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Ekam R. asks:


I have been reading your blog since some days and I like it very much. I wanted to ask you that should I wash my face with a face wash or with plain water after applying lemon juice on my face for 20 minutes? Can I use a face wash after rinsing off a face pack? I am 24 and have a dark complexion.

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8 thoughts on “Can I Use Face Wash After Face Pack: Ask IMBB

  1. Lemon juice strips the skin of moisture, and it sort of disturbs the pH of skin, so I’d say, use a neutral or a balancing/normalizing face wash after lemon juice mask. Hope I helped !

  2. Usually after face mask one shouldn’t apply face wash or any stuff (moisturize if skin too dry or irritating)…think washing ur face with plain water and later rubbing ice/rose water ice cubes is good idea , since ur applying lemon.

  3. Skin is acidic so lemon is actually good for brightening and evens out the skintone. But its better applied diluted with rosewater. Also you must use facepack before applying any skincare product to ensure better absorption.

  4. 20 mins pure lemon juice . . . you are giving an acidic treat to your facial skin . . i think you can wash it with facewash after this one thing . . .
    usually masks with everything else they do, also cleanse the skin, so facewash is not really required. But this is not a cleansing mask, so you can use a wash.
    just one suggestion . . . dilute lemon juice, or mix it with honey. . . and also give your skin a good sun protection if you do this regularly

  5. I think lemon juice is too harsh for the face ,….I use it only on my elbows and knees …please wash it with plain water and appl moisturiser …

    If it is the dark skin which makes you apply lemon juice pls try besan and turmeric instead , that also at night time since turmeric increases skin sensitivity to sun’s rays

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