Faces Canada Blush Brush Review

Faces Canada Blush Brush

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing and how is the week going? Mine is bit hectic. Today’s review is going to be about a blush brush, of late I am going all mad behind blushes, it is like a blush phase for me, I was looking for a angled blush brush since long. A month back I visited the Faces store to buy the eye shadow blending brush which is only available at the stores and is most of the time out of stock. This time finally it was in stock and I bought it, along with that I did a small haul from there, this was a part of that. The moment I saw this angled brush I immediately bought it as I love everything from them.

Faces Canada Blush Brush

Product description:

Faces Professional make-up brushes are handcrafted using the finest material quality for the perfect makeup. They come with impeccable grip and supreme soft bristles. The blush brush has soft bristles for application of loose and compact blushes for smooth airbrush finish.


Rs. 349 can be purchased at better prices online.

My experience with Faces Canada Blush Brush:

The brush comes in a travel friendly transparent zip lock bag with a brush guard attached. The pouch is big and I use it to store my eye makeup brushes as it stores 4-5 thin brushes easily. The brush itself looks classy, with a matte black packaging, the handle is long around 7 -8 inches with Faces written on it and Blush written on the end, has good grip and feels lightweight in hands The brush is angled shape, that is the main reason I bought it, and the shape is perfect to apply blush as well as for contouring. I am not sure about the bristles as nothing is mentioned but they seem to be synthetic and am dense and tightly packed but not at all stiff and light and fluffy. They are not too long and just right and therefore blend the blush easily.

Faces Canada Blush Brush2

The only problem is it is not the softest brush, at first when I opened it the bristles were a bit hard but not at all scratchy, after that I washed it and it did soften a bit. I have used softer brushes than this one, and that is the reason I fell this way. Till now I have washed it 4-5 times and the bristles have softened and are no longer that hard. While washing for the first time it shed 2 hairs but after that there is no shedding or bleeding at all. It is a bit dense and dries within 4-5 hours. It picks the right amount of blush and applies and blends it evenly. It does not feel scratchy on face but it is not the softest brush either. I was expecting better from it. In all I like this brush as it fits my cheeks properly and blends blush really well, I just wish it was a bit softer, but anyways after washing it a few more time it should soften more.

Faces Canada Blush Brush3

Faces Canada Blush Brush5

Pros of Faces Canada Blush Brush:

• Picks the right amount of product
• Size is perfect for applying blush
• Bristles do not shed or bleed
• Classy and sturdy packaging
• Bristles are dense and tightly packed
• Blends out blushes evenly
• Reasonably priced

Faces Canada Blush Brush4

Cons of Faces Canada Blush Brush:

• I wish the bristles were a bit more soft
• Availability

Faces Canada Blush Brush6

Do I recommend Faces Canada Blush Brush?

I do recommend it; it comes from a great brand and does the job perfectly.

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