My Face Skin Care Essentials

My Face Skin Care Essentials

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing fantastic!! I am doing pretty gooood!! The world looks like a fabulous place to live in!! 😛 Burj Khalifa looks a tad bit taller today, the gold souks look a little more brighter and even more golden, the shawarma tastes a bit more yummier and of course the sun is shining just above me!!! 😛 Such a glorified description right? Anyways, I am plain HAPPY and feel content today!!! Anyways, enough of the jazz, and today I am posting my face skin care essentials! I have posted my summer essentials HERE.

My Face Skin Care Essentials

Basically for everything else there is an alternative and of course I have this itch of trying new products, but there are certain things in my skin care routine, which CAN NEVER CHANGE! I will mention is as we are moving along the post!
A basic skin care regimen consists of these products,

My Face Skin Care Essentials

My Face Skin Care Essentials

• Face Wash
• Cleanser
• Toner
• Day Cream
• Night Cream
• Eye Cream
• Face Mask
• Scrubs
• Sun Protection ( season wise)

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I have combination skin type which doesn’t really MISBEHAVE!!

Face Wash : I keep experimenting with my face washes and cleansers but Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash is like my most trusted one! It is inexpensive and functional. I have reviewed it HERE. No matter how many others I try I have to have a backup with this one!

My Face Skin Care Essentials

Cleanser : I cleanse my face just once at night, which is done very religiously every night after I get rid of makeup or in general wipe off my face with a wipe! After cleansing I wash my face and then tone it!! This is important for getting rid of all the impurities and dirt from the skin. I am using the Eucerin one, currently, and as far it is proving to be nice!!!

Toner : I tone my face twice a day! Once before going to bed and the second time, after my bath! This basically helps with the pores and inner health of the skin!  I am using Eucerin Toner which helps in cleaning up the skin and evening out!

I use these both since ALCOHOL FREE! Anything which has ALCOHOL is bad for the skin over any part of the body in my opinion. SO AVOID!!

My Face Skin Care Essentials

Day Cream : I alternate between my Nivea and Olay day creams! Depends on what I like as a scent that day and what my skin requires!  Both of these are great!

Night Cream : I simply use the Olay Serum, which I reviewed HERE, This in combination with the cream works wonders!!  I loveeee it! This is another product which isn’t changing any soon!

Eye Cream : My current love is the Nivea one, which I reviewed HERE. I love how pleasantly the cream works!!

My Face Skin Care Essentials

Face Masks : Now this is where I am very very enthusiastic! I have never used the famous Montagne Jeunesse I mean I don’t know what’s it which keeps me from buying them, I go to check them and get back empty handed!! So currently I am using my corn flour and egg mask which is a DIY! I am obsessed with the results it shows! Basically it tones and brightens the skin and other than that, I am using my Loccitane Instant Hydrating Mask, from the Angelica range and also the Papaya Face mask from Herbline Essentials! The Nivea face masks are no new story! I love them!! I use them quiet often say, 4 times a week!

face care essentials
Scrubs : For the scrubs, I am loyal with my Nivea one which I reviewed HERE and the Loccitane one, from their Angelica Range!! BLISSSS!! I scrub and exfoliate thrice a week!!I also have thee Nivea strips for blackheads and whiteheads which I use seldom!! 

My Face Skin Care Essentials
Sun Protection : If you live in the gulf regions, I need not tell you how essential this is!! I use the Eucerin sunscreen which I reviewed HERE for my face and body and for the eyes, nose and lips, I use the La Prairie Ultra Protection Stick!!La Prairie is available at all Areej Stores across the region!!

my face skin care essentials


These are my face skin care essentials!! I will be posting a whole skin care routine and some DIY packs and masks soon!!!

Did I miss out on anything? What do you use for your face skin care? Is there anything you would want me to review first!! Comment Below!!
Minx Eyebrow Tattoo Pen
Ardell Brow Sculpting Gel in Clear
Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil in 1 Ebony
Elianto Nose Shaper Brush
Elianto Splendour Eyeshadow in Roasted Brown
Home Remedies 
 Home Remedies For Shiny
 Sachajuan Stockholm Volume 
 Gosh Salt Of Mine Wet n Dry Saltwater 
 TRESemme Heat Defense Spray 
 Dove Heat Defense Therapy 
Gosh Hold Me Baby spray
Gosh Pump Up the Volume 
 Gosh Professional Damage Control 
L’Oreal Paris Elvive Smooth Intense Anti – Frizz Serum
Gosh Treat me Deep Repair Treatment
Sachajaun Volume Conditioner
Schwarzkopf Bonawell Repair Formula Intensive Hot Oil Treatment
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17 Piece– Blush  
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 Minx Sealed With A Kiss Lipstick 
 22K Delightful Mirror Shine Lip Gloss 
Stunning Matte Baked Blush in 06 Peach Twist 
 Stunning Matte Baked Blush in 01 Naked Rose
 7ubi Body Mist 
7ubi Anti Perspirant Roll On 
Smoky I 
 7ubi Body Butter 
 Eye Shadow in Minx Triple X Trio 
Sabaya Line and Shadow Pencil 
 Movie Star 
Launches Men’s Eau De Parfum
 Me Me Eau De Toilette 
 7ubi Shower Gel 
 Kool Eau De Toilette 
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 AMC Pencil in No 82
Lipstick Color No 126 
 Rainbow Shadow Freedom System
O2M Breathable Nail Enamel in 654 
O2M Breathable Nail Enamel in 653 
 O2M Breathable Nail Enamel In 655 
Brown Color Lipstick : Lipstick in No 275 
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Too Faced Perfect  Waterproof liner in Perfect Black
Too Faced Caribbean in a Compact – Sun Bunny Bronzer
Too Faced Natural Neutral shadow Collection
Too Faced Amazing Face Skin Balancing Powder 
 Vinyl Max Lip Gloss in Muse 
 Exaggerate Waterproof  Definer
London Lasting Finish 25 Hour 
Soft Kohl Kajal  Liner Pencil In Pure White
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 Perfecting Cover  in Medium
 Blockbuster Palette 2010
 Kohl Expert 
 Posietint Lip & Cheek Tint 
 Powda Wowza Palette
 Watts Up Highlighter 
 Healthy Balance Unifying Powder
Pearls In No 62 Illusion 
Loose Powder : Flower Perfection New Generation Loose 
Spray Bronzer :  Delice De Soleil 
 10 Days Nail Enamel in No 14 
 Sweet Kiss Lipstick in 82 Rose Cachemire 
The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid 
Revlon Colorstay Liquid  
Elianto Nose Shaper 


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  1. Hi,
    I’ll be visiting Dubai for the first time next month can u please help me out with a list of must pick ups in makeup and skincare..and also if u could mention from where..
    Thanks a lot

    1. hi Neha,

      Please let me know your budget and what you are looking for!! We have umpteen brands and products here!! Depends on what you are looking for!!

      1. Hi Zeeba,
        I have a budget of 25-30 grand. Im basically looking for some must have makeup and skincare items which arent available in India. I have d naked 2 palette n benefit tints on mind for makeup n d clairsonic mia 2 for skincare. Any other inputs would be of great help.

        1. hey Neha

          you wouldnt get clarisonic here though.. 🙁 and as far as other stuff is concerned.. every brand has new releases and stuff which releases in india late..or doesnt release at all… confused with what to tell yo and what to let go 😛 try eucerin for skin care though

          1. OMG we dont get clairsonic in Dubai !!! that’s heartbreaking :-(..ya will definitely try eucerin products..if u remeber of nethn else please let me knw 😛

  2. I am using Nivea scrub based on your review. :dance2:
    I used Garnier face wash for more than a year but after that i felt my skin was getting more adapated to it and not reacting with other face washes. So i stopped using it, but that was one of the best face wash.

  3. wow!!! thats quite intense!!! M sooooo lazy!!!!!! ur post is inspiring me to atelast follow ctm regularly!!!..Please share how to make the corn flour and eggg mask..:)

  4. Olay day cream
    Olay night cream
    Olay cleanser
    TBS seaweed toner
    La Roche Posay Sunscreen
    Neutrogena Sunblock
    Liz earle eye cream
    Nivea Scrub

    also using my lakme perfect radiance day cream instead of the Olay cream as an alternative. using it for 2 days now and if this works, i wud have found a backup..yayyyy

  5. Great write up..I havenot seen this variety of products for Nivea in US:(. Not seen Eucerine cleanser and Toner as well :(. If any one knows where I get these in US, please do tell me

  6. Hi Zeeba I also have combination skin and have been using Dermalogica all these dayS. Now I feel my skin is used to it and it looks dull! What do u suggest?also what makeup products fo u use religously??

  7. i am soo confused … for selecting facewashes…i am looking for a natural product for my face .. tch tch.. i dint get my st ives tree oil facewash.. other than this is there any other natural facewash bet for oily skin! (for teens)????

    1. why dont u try clean and clear…i love using their face washes..or try garnier is one amazing product. 🙂

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