Face Wash, Fairness & Cold Cream For Dusky, Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

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Tania asks:

My skin is oily and I am a little dark. Please suggest a face wash, a fairness cream and a cold cream. I want fairness from the products as well. Help me.

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12 thoughts on “Face Wash, Fairness & Cold Cream For Dusky, Oily Skin: Ask IMBB

  1. I honestly dont think any product can give you fairness unless it costs more than 2-3 grands which is a lot. I can gv u a home made technique which I have tried n tested and it has worked for me.. Mix 5-6 strands of kesar (saffron) in raw milk and slather it on ur face n exposed parts and leave it for an hr or so. U will see an even skin tone and fairness in a matter of weeks 🙂 Good luck.

    1. I too swear by it Preeti & Tania..!! Preeti…I read your suggestion few days back & trying with Curd+Saffron as I have oily skin & its working like MAGIC..*Hands Down* My freckles & dark circles have reduced considerable within few days only. Thanx a lot Girlie ♥ ♥ ♥
      Go for it Tania..Its a sureshot remedy.. 🙂

  2. dont go for fairness claims ! they are totally sh*t ! Try to achieve a flawless one instead ! u can check on my review at imbb here- https://makeupandbeauty.com/loreal-hydrafresh-day-hydration-supply-aqua-cream/

    though it was for normal -dry skin , but i feel being aqua based, it will help oily skin beauties too, otherwise you may simple go for the one for oily skin !

    Neutrogena has a “fairness” claiming face cream (forgot the exact name) but is good at moisturizing for you skin type

    You may also try The Nature’s Co. Vanilla Vitamin E cream

  3. hi same pinch.I use glyaha koj soap suggested by derma.it is wonderful making me looks fresh and i t works on my acne marks also.one more tip suggested by him is grind cucumber and mix it with curd and store it in fridge whenever u use mix with few drops of lemon juice or honey.my own DIY is ground papya pulp and stored in ice cube moulds.Earlier i was using TBS tea tree facewash that was also nice.

    cream :if u r above 25,go for ponds age miracle or use lacto calamine classic one.

    cream suggested by derma is cosglo or medoglo but it is not available here at chennai.anybody have any idea that in chennai where can i get it,please tell me.

  4. Hi,
    Your articles are really helpful.
    Well, I would like to know how do I select a suitable shade of foundation, face powder, blush and even for lipsticks ??
    It always happens that I get some shade I think would go with my wheatish-fair complexion but it doesn’t…. I think many other ladies would also like to know this :).

  5. nothing can give you permanent fairness as such.
    for improving your skin texture and making it clear and glowy, you should use milk+saffron+honey face pack and mashed fruits on your face regularly.
    for temporary epidermal fairness effect, you can opt for Nivea Sparkling Glow for oily skin face wash, olay natural white day cream. This should suffice your oily skin needs. If still your skin feels dry or itchy, use olay moisturiser (i guess jomol has reviewed it earlier on IMBB).

  6. I also have dusky, oily skin and I understand your sentiments, but nothing short of the Micheal-Jackson-like treatment can give you “fairness” in the conventional sense of the term.
    I have embraced my skin tone, and try to find products suited to my skin tone (which is pretty difficult, which is particularly irritating to me as this is INDIA, where so much of the population is dusky!!!)
    Anyways, I use anti-tan face wash by VLCC, which I completely recommend (though it WILL make your skin somewhat stretchy) and also their anti-tan scrub (it reduced my blackheads to a great extent)
    I don’t use fairness cream (as I believe nothing like that actually exists, the whole industry is built upon a lie and sold only in places like India, where people discriminate on the basis of color so much despite themselves being colored…sorry for the rant, got a bit carried away…i didn’t mean to be rude, but I get pretty disturbed by all this fairness-campaign)
    –anyways, people I know swear by Olay Natural White.
    –As for ‘cold cream’ use a light matte-look moisturiser. I generally use only lacto-calamine (i love how it is tinted and evens out my skin tone) or Neutrogena Oil free moisturiser, which I also recommend.
    Good luck 🙂

  7. Hi,I have dry and dull skin and since last month my complexion has turned dark…. & there are small small dark spots means min skin no more has an even look they way it use to look earlier.Even my hair were silky earlier but now I have hair loss as well as they have turn dry.this all because of my carelessness of course….but now i want to over come it any suggestion will be of great help.I am using Loreal total repair 5 shampoo & conditioner this is good for hair loss & to an extend have help me even for my dandruff.But still I want my hair to look more better I do know it will take time but want to start somethg in right direction…….Thanks alot

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