The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky Review

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Hello ladies,

Today, I am going to review The Face Shop 08 Smoky Smoky Pro Eyelashes. Read on for more details:

The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky full packaging

Product Description:
The Face Shop has produced it’s new Pro Eyelashes line! These lashes are made to feel light weight, and have a very natural look to them. They enhance your eyes without being too dramatic, and of course great for those that have sensitive lids. Comes in different varieties for your everyday needs, and also includes eyelash glue in the product packaging as well. What will these lashes do for me?
The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes in No. 05 Vivid will fill in your lash lines to make your lashes appear more full, and luxurious. The extra volume will enhance your eyes while keeping the appearance of natural lashes.
Price and Quantity:
199 PHP (300 INR approximately) for one pair.

The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky details at the back

My Experience with The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky:

This pair of lashes comes in a simple white-colored plastic tray having a clear lid. The back of packaging bears a label having some information and usage instruction written in Korean. I feel the information must have been printed in English as well. Overall, the packaging is nice and easy to carry.

The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky Review

The lashes are inexpensive but there is no glue provided with the packaging. The falsies are true black in color. They are made up of synthetic hair. The band of the eyelashes is neither too thick nor too thin. This band is soft and do not irritate sensitive eye area. The eyelashes are super comfortable to wear and not pokey.

The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky

The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky packaging

They don’t feel heavy, however, I can feel their presence. I usually skip my eyeliner while using these falsies and they give a kind of natural black lash line to the eyes. The length of the eyelashes is perfect for my eyes and it does not require any trimming. The lashes are a combination of long and short hair, but overall, they are really long and look natural at the same time.

The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky in hand

The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky on eyelashes

This pair of long lashes are wearable for every occasion. They look so natural and non dramatic. If you want to add volume to your eyelashes, but do not want to look over the top, this one is surely an amazing choice. I quite love the falsies from this brand as most of them are natural looking and easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about looking too dramatic. They look subtle and yet enhance the entire look as well. I simply groom my eyelashes so that they mix up with the falsies properly and I do not put any mascara with these eyelashes on as they impart an amazing “curled up,” voluminous, long lash effect. They just change the entire look and I just love these lashes. These are very easy to apply and remove. Overall, this is a nice product.

The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky on eyes

Pros of The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky:

  • Nice packaging.
  • Perfect in size.
  • Made up of synthetic hair.
  • Band is soft.
  • Long lashes.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Non-pokey.
  • Gives nice length and volume to the lashes.
  • Looks very natural.
  • Does not look dramatic or over the top.
  • Can be worn just anywhere.
  • Feels comfortable on the eyes.
  • Does not irritate the sensitive eye area.
  • Blends with the natural eyelashes easily.

Cons of The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes Smoky Smoky:

  • Glue is not included.

IMBB Rating:
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  1. Hi Palak , I too have faceshop lashes , the same packaging , but there is glue included . It’s hidden inside the package , just lift the white board out of th plastic box and there is a small white bottle of glue . Just check it

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