Faces 4 Way Nail Buffer and Toe Separators Review

Faces 4 Way Nail Buffer and Toe Separators Review

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Today, I would be reviewing two products in one go and both are from the Canadian brand Faces.  The products are both related to hand and nail care and could be used for both manicure and pedicure.

Faces Toe Separators:


Product Description:

Wonder how people managed without this. Soft sponge toe separators. Make applying nail paint quick and simple by parting each toe to give a neat finish.  Soft foam shape comfortable separates toes for ease application. One separator for each foot.

Directions To Use:

Slip toes between foam wedges to separate. Apply polish and allow to dry before removing.  For best results: Gently wash the toe separator in warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and squeeze for excess water. Allow to dry naturally.


INR 45.


I had a toe separator but somehow it got lost or maybe its hidden somewhere and I am unable to find it, so I needed another one as painting my toe nails had become a tough job as nail paints would easily touch my skin and it would look very ugly. I found them while searching online and the price was so cheap and that too from a brand such as Faces.  The colour is a very sweet baby pink and they are made of high density foam which does not lose shape very easily.  I love the way it fits and does not hurt because once I had a toe separator that hurt my toes when I tried to that, maybe there was a design flaw.  There are 3 gaps and the last curve fits your tiny toe, that was quite thoughtful, as well as for the thumb toe because I have seen most of them having 4 gaps, even the previous one I had. I am satisfied with these and at this price, I have nothing to complain. You all can give it a try as its dirt cheap and works fine.

Pros of Faces Toe Separators:

  • Fits well.
  • Good for the price.
  • Quality is fairly good.

Cons of Faces Toe Separators:

  • None.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Faces Toe Separators?

Yes, you too must get yourself one.

Faces 4 Way Nail Buffer:


Product Description:

Achieve beautifully shiny nails with this easy-to-use manicure must have. Keep nails looking good with a buffer that smoothens ridges, buffs, polishes and shines nails.

  • 4 step action.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simply file, polish and buff for perfect shine.


Directions For Use:

Use on clean nails.

Step 1: File nail in one direction to shape edges and remove ridges.
Step 2: Use the white side once a month to smooth out ridges. (There are no white sides in this file, so I assume it’s the green side in my file).
Step 3: Use the pink side once a fortnight to buff the nail surfaces.
Step 4: Use the grey side as often as you like for a super shiny finish.

For best results: Keep it in a dry place.


INR 75.

My Experience with Faces 4 Way Nail Buffer:

Nail buffer is a very important part of my nail care regime and I love the way it makes my nails shiny. I have been suffering from yellow nails from some time and owing to this, I am trying to give my nails the extra bit of TLC.  As you can see, it has 4 different types of textured sides in different colours. I don’t clip my nails but use the most textured side to trim them as I feel I can have more control on the length. I trim my nails by grinding in one direction and file them with the less textured pink or green side to get rid of the rough edges. I have tried to use the glass nail file after reading a lot of positive reviews, but I failed to fall in love with it and eventually came to this once again. I use the pink side to buff the surface of nails before I start to use grey side for shining, I use the pink one sparingly as I already have weak nails and buffing too much could make nails more prone to cracks and breaks. The overall result is very good and makes the nails shiny as if you have applied a top coat, I am not exaggerating *hihi*


Pros of Faces 4 Way Nail Buffer:

  • Affordable.
  • Does what it claims.
  • Makes the nail healthy.

Cons of Faces 4 Way Nail Buffer:

  • Width is too less, a more wide buffer is easier to work.
  • Wears off after a month of regular use (I don’t mind as its pretty cheap).

IMBB Rating:

3.5/5, nothing extraordinary about it.

Would I Repurchase Faces 4 Way Nail Buffer?

Yeah, I already have stocked up.  I feel everyone who loves to take care of nails must have one of these with them.

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  1. I got a buffer from Audrey’s Parmita *hifive* *hifive* it works pretty well *happy dance* nice combined reviews *pompom* *happy dance*

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