The Face Shop Wrinkle Repair Lipstick Review

The Face Shop Wrinkle Repair Lipstick

Hi IMBB readers! Today I’ll be sharing another product from Manila—this time what I have is from The Face Shop, a Korean brand of cosmetics and skin care, the first one to set up shop here in Manila, I believe. They’ve been here a couple of years now, before the fad here for Korean and Japanese cosmetics really escalated. Their packaging isn’t all cutesy like Etude House’s, but have a simpler, neat, and a bit more mature aesthetic. I like it too that instead of the usual pretty girls, they choose good-looking Korean male actors as their endorsers. It’s pretty unique. Their items range from very affordable to more pricey, and I’ve bought some stuff from the shop here and there, but their Wrinkle Repair Lipstick is undoubtedly the best product of theirs that I’ve tried.
Face Shop Wrinkle Repair Lipstick
I was happy to receive this as a gift, because I’m not sure I would have paid it any attention otherwise. This costs around 700 Philippine Pesos (approx Rs. 750), which is a bit expensive for me. The Face Shop offers a lot of cheaper lip products and I would have gravitated towards those if I were buying.

Face Shop Wrinkle Repair Lipstick look
If you look at the photo above, you’ll see that there’s a small, lighter-colored circle in the middle of the lipstick, and the product claims that this small circle, or core, is made up of collagen-infused essence which moisturizes and plumps the lips. The outer circle, in turn, provides color and supposedly has vitamin E acetate, which is an antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient.

The shade I have is called BR801, which is a soft, brown-pink shade. Again, I wouldn’t have chosen this shade for myself because I don’t usually go for browns, but this turned out to be such a lovely my-lips-better color!
My swatch photo isn’t the best—it just looks brown here and it seems metallic, but in actual it really is a lovely brownish pink color and it has a bit of a glossy finish. It has some golden shimmers, but they’re very fine and barely show.
lip swatch
Definitely my lips but better! The Wrinkle Repair Lipstick goes on sheer and looks very natural. Pretty great for everyday, daytime wear. I do like it a lot for the color, but aside from that, I also appreciate this product because of its texture. My lips are always dry, so I really like that this has the feel and texture of a lip balm. It leaves my lips feeling moisturized after the color has faded, but doesn’t feel heavy. It’s a bonus too that it has longer lasting power than tinted lip balms and has good pigmentation.
I wouldn’t say this product is perfect though. It has a hint of a chemical taste upon initial application, but it goes away within a minute or two. Despite that, I really like this product and feel that it’s worth the price tag—feels like a lip balm, imparts color like a lip stick. I think I’ll visit The Face Shop soon and see the other shades this comes in.

I hoped you liked reading my article. 🙂 I’m all trying and discovering more Korean and other Asian cosmetics and hope to write more about them soon.

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28 thoughts on “The Face Shop Wrinkle Repair Lipstick Review

      1. Am planning to raid some Japanese store here and see if I can find any cute things there 😀 I like sheet masks but in India tho only get Neutrogena and Ponds…I want to try others too some time 😀

  1. nice informative review Ida.your lips are very beautiful :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: ….and that lovely shade you are wearing reminds me of catherine zeta jones….. 😉 😉 😉

  2. Ida….this is one shade I would want to have… would be just the perfect lipstick for me….if I could buy it…good review Ida :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

    1. Jomol I can see this shade suiting a lot of skin tones. :)) So sorry about that. I hope some day soon, The Face Shop could set up shop in India too, so you could explore their products. Thanks so much. :))

  3. that is a very pretty shade. I like the whole moiturizer/color concept. brown-pink is right up my alley too. and I agree with the others- your lips are really nice.

    1. I do love that it feels moisturizing but still imparts a good amount of that pretty brown pink shade. 🙂 Thanks so much Aruna. :))

  4. it ‘s a pretty colour. I am always for my lips but better colour. you have pretty lips , Ida and with this lipstick on you lips look quite moisturized and soft. 🙂

  5. I have heard a lot about the korean and asian brands..especially their sheet masks seems to be good and BB creams 🙂
    I loved the color.. :love: looks very nice on you 🙂

    1. They definitely have loads of sheet masks and BB creams, Parita. 🙂 At the Face Shop alone, I get a little overwhelmed by the choices in sheet masks. Thank you. :))

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