine.

The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector Nozzle

Pros of The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector:

  • Affordable solution for acne scars and is as good as other expensive options in stores.
  • Comes in a small tube but is travel-friendly and will last at least 2-3 months.
  • Has mild tee tree oil fragrance.
  • Ingredient list is very appealing and with regular use it can reduce acne scars.
  • Makes a perfect addition to night time skin care routine.
  • Small quantity is required at a time and easy to spread and gets absorbed into the skin fast.

Cons of The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector:

  • Availability can be an issue for some but some Korean websites do ship to India as well.
  • It has some strong natural acids, so it cannot be used as a morning skin care routine or underneath the makeup.

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Do I Recommend The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector?
It is an easy-on-the-pocket option to deal with stale acne scars which refuse to disappear. It comes in a good size tube and seems to work after using it regularly for a couple of weeks. So, I do recommend.

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