Faces Canada 6 Lipsticks Pack-Review,Swatches

Faces Canada 6 Lipsticks Pack-Review,Swatches

Hello beautiful IMBB addicts!!!

Well, today I will be reviewing about Faces Canada 6 lipstick pack.

I brought this lipstick pack last year during my usual shopping. I was newly married that time and my hubby could not digest my makeup shopping he he . I was taking time for trying each and every lipstick and by that time, he was fed up . Suddenly the SA showed this lipstick pack and my hubby persuaded me to buy this so that I will complete my shopping. Initially I was hesitant since I was not sure about this brand then. But thank God I gave in. Let’s read on to know how these lipsticks fared on me.

Faces Canada 6 Lipstick Pack

Product Description:

• Faces lipstick glides on smoothly and adds moisture to lips with perfect touch of colour.
• Pack of 6 lipsticks with complementing shades.


Rs. 399/- for 6 lipsticks each weighing 1.2g.
Faces Canada 6 Lipstick Pack2

Shelf life:

2.6 years

My Experience with Faces Canada 6 Lipstick Pack:

Faces lipstick are by now very famous for its moisturizing and pigmentation reasons. As you can see there are varieties of lipsticks offered by Faces Canada brand. Now this lipstick pack I got is very handy and acts like a cigarette case. Yeah, I mean it. You can take it anywhere in your handbag and anytime you need you can just open the case to pull out the desired lipstick. Now this case is quite sturdy and even after a year of using, it has not broken after all that wear and tear. You can still see the scratches on the top of case but nothing more than that.
Faces Canada 6 Lipstick Pack3, swatches

Six lipsticks are offered along with this pack. These lipsticks are just numbered without any names. The shades range from bright red to MLBB shade. I feel these lipsticks are targeted to customers for usage as a festive wear as well as everyday office wear. The texture of these lipsticks are similar to our others faces lipstick which are creamy and yet gives a glossy finish. Each lipstick comes in a standard lipstick packaging with a transparent cover to hold the lipstick with the logo Faces written over it. Each lipstick number is given at the bottom of the lipstick. One swipe gives a pretty decent coverage but in order to get the intensity of the colour 2-3 swipes is required. Sadly, the colour stays put for just 2 hours but I am not complaining for its price and the number of lipsticks which comes with this pack. Most of the high-end lipsticks still give us the same problem. Don’t miss to moisture your lips before the application of these Faces Canada lipsticks or else after few hours it may fade into fine lines of the lips and may reveal the dry lips more prominently. Now let us see the shades of the lipsticks which come along with this pack.

Faces Canada lipstick #02:

This is a beautiful sheer red lippy which brightens the face instantly when applied and can be used for special occasions. People who are bold enough to carry such bright colours can carry it confidently but generally I prefer a single swipe on my lips. It glides smoothly on the lips to give a pretty matte finish. Several swipes might deliver a glossy look.
Faces Canada Lipstick Pack #02

Faces Canada lipstick #07:

This lipstick is a gorgeous mauve colour with pink undertones. The formula is creamy and smooth. This lipstick is perfect for day as well as for night-outs. A single swipe gives a generous amount of colour to your lips. This colour is suitable to both fair and dusky beauties but may not be flattering for some dusky beauties. Hence, moderation is the key.
Faces Canada Lipstick Pack #07

Faces Canada lipstick #22:

This is a copper brown colour lipstick with shimmer finish to it. This lipstick is suitable for night-outs and special occasions. There are fine gold shimmer particles which do not appear in an obvious way but as the lipstick fades this fine shimmer appears more prominently around the lips, which is a big NO. This lipstick looks the best when worn with ethnic dresses.
Faces Canada Lipstick Pack #22

Faces Canada lipstick #23:

The bullet of the lipstick shows a pretty candy pink colour but when applied on the lips, looks a mix between mauve and pink. Fair skinned beauties can make wonders with this lipstick. Since I am dusky I am far away from it. A single swipe itself gives a bright pink colour but still it can be buildable to get the desired look. It will look fabulous on non-pigmented lips. The lipstick is very creamy and goes on super smooth on the lips to give a creamy, glossy finish.

Faces Canada Lipstick Pack #23
Faces Canada lipstick #24:

Honestly, it doesn’t look promising in the tube but believe me it gives pretty look to my lips. It instantly brightens up my face to give my lips yet better look. This lipstick works well with both pigmented and non-pigmented lips. It is a nice nude lipstick with brown undertones. This lipstick is super duper creamy and smooth which as you can see has the tendency to break off when used hastily. It gives a sheer, glossy finish. However it’s definitely a winner.

Faces Canada Lipstick Pack #24

Faces Canada lipstick #25:

The shade of this lipstick is pretty close to MLBB shade. It is similar in comparison with the previous Faces Canada lipstick #24 except that this has more pinkish undertones. These two are my favourites out of the six lipsticks in the pack. This lipstick leans more toward a glossy look leave alone creamy. A single swipe gives a decent pigmentation. This pinky nude lipstick can be easily carried by lighter skin tones as well as dusky skin tones. This shade is very flattering on my lips and my skin tone.
Faces Canada Lipstick Pack #25

Pros of Faces Canada 6 lipstick pack:

• Decently priced
• 6 different colour which ranges from nude to bright red and pink
• Travel friendly
• Sturdy packaging
• Texture of the lipstick ranges from matte, creamy, sheen to shimmer finish
• Pigmentation is good
• Perfect shades for festive look or office wear

Cons of Faces Canada 6 lipstick pack:

• Some colours may not suit dusky beauties.
• Need a lip balm beneath for chapped lips.
• Stays on lips for 2 hours only.
• Shimmer is left behind after fading.
• Not easily available.
• Long list of parabens in ingredients list.

IMBB Rating:


Do I recommend Faces Canada 6 lipstick pack?

Yes to beauties that are novice in makeup and would like to experiment with more colours at a lesser price. Other beauties can also buy this lipstick pack to get access to a wide range of colours in lipsticks. However the staying power might be a drawback.

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29 thoughts on “Faces Canada 6 Lipsticks Pack-Review,Swatches

    1. i guess i haven’t seen till now in any of the e-commerce sites…but at least after this review let them order… he he…. but i got it from a beauty store in Chennai.

  1. I want this too!! You said u bought this before a year or so. Would I still find this combo at the FACES counter?? Or was it a limited period offer.
    Its a steal definitely…

    1. Reha i am so sorry but i guess like you said it could be a limited period offer. Coz, later i tried searching for this product so that i can get other colour variants but it was unavailable. When i brought there was 2 different variants of this 6 lipstick pack. But you can try enquiring at the Faces Cosmetics Counter, sometimes they may be of some help.

  2. This is super affordable. I have been looking to buy a lip pot palette for a long time, primarily because you get more shades in less amount, but this one beats them all, Rose! The Lakme lip palette costs around Rs 850, this is lesser than half its cost. Thanks for the review. I am gonna hunt this down this weekend 🙂

      1. Thanks Rose. The hunt did not pay off (wonder why they didnt have this particular set) but I managed to find some other irresistible goodies at 30% at Faces counter 🙂

  3. Lovely colours, I had come across this lippy pack during one of my online searches but wasn’t sure bout the colours in this pack so chucked the idea, will def go for it now after your review, thanx for sharing, TC

    1. Yeah very handy Renji…you can also take some of the other lipsticks and fill it with the lipstick you prefer to take with this lipstick case.. try searching online or ask the Faces Cosmetics counter.

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