Faces Canada Go Chic Lipstick Fig and Mulberry Slush

Faces Canada Go Chic Lipsticks  Fig and Mulberry Slush

Hi Dear IMBB-ians,

I went crazy shopping online during the Christmas week, mainly because I was stuck in office when I actually wanted to get out in the sun and also because somehow Christmas and New Year breathes the phrase “Shop till you Drop” in my ears. After this was the time for all sales and so in the end, I was receiving couriers almost every day (a very happy state for me, nothings beats the happiness of opening a package and seeing new stuff).

Faces Canada Go Chic Lipsticks Fig and Mulberry Slush

I have been on a lipstick craze for the last 3-4 months and it doesn’t seem to leave me, so mostly, I picked up lipsticks. The ones I am going to review are from a favorite brand, Faces Canada, from their low-budget range “Go Chic.”


Mulberry Slush and Fig.


INR 199 each, but I got it on sale for around Rs. 170 for 4.5 gms.

Jyotsna has already reviewed the shades Wild Orchid and Port Wine here, so I will not bother going into the details on ingredients and packaging, suffice to say that this has parabens and sleek black bullet packaging.

Faces Canada Lipstick

Faces Lipstick

My Experience with Faces Canada Go Chic Lipsticks – Fig and Mulberry Slush:

I was looking for a nude pink and brown shade, so on a whim I decided to check these out. They are creamy, not as melting as their moisture rich range, glides on easily over lips and decently pigmented, again not as good in pigmentation as their satin matte range.

Faces Go Chic Lipstick

Mulberry Slush is a very MLBB pinkish shade while Fig is a proper nudish brown shade that unfortunately is too light for my lips. Of the two, I like Mulberry Slush better in terms of color, but Fig is something I use now for office topped with a darker brown gloss for getting that “Seriously Professional” look.

Go chic lipsticks

Now, I will tell you what not to do with these lipsticks. When I got this, I decided to stock it in my fridge and boy, that was a mistake!!! I tried Mulberry Slush on after 2 days and it gave off a very rancid stinky oil kind of smell and weird taste on lips. I was shocked and worried about any chemical reaction, so I immediately cleaned it and swatched it on my hand to check for any reactions. Thankfully, there was no bad effect, so I checked online for what might have happened and this is what I got.

“Lipsticks are prone to oxidation reactions that can turn certain oils rancid and keeping your sticks in the ‘fridge can slow down that process. The only potential problem that may occur is that you may see beads of “sweat” on the stick. These are drops of oil coming out of the wax matrix and rising to the surface of the stick. This is a phenomenon known as “syneresis.” If too much of this sweating occurs, the lipstick won’t spread properly on your lips.”

It still didn’t explain the smell, but I guess that’s because of the oil.  I decided to keep this out of the fridge and within 2-3 days, the smell was considerably reduced and the lipstick recovered its texture (which had gone a bit waxy).  So, I don’t know how to identify which lipsticks go bad in fridge, but at least with this particular range, I suggest that its best to avoid keeping these in the fridge!

Swatch 1

Pros of Faces Canada Go Chic Lipsticks – Fig and Mulberry Slush:

  • Pocket friendly.
  • Easily available.
  • Decent pigmentation and staying power for the price.
  • Creamy and glides on the lips.
  • Cruelty-free product.

Swatch 2

Swatch 3

Cons of Faces Canada Go Chic Lipsticks – Fig and Mulberry Slush:

  • Cannot be stored in the fridge.
  • Contains parabens.
  • Limited shade selection.
  • Opaque casing makes it difficult to see the shade.

Would I Buy Faces Canada Go Chic Lipsticks – Fig and Mulberry Slush Again?

I would if I find a really irresistible color, but otherwise, I’d rather shell out 50 bucks extra and get their Satin Matte range which is way better!

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25 thoughts on “Faces Canada Go Chic Lipstick Fig and Mulberry Slush

    1. these are nice enough Parita…but i guess if u r plannin 2 get tem, keep it away frm fridge.. tehir satin matte range is mch bettr..!!! 🙂

    1. Its a nice shade ankita..luv it actually.. bt te only prblm is tat cannot store in fridge and its too creamy not to store it !!! :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  1. this range is not appealing na.. just the price but 1 may try Avon or oriflame too which hav better options at less price.. :specs: gr8 revu Devi :yes:

    1. yeps… serously.. i ve decided 2 chuck tis range actually…prefer their other ranges… guess they gt their formula wrong… :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  2. The colours seem ok types … 🙂 the darker shade, is it fig or mulberry??? wanna try faces ka lippie since it has bn reviewed so much on imbb….. :haanji:
    :thanks: fr sharing dear!!!

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